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⚜️I play dark, she plays lightHer move toward me, a destined signI want her heart, I give her mineBut my gambit, she declines⚜️Her pieces out, a closed defenseBut I can tell, she means "yes"My royal pin, she rejectsSo I keep her, in constant check ⚜️I had played the perfect gameMy forcing moves she can't escapeBut her hidden queen, comes into playShe stands her ground, stares me down, and states:CHECKMATE!!Started on :6/12/20Ended on :16/12/20

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the antidote to the lonely and lost souls.

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for... her

a poem series about the girl i love,, loved?

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Princess ~ Jin

Book 5~I called you prince Jin~~You hated that name~~It made me think that one day you would be~~My prince and I be your princess~

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𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓽𝔂  𝓢𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓼

❝It's okay to feel it all. It's okay to feel it half. Or nothing, nothing at all.The moon isn't always full.❞-ventumღLife was an infinite ocean of unexpected, sometimes too heavy to carry on weak shoulders.After those eighteen years of existence she already knew too well the bitter taste of deception, loneliness and desertion, hence the wall she learnt to build all around her.Until someone forced themselves into her life and heart. But this love was forbidden and they both knew it.(gxg; teacherxstudent)(this needs to be deeply rewritten but i'm awfully lazy atm ahah)

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'FIFTEEN' is the first Anthology by an author known by the pen name of Kieth, released on October 29, 2023. The mentioned Anthology consists of 9 poems that describes the downside and upside life of being a teenager. Kieth originally wrote the Poems all by himself while he goes through at the age of Fifteen, which was the origin of the Anthology Title 'FIFTEEN'. Other poems such as "All Of The Men I Loved" and "Straight Friend" have Taylor Swift credited as Writer as some of the lines in the given poems were derived from and inspired by Taylor Swift's Songs. The Anthology was supposed to be released on October 1, 2023, but was then postponed. 'FIFTEEN' debuted with 1.02K reads, Ranking at spot 10 at the Poetry Category and Anthology Category out of other 291K Anthologies.

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A Lack Of Color

A series of poems I wrote from inspiration by star.crossed on instagram. These poems have a deep meaning in my heart and mind and sharing them with everyone is special. Please enjoy these poems and interpret them in a way that means something to you as I feel that that's what poetry is supposed to do as well as express the writer themselves.

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A Poets Legacy

America, A.K.A the USA or United States of America, is a bit of an introverted extrovert. You meet him for the first time and he's distant and closed off, but after you earn his trust, he turns into the biggest chatterbox in all of history. He has an ordinary spiral notebook he carries around with him all the time, he calls it his Poet Legacy. No one's allowed to read the poems inside, except for America himself, so it's just a big mystery. Russia, A.K.A the one person you either hate or love. Most of the countries dislike him, but there are still plenty that are friends with him. But he doesn't consider his 'friends' as friends, he always says, "I don't have a lot of friends, I just know a lot of people" And he's not wrong. Most of his 'friends' don't know much about him, as much as they'd like to think. So, one day, when Russia and his siblings Belarus and Ukraine are cleaning the meeting too, together. They see America's Poet Legacy, and Russia decides to take a little look inside. The first few poems in the first few pages were nice and happy... but the farther he read inside, the darker the poems got.The next day, at the meeting, Russia returns the book to America, and America is skeptical of Russia at first. But after America's younger sister, Canada, makes America hang out and talk to Russia to get closer to her crush, Ukraine, the two become good friends.

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Hearts Aligned

"Hearts Aligned: A Collection of Poems" is a heartfelt literary masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of love, devotion, and eternal commitment. This captivating book of poems beautifully captures the profound emotions experienced by the author, as they express their deepest feelings and affection for the union of hearts. Each poem within this collection is a carefully crafted masterpiece, weaving together words that resonate with passion, tenderness, and sincerity.Readers will find themselves immersed in a world of love-struck verses, exploring the intricate layers of a romantic relationship that is bound by an unbreakable bond. Through the eloquence of poetry, "Hearts Aligned" paints a vivid and emotional portrait of the joys, challenges, and enduring strength found in true love. The poems within this collection celebrate the merging of hearts as the muse, the guiding light, and the eternal love of the author's life.From the tender moments of togetherness to the trials of life's journey, these verses explore the depths of human connection and the beauty of soulmate love. This book is not just a collection of poems; it is a profound declaration of love, a testament to the power of words, and a timeless tribute to the most precious relationship of all.Readers will find solace in the sincerity of these verses and will be inspired by the depth of the emotions portrayed. "Hearts Aligned" is a literary treasure that speaks directly to the heart, making it a must-read for poetry enthusiasts, romantics, and anyone who believes in the enduring power of love.

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A Series of Works

Basically poems and stories that are written by me. Through my lowest times to my best of times, and I really hope that with Wattpad as a platform, that someone can relate to them and allow them to be vulnerable and honest to themselves. Anyways, enjoy !

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Cottage Chronicles

Life's chronicles from love, sorrow, anger, guilt, shame, happiness buried in a poetic cipher. Would you like some words and wine, on wooden floorboards?©️ Feronia Grey

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Nebulochaotic | completed

❝the night was a young teenage youth, when a damsel escaped her town.❞[Prosetry Series #1]A narrative poem that depicts, betrayal, hate, envy and royalty#210 in poetry#80 in betrayal#2 in freeverse

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Too Hard to Be Strong, Too Sad to Be Brave

series of depressing poems. We have many emotions that impact our actions, some more so than others (like sadness, anger, or pain). Some people let it affect them differently, they ignore it, they feed it, or they drown themselves in it. These feelings are displayed from the points of view of 2 different people: a social outcast and a victim of bullying.

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Verses of Silence: Poems of the Soul

"Verses of Silence: Poems of the Soul" is a captivating collection of poetry that delves deep into the essence of life, offering profound reflections on existence, motivation, and inspiration. Through the eloquent verses penned by the author, readers embark on a soul-stirring journey, exploring the intricate tapestry of human experience with honesty and introspection.Within the pages of this book, readers will discover a treasure trove of poignant poems that resonate with the universal themes of love, loss, resilience, and hope. Each poem serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, illuminating the beauty found amidst life's trials and triumphs.As readers immerse themselves in the lyrical prose of "Verses of Silence," they are invited to contemplate the profound mysteries of existence and find solace in the power of the written word. Whether seeking solace in moments of solitude or seeking inspiration to navigate life's challenges, this collection offers a timeless source of comfort and wisdom.With its evocative imagery and heartfelt sentiments, "Verses of Silence" is more than a mere collection of poems-it is a testament to the enduring power of poetry to illuminate the depths of the human soul and inspire readers to embrace life's journey with courage, grace, and resilience.

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Matters Of Souls ✔

Ten Matters of my soulEither I write what I feelor my feelings would write themselves upon meI paint my grieve on paperAnd remember to never give inCome forward strangers for you yourselves shall see. . .the rest of the poem is inside.All poems are original, any resemblance to an existing one is a mere coincidence or just my subconscious working it's wonders.The lovely cover is by Sci_fi_heart

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Post Midnight Poems

I can barely sleep at night. I sometimes reached 5:00 am with no sleep. I love sleeping but my mind always wanderer to somewhere deep. So I need to exhaust my thoughts. I wrote them out and it's quite a good a exercise to drain my energy. Sometimes I get frustrated because I cannot relay what I really meant. So just bear with me. I know I have a lot of rooms to improve but I'm only human.Just be YOU peeps 😉. Peace out ✌️

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APRIL (30 Days of Poetry)

April: 30 Days of baring my thoughts, guided by these prompts. #pspoetsprompt

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✔️ five times peter parker didn't ask for help and the one time he did

a series of storyline poems following the mental health of peter parker, also known as which peter parker deals with the aftermath of homecoming and his not so 'normal' social anxiety; will they finally accept help or continue lying to himself and everyone they love? A/N: I don't own any of these characters, but original storyline, plot, and personal headcannons belong to me!STANDALONE BOOK

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Polaroid Poems

So I write poetry...© Alyssa Koepke____________________For even more poetry, check out the next book in this poetry series, Paint Swatch Poems.

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The High School Years: Poems from an Average American Teenager

Poems have always been a way for individuals to express themselves. Whether from the pangs of unrequited love or the heated passions one feels towards their rivals and enemies, emotions have been the inspiration for poetry. The High School Years: Poems from an Average American Teenager takes the reader through the ups and downs of adolescence through the use of poetry. All of the poems are filled with raw emotion and passion. The poetry in this book is sure to be as thought-provoking and recognizable as it is enjoyable.

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Non-Consensual Marks

[A COLLECTION OF PROSE POEMS]In walking down various paths, you can never be sure of what lies ahead.You'll meet strangers, and cats, and haunting statues, and waving plants, and whatnot. The moments sewn into your feet as you take steps down the road will remind you of the fleeting conspirations the universe holds for you; 'til supernovae occur before your very eyes as it all becomes a memory that will forever live as a glimpse of the stars that aligned at your will. The nights and days that passed by with either wrinkles from smiles or dried-up paths of tears can soon be forgotten to no attempt, yet those unexpected events that caught us by surprise will bury themselves deep within our cores.And because life is as poetic as the hums of mating birds, we are mesmerized by the inevitable melodies of metaphors that build up our own stories, though sometimes we can't fully comprehend what is happening. We are guided by the blinding ecstasy, winding us up to a question of how'd we end up here.Now, looking back would be the best option to see how far have you already embarked, and realizations will linger on you like non-consensual marks.

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1 God - Poems on God , Creator - volume 1

A ramification of the innumerable Omnipotent fragrances of life that I , Nikhil Parekh , have smelt by the grace of God - I'm grateful to him for enlightening me about his chapters of invincible creation and considering me worthy enough to describe his unparalleled splendor , in a few words and in the shape of this book . A salient tribute to his undefeated power . The compilation of poems depicts the Omniscient Creator in his infinite unconquerable shapes and forms . Goes to irrefutably prove that there is just one Creator , you choose to call him by whatever name - and for everyone one of us till the time we live . This book is a perpetual dedication to Almighty Lord . It quintessentially portrays the splendor of the Almighty Creator in his infinite forms . Goes to victoriously prove at every step , that no matter how hard the devil tries to annihilate the planet - an inconspicuous tap of the Lord's finger makes him crumble to his very last non - existent frigid roots . Poems depicting the ' Omnipotent ' glory of the Creator in an infinite forms that the poet could ever conceive . Natural and uninhibited outpourings of the heart these poems transport the reader into a world of spirituality and magnificence of Godhead . Every poetic piece shows Parekh's unparalleled love for the Almighty and immortalizes the Omnipresent aura of the Lord in a boundless ways and shapes . This spiritually enriched compendium of poems is for all those who've timelessly admired the miraculous prowesses and powers of God at each stage of their lives . Those who've lived each instant of their lives worshipping his Omniscient grace irrespective of the most murderous hell descending around . The poetic imagery brilliantly transcends over every inhibition of caste , creed , color and religion and goes to perpetually prove that all living beings are one and blessed in his fathomless sacrosanct light of truth . The poems depict Parekh's oneness in mind , body and spirit with the Creator .

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I'm sorry, Deku... [My Hero Academia] [Completed]

Katsuki Bakugou, such a heat-headed, short-tempered and prideful man you will ever meet. He hates Izuku Midoriya - or does he?On the day of the Sludge incident, Bakugou went too far with Midoyria when he found that the sweet, quirkless boy was applying to U.A. Yet... Why is he mad at himself? Why is he so worried about Midoyria's feelings after that boy saved him from the villain? Start: 06.08.2018 / 6th August 2018End: 21.06.2018 / 21st August 2018 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-Disclaimer: None of the pictures that I may upload was created by me. You should check out the original artists, thank you. And also, My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia is not by me, check out the original anime and manga series if you didn't already do so ^.^Also, there are some moments that mentions suicide, so either leave if you don't like that or continue reading and read my warnings at the beginning of the chapters.

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Surviving You ✔️  | POETRY SAMPLE ©

| 📌 OUT NOW IN PAPERBACK, HARDBACK & EBOOK TITLED "LIFE IN A BLINK" 📌 |A series of poems outlining the struggle one finds themselves stuck in: who they are and who they want to be. ❝No matter how many times I drank, I still couldn't seem to drink enough to forget you. Two vodka bottles later, I couldn't even remember who I was, but I was burning with the knowledge that whoever that is, still wasn't good enough for you.❞© This is a SAMPLE. The book IS available to purchase via my website in my bio & other online retailers worldwide :)| Copyright © 2018-2022 Elishia C. Xalfa © |

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the tragic series of us

"Let the poems speak for themselves."They say that a picture contains a thousand words. But for this collection, a picture with a poem reveals another reality.

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