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Lain, Tiadrin, and Runaan are freed. They are adjusting, but, what happens when Rayla vanishes and comes back on the verge of death? And Callum puts a sky spell to protect her as he leaves to free her parents. Though they are freed, they have to erase their hate for humans to save their daughter when a certain startouch elf gets interested in his newfound granddaughter, and her powers. But a granddaughtter means he has to have a daughter too, right?

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The Dragon Prince Oneshots and Other Things

I just finished TDP Season 3 and will no doubt be struck by many ideas while we wait in agony for Season 4. This will just be a bunch of random oneshots that I will write as they pop into my head, or theories and things I notice. If there's a prompt you want me to do, send it in and I'll try to write it.I don't own the show or characters, Aaron Ehasz and his team do.

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The Tests of Strength

Lain, Tiadrin, and Runaan were finally freed. But this time, Rayla and Callum can't celebrate. In Katolis, they have a shared nightmare, Aaravos now polluting Rayla's mind and magic. When Rayla makes a deal with Aaravos and Aaravos uses her trust to erase her memory, in this crucial time they have to keep Aaravos imprisoned, keep Claudia and Viren at bay, and make sure Rayla doesn't fall into Aaravos' trap. "Lost does not mean forever, it is until it is finally found and returned"-Me".....Rayla, you gave your heart for Xadia. You won't lose your memory too."

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