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Love and Cool Water

Rhylee Cameron unwillingly finds herself sucked into the world of swimmers, swim meets and trials, all under the watchful eye of a hotheaded Coach.But when Rhylee's world crumbles around her, it's Luke Taylor that is there to pick up the pieces and put her back together again....

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Destined (Cat Noir / Adrien X Reader)

SHE TRIES TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY BUT HERSELF AFTER GOING THROUGH A LOT IN HER LIFE*********Y/n a known person around the world accidently finds out the truth she never wanted to know, after having rough times in her past life her present seems stable until hawkmoth ruins it. She fights everyday just for people to survive since hawkmoth has grown more powerful. Trying to not fall for someone is a hard task especially if it is Adrien Agreste himself. Y/n seems to be flustered whenever she encounters Adrien, whereas that poor boy himself tries hard to hide his feeling, can both of them reveal their feelings for each other or burry them until they regret it.~COMPLETED ~Started on: 7.11.2020Ended on: 21.1.2020#1 in amateur writing#1 in last word

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Alpha Female | COMPLETED

[Featured by @StoriesUndiscovered in their reading list on 1st March 2022]| First Draft | Edited Once |"𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓯𝓲𝓻𝓼𝓽 𝓭𝓻𝓪𝓯𝓽 𝓲𝓼 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓽𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂 𝓽𝓸 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓯." - Jodi Picoult. **********Cecelia Rivers, a female child born to an alpha couple, has to find her identity and figure out why she's special and different in order to save herself and her loved ones from the cruel intentions of Vincent Morales.**********Cecelia Rivers, a female alpha werewolf, always felt that she was different. She was bullied throughout her early childhood and sent away across the country for true reasons unknown to her. She returns home six years later, a changed woman. A warrior.Ashton Summers is the only heir to the Silver Moon Pack. He knows who he is and makes a point of it. He has power and he uses it. He carries a persona that makes everyone feel inferior. When Cecelia finds out who she has for a mate, she immediately despises him. Or so she thought. When Rivers and Summers are thrown together, the calm is bound to be disrupted. You know what they say, 'rival packs don't mix'. Will these soulmates get past all the problems and find their way to each other or is their love doomed from the start? Well, none of this probably matters because there is danger lurking on the horizon, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. A blast from the past that Cecelia is unaware of. When she finds out, she fights. But does she stand a chance? What will she have to sacrifice to save herself and her loved ones? Can she?It's a tale full of magic, supernatural, love, and lots more.**********Started: 13th May 2021Finished: 15th July 2021 (excluding Bonus Chapters)**********Best tags so far:-# 3/211k in humor (29.8.21)# 9/196k in werewolf (25.8.21)# 10/2.2M in love(27.8.21)**********

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My Bad Boy Werewolf Quadrillionaire Space Lord

Proof that Wattpad has enough culture to make fun of. *****Luca Cardego is the world's first and only quadrillionaire, so rich he has singlehandedly financed the terraforming of an entire world. He is also an unapologetic playboy with a possible shirt allergy, and a werewolf. But when space pirate Isabella Bonny crash-lands onto his world and into his life, she threatens to uncover more than just a secret buried beneath the Martian soil. She also upends his life in other ways, and leave him desiring more than vapid socialites and endless pool parties on space yachts. This, finally, is the werewolf story taken as seriously as Wattpad deserves. First book of the Werewolves in Space series.

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Found On The Paper

SEQUEL to Found On the Doorstep RECOMMEND to read Found On the Doorstep first. Taylor Ann Lawrence, daughter of the one and only Jennifer Lawrence, now has new battles to fight and hills to climb. Little 4 year old Taylor needs more hope than ever before when her birth father finds her on paper. I own ALL RIGHTS .#38 TheHungerGames 8/2018#93 TaylorSwift 8/2018#16 JenniferLawrence 8/2018

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Don't be afraid to love: a Draco Malfoy imagine book. (Vol. I)

VOLUME 2 IS OUT! It's called The Mark of Death!! Includes: !x readers! one shots, two shots and short stories! All are about Draco Malfoy! Credit to spaceunicorn3002 for the title!! :)REQUESTS ARE: Closed (if you want to request do it on my volume 2!) Completed on: April 5th 2019Awards: 06/18/20-#3 twoshots10/07/20- #31 crush01/19/21- #1 imagines4/1/21-#1 twoshots This book has some of my oldest writing in it, I know it's cringy but it does get better I promise.

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Alpha Mate (On Hold)

**EDITING*****COMPLETING**"How can you be alpha of the king's pack when you aren't even a king?" He says once again disrespecting me and my alpha status"Arent you meant to be a male wolf? Then how come you're acting like such a little bitch?" I defend myself seeing as my so called mate just stands there with a blank expression on his faceEveryone Ooo's and laughs where as I choose to ignore their idiotic reactions to my comment.______________________Aaliyah was set to be the first female alpha. her mom Luna Maria was unable to produce a son making Aaliyah the only Alpha left to the Kings pack. This would cause trouble in the pack. The king's pack was the strongest most dominant pack in almost all the world apart from their allies the Ace pack and a few others. Powerful packs needed powerful leaders. Aaliyah was the opposite she was quiet, shy, and very afraid of confrontation she couldn't even turn yet. She was doomed. she knew she didn't have what it took to be alpha and so did the rest of her pack.At 13 she was sent away for her alpha training still having not experienced her first change on the full moon. By her 18th birthday, she will fulfil her family's tradition to continue the strength of the packs and their alliesRankings#1 Shadow Hunters#1 Teens#2 femalealpha#2 MattDaddario#3 Rogues#4 Childhood #6 Academy#6 Alpha#20 Female

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Little Paul// Why Don't We fanfic

Chloe Paul is the little sister of Logan and Jake Paul. Chloe has a sassy personality and isn't afraid to show it. One day, Logan introduces her to a rising boy band that is sweeping the nation. Who are they?During her time in LA she will face drama with her brother, break hearts, and best friends. ON HOLDHighest Ranks:10/13/17- #537 in Fanfiction11/5/17- #686 in Fanfiction •Started August 29, 2017••ended...•NOT EDITEDNOT FINISHED

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Art Book

The only place where I can show people art is here... cause I'm too dang shy and scared to post it on Instagram... so ya... enjoy my drawings...

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I Einsam Lupus

"Colitur sicut lupus errat campis spe tamen altum mortem vicinam designat."During the midst of World War I, newspapers of the Spring of 1917 is scattered with this. It is irrevelant, always the same for 4 weeks. The German scoffed at it, maybe another try-hard for The Hellfighters. Allied forces were dumbfounded, so they translated it: "As the Lone Wolf roams the plains, the hope is high and the death is nigh.". Meanwhile, in the golden pools of blazing sand in The Arabian Desert, the monstrous Armored Train, Barbatos is hunting The Duchess Of Vonn Hamme. The news scattered throughout the Middle East to Europe. Only one word described the Duchess, 'fierce'.The Duchess stumbles upon The Hellfighters as she escaped from the desert. And, asked if they know The Lone Wolf. The squad of fighters helped the Duchess from her own adventures, even it cost their lives'.A Man is quiettly sitting in the Mark V tank. No artillery shots can be heard, pure silence. The chirp of the birds is undisturbed. In his hands, a unknown weapon of origin. A huge tiger approached him and comforted him.In the middle of the sun in The Desert, the Barbatos roars as it trail itself from the tracks. Hidden from sight, a ambush is prepared. She held her hand cannon tight. As this will bring honor to them.Read through to know the horrors of being in the middle of the battlefield. Fight for honor, or end up being destroyed by your own power.All rights reserved. © 2016

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Welcome to the Loud House

The Weather family moves into the neighborhood and they meet their eccentric new neighbors of one boy and ten girls. Follow Zoe and Hercules as they have crazy misadventures with their new friends and neighbors who become like a family to them as Hercules teaches Lincoln how to deal with ten sisters while Zoe gets to have the joy of what it's like to have sisters.

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¤Zodiac Signs¤

The title says it all!You're still reading this. Welp, you chosen this to know more. Then here it is, you zodiac person. This is a zodiac book, about well Zodiacs signs, what else do you think. Anyway it's to make us all to not be bored and distracts us from this cruel world. I hope you enjoy this crappy/great book, however you think of the book, I hope you like it in the end. READ!!!!!!!

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zodiac signs

the last time i updated this thing for real was in 2015, so i highly advise against reading this.even so, i will never cease to be astonished at the sheer number of individuals who have willingly read and loved this book over the course of the past years. no matter how cringey this old material may be, it brings back a sense of nostalgia to my early wattpad days that i'll never forget. if i was ever feeling down, there would be thousands of people here to listen and to support me. i owe everyone who read this book any time between 2014-2015 the world, for you guys, i'll be forever grateful. thank you for everything.on a side note, please stop and refrain from calling me your "senpai" or "author-nim."cover credit: harry clarke, "silence"

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A Collage of Random

Another book of random.

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Facty Facts 2

Fear not guys. Im back with the sequel of Facty Facts. I appreciate feedback and suggestions

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Snowball Fight RP Book

Make up almost anything with the YouTubers of your choice.

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ring ring's adventures

a girl named ring ring had put on the amusphere and got transported to berry bitty city,her friends are pucca,asuna yuki,strawberry shortcake,cherry jam,strawberry cherry froyo,chowder,miku Hatsune and bulma,will she face her threats and get out of berry bitty city in time,the answer is up to you,so enjoy ring ring's adventures

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Ghost's Art TWO


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