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From the Depths

Poems and Rhymes from my heart, brain and mind. Feel Free to suggest edits.

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WATT9JA Magazine | Jan 2020

Issue #1Jan 2020🇳🇬What WATT9JA Magazine is all about🇳🇬20 problems writers face🇳🇬Introducing WATTNIGERIA with Lazypennaija 🇳🇬How to get reads🇳🇬High school love, Yay or nay? Teefabulous🇳🇬High School Love, Yay or nay? Royallyblossom🇳🇬10 new books you've got to read.

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WATT9JA Magazine | May 2020

Watt9ja Magazine Issue VMay 2020

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1000 Short Stories

"1000 Short Stories" is basically what it sounds like, except they will literally all have not more or less than 1000 words each (okay, maybe a little more), but it doesn't exceed 1000. I will be sharing stories inspired by songs I'm currently vibing to, and I that you enjoy each and everyone of them.

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"So I was just a pawn in your game.""Why did you choose politics over me and mummy?" "Aisha that's not true." "Then what's true? Tell me what is true! The only truth here is that you've been feeding me lies all my life! I thought you loved me, turns out it's all politics." "I do." "I see. That's why you got me married based on lies, separated me from my maternal family based on lies and took Abulkhair in, based on lies." *Politics is a dirty game, but you won't know that this is true until you're in the center of it all, until you're a pawn in its wicked game, until you're the queen in its crazy twisted game of chess. Eesh didn't believe the saying, heck she didn't even know the saying existed, until she was surrounded by it, until she became the queen in her father's wicked game of chess, until she realized that her whole life was a sick game of politics, a sick lie! *Politics is a game full of secrets. Secrets can't be kept hidden without the use of political tactics, and politics can't be done without having dirty secrets. Alhaji Muhammad knew that, which was why he fed his daughter lies, why he kept everything a secret from her, why he pushed her into a marriage she wasn't supposed to be in. *Politics, lies, deciet, secrets, love, heartbreak and more politics, all for the CLASSICAL MUSLIMAH. STARTED: 1st December, 2020.COMPLETED: 27th March, 2023#3 watt9ja 15th December, 2020.#1 watt9ja 17th August, 2021

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Diary of the Crazy Shaniqua Bello

Shaniqua Bello is a 24 year old graduate navigating through life in the busy city of Lagos and THIS is her diary.

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WATT9JA Magazine | Feb 2020

Issue #IIFeb 2020Wattpad Nigeria Magazine

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WattNigeria monthly magazineJanuary 2021 issue

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The Law of Grace Ayanlami states, " when you try to be an over_sabi by jumping from high places, your village people A.K.A the witches and wizards have surely come for you, and have surely pulled an all-nighter on your matter." • • • Grace Ayanlami is best described with three words. "were", "drama queen" and "grumbler".Grace is your typical Nigerian girl who hates every waking moment of her life and blames all of her problems on her village people. According to her weird theory, all the witches and wizards from her parents' village were frying Akara on her destiny. A quest to find freedom and "enjoy life" leads her to a new plot of dramatic twist. It leads her to a house of madness. IF YOU KNOW YOU LOVE DRAMA, THEN THIS BOOK HAS YOUR NAME ALL OVER!!🔥 IF YOU HAVE A THING FOR THE NIGERIAN KIND OF DRAMA, STOP WASTING TIME AND GET DROWNED IN THE PAGES OF THIS DRAMATIC, HUMOUR AND THRILLER BOOK, SURE TO KEEP YOU ON YOUR TOES!🔥💎 Ranked. #1 in Teen Life. #1 in project Nigeria. #1 in dramatic#1 in Nigerian teen NOTE ⚠️⚠️⚠️: This book is a work of fiction combined with my beautiful and wild imagination so it isn't related to life events and neither is it aimed at anything or anyone. DO NOT COPY OR STEAL MY WORK!!! I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN! Plus, you would be arrested for breaking a Copyright law. Cover by @JaydenLThompson

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Her Only Option

In progress

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Colour Blinded

"Colour Blinded transports the reader to an inner world we can all relate to." - Madinah_Writes. ****Born in Central and as well the capital of Nigeria, Abuja; sixteen year Wendy Opurum is a naive girl with a disability who does nothing but attract the mockery of others, thus making her feel inferior and insecure. When she joins a boarding Senior secondary school where she's left to fend for herself, Wendy learns and realizes that everything is not what it seems to be. In this school of different people from different backgrounds, will she be able to uphold her head high or forever live with the tag "Color Blinded?

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The 61st Annual Hunger Games

"Aʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏᴅᴅꜱ ᴇᴠᴇʀ ʀᴇᴀʟʟʏ ɪɴ ᴏᴜʀ ғᴀᴠᴏᴜʀ?"15-year-old Barley Mayes is shocked when she is reaped as the female tribute from District 9 in the 61st annual Hunger Games. Her district partner, Dagan Starche, doesn't seem fazed at all, and a boy from District 4 named Caspian Hadala is determined to take Barley down. Barley needs to learn how to survive in under a week before she's thrown into the arena to fend for herself... but is survival even desirable anymore?----------This is my first time writing a fanfic! Please leave any suggestions in the comments!

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• There's a new science teacher in RoseBridge High! A handsome, charming, smooth going young man who can talk and work his way into any lady's heart. Mr Nicholas Pete. He's the talk of the whole school, catching the heart of all the young ladies both teachers and students. But most importantly, a certain shy beautiful young girl, Bella Clark. The seventeen year old falls for this young man harder than she's ever fallen for any other guy in her life! And it seems the feeling are requited. Soon, she finds herself entangled in a sexual affair with her teacher! One heck of an emotional dilemma. Secrets are revealed, true colors are shown, hearts are broken...

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Nigerian Writer's Digest

Cover credit: @Iyanuoluwa-TemiOya o, all Naija people, make una show face!Are you a Nigerian on Wattpad?Looking for recognition on Wattpad?Well, @Watt9ja is all about bringing out Naija talents and at the same time, having fun!Come in here!!!

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Struggles of A Nigerian Teenage Girl

We all can relate somehow sha.~~~I know I suck at descriptions but this is just some relatables that I am very sure every Nigerian Teenage girl relates to.Enjoy!

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Damien's attraction

He came back for revenge....but the sparks are back tooMeet October Obiakor;The Nigerian spoilt child born into a rich family with no aim for her future. She was okay with it and she believed that her life was going smoothly but then 'he' had to come along. Her father forced her to marry Damien Ekwegh, the wealthy annoying woman flirt as she would call him. She made a huge mistake as she leaves him on the altar.Damien EkweghHe promised to make her pay for the humiliation she caused him. Years after, he is dating Jessica Eburuche and October has to work for him. ____________________"Jessica!"October yelled as she walked towards Jessica and Damien angrily with Aaron and Kcee behind her, trying to call her back."Oh, here she is."Jessica said to Damien who was beside her and smirked. Just as October reached them,she rose her hand to slap Jessica accross her face when she heard Damien's voice."Do it,"he started "And you're fired."Featured in AmbassadorsNG reading list: ChicklitFeatured in Watt9ja's reading list: To die for#1 in proudlynigerian#1 in employer#1 in Igbo and#1 in commandingOn the 2nd of September 2019

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My Worst Nightmare #project9ja

Kikun Flora Johnson was what you could call nice,friendly, kind, but since the death of her twin brother Kitomi she is known for being unfriendly, mean, spoilt She has gotten expelled from a lot of schools, so her parents made a decision to send her to one of the best schools in Nigeria where they are very strict How would Kikun cope when her kind of people are not in the schoolLots of friends are madeLots of mistakes are madeLots of friends are fakeLittle friends are realOne most be carefulShe has finally found her worst nightmare...Read the twisted drama of Kikun in her new school,who will help her overcome it. ...

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Moyin loved and enjoyed her life when her ex-boyfriend threatened her that he loves her and there was nothing she could do about it, she hated him so much up to the fact that she didn't want to have anything to do with boys. She then disliked the new guy, because when they met it wasn't at the right time at all. But she couldn't explain why she disliked him so much.Her dislike for him didn't last long. He always teased her and she couldn't have a way to hate him the way she hated her ex-boyfriend.Things started becoming so complicatedRead on to find more of the secret events..Don't wanna spoil it

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Deep In Water

After 7 years of being apart, Sandra Obizie, and Daniel Clement meets in an unexpected circumstance. Back then, he had cheated on her with her best friend, Damilola, and Sandra had nothing but hate for him. It puzzles Sandra between having Daniel back into her life and letting go of the past. Fortunately, destiny made them board the same ship for a sibling's wedding. On their way to the wedding venue, while Sandra tries her best to avoid Daniel on the ship, it suddenly sinks. One of them would have to survive... save the day, or fall deep in water. Copyright ©2023

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WATT9JA Magazine| April 2020

Issue 4 April 2020Watt9jaMag

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🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷in a SILENCE that SPEAKS VOLUME🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷...When a wife is more haunted than her husband about something that should have haunted him instead, their marriage becomes unstable and a shadow of what it used to be...@OmaPhinaPhire🔥🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷This is a story of love and marriage. It is based on the trials that the chaos of marriage can bring. I hope that you thoroughly enjoy the book! @OmaPhinaPhire🔥🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷Highest Rankings On Wattpad:#1 Satisfying#3 Wattpadnaija#4 Watt9ja#4 Africanbooks#5 Africaromance#8 Selfloathing#12 Nigerianbooks#13 Nigerianromance#14 Wattnaija#15 Nigerianwriter

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NWC editing shop(Open)

Status; OPEN.Do you want to explore your talents and abilities as an Editor?••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Do you have this feeling of wanting a well edited chapter, each time you publish one? Are you still in search of a good and reliable Editor that can relate to your book.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••We got you covered, recruitment for Editors is still ongoing.Forms are soon to be open for requests!Thank you for choosing us♥️♥️

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WATT9JA Magazine | March 2020

Issue #IIIMarch 2020Wattpad Nigeria Magazine

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Adekanyinsola√( honey and Wealth) Tales of a teenager

Adekanyinsola ademola is a girl who just finished highschool and she needed to while away time her time, so she decided to enroll for a dancing class since she likes dancing. Unfortunately bad things just tend to happen, what happens when she meets her best friend who professes his love to her but she knows his girlfriend. Y'all just stick with me and let's dive into the life of adekanyinsola and momoreoluwa 😊." Hey kay how are you?" he said curtly " Hey mo I am fine" I said dryly and I swear I saw his girlfriend look shocked." Do you know each other?" she looked between us ." Yh we were friends and we attended the same school, I know erica too she is my junior" We were friends? motherfucker!" Awwwwn that's good" No it's not!I need to get out of here! this is too awkward.

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Journey To Queerdom ✔️

Pansy Julius, an adventurous young 'Aboki' pens his experiences which he'd had for being different and Nigerian. It revolves around forbidden taste in a Not too forgiving or tolerating country. 'It's Definitely less than my diary and a bit more than a biography'Beyond that he goes far enough to include intriguing experiences he'd had beyond the whole queer thing.Still trying to fit in, he discovers something even queerer...What could that be?

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