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The Work Trip.

He was so close. Holding my waist while I look into those chocolate eyes. 2 weeks ago I would've never thought about him this way. I mean, he's my boss. This was all supposed to be fake but fuck. The way his hands are gliding over my body in this tight dress. "We..can't." I said, my breath shaking. He tilted my chin up to meet his gaze. "I say we can."~~~~~~~~~~~~~When Rhys Huxley gets invited to play fake girlfriend for her boss, Lev Elster, to help her and her mother; how can she refuse? But what happens when "fake girlfriend" turns into something more on the work trip?

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Their Princess. || A wlw, poly, agere story!

This is a story about a wlw couple finally finding their little girl! This is an agere book, so please be mindful of that when reading! :)

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"Why are you still with him?""I don't know... there's just something that keeps drawing me back to him."•••Tamara thinks she married her best friend. She thinks she found the one. What she doesn't know might end up killing her.

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Resolving My Ex-Fiance's Obsessions

Shen Jiyu was the most envied cultivator throughout the four realms of Heaven. He was dashing, occupied the position of Realm Master of Penglai and did things according to his whims. His life was smooth sailing until he met Him. Feng Mian, the guardian of the Six Paths of Reincarnation was gentle and kind, his warmth easily weakening Shen Jiyu's prickly exterior. However on their wedding day, the mask on Feng Mian's face cracked and Shen Jiyu was left standing at the end of the aisle for a hundred years, waiting for a lover that never came. This was Shen Jiyu's dark past. Now, all he wished was that Feng Mian not only suffer a cultivation deviation and die a slow death but that the man never show up before him again. But fate has a way of playing with people. All of a sudden, Shen Jiyu received an imperial edict to descend to the lower realms and find the scattered pieces of Feng Mian's soul. As he went through the realms, Shen Jiyu would discover that there was a lot that he might have been blind to. What other secrets lay beneath Feng Mian's mask and why is it just him that could enter the realms that hosted the pieces of his soul? A story of a hedgehog covered with spikes and a patient hunter coaxing him to show the soft belly beneath. Arrogant, temperamental gong with a soft heart ×gentle, black-bellied shou. Arc 1: Naive Actor×Revenge Obsessed ManagerArc 2: Son of the Elven High Priest×Reborn Villain who destroyed the realmArc 3: Last survivor of a cultivator Clan× Demonic Assassin who murdered his clan

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since I've been in wattpad for quite sometime now I decided that I could actually do something useful and help you guys find a couple of good stories. I won't be putting any negative feedbacks in here I will post just the stories I found interesting enough and if you have any kind of suggestion just message me the story and I will check it out. keep in mind that this are just short reviews on each story, since i hate to read long ones I'm going to keep it simple. this work is based completely on my opinion so please respect it. Thanks! and enjoy!I want you guys to take into account that the covers of the stories mention may have changed by the time you read this.

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Star Trek Imagines (Reader-Inserts) Part Two

Since Wattpad only allows a story to have 200 parts, this is a continuation of my imagine book for Star Trek characters.I write for all main characters and some secondary characters from every series. Nearly all of my writing will be clean, and I will put warnings if they are NSFW. Requests can be made through instant messages or my tumblr account (starfleetimagines). Please check my bio to see if I'm currently taking requests, and please read my request guidelines first (it's the first chapter).If you like my writing, please leave votes and comments and if you can consider supporting me on Ko-Fi (As low as $1CAD that will be put towards my education - link is in my bio).*I do not own any of the characters or concepts within this. However, all of this writing is my own so please do not use or copy.

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Famously Ever After (BTS)

"High Santa, Koreaboos r so overrated, male strippers are the catch. Send a stripper 4 X'mas!"5 Superstar Boys, 5 Supersexy Girls, 1 super amazing black girl and 3 puppies. Who gets their Famously Ever Afters?Nelly is just a simple rich girl who returns to Korea after a couple of months, little did she know that her whole life will be turned upside down by one Pomeranian puppy.

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Shadow In Your Mind [ARC 1- 5]

All Wong Xue Guo ever wanted was her parent's attention on her. She had done all that she could do to get it, only for her attempts to be futile. Just when she was about to give up and just embrace the world of fiction to fill her heart, her mother suddenly changed a hundred and eighty degrees and acted like an affectionate mother that calls her 'baby'.The change happened around the same time as the zombie outbreak at a shopping mall. That mall coincidentally was also the place for Wong Xue Guo's high school graduation party with her classmates.Although happy to be showered with love and concern by her previously indifferent mother, Wong Xue Guo could not turn a blind eye to the hints of her mother's strangeness.Why would her mother tell her to hide right before the zombie outbreak?Why would her father know the zombie's weak point?And who can tell her why her housewife mother could kill zombies with kitchen knives with ease?!(Cover Commission from ELLE)(Schedule update : Every Monday and Friday)(Also available at Scribblehub and Royalroadl)

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Art unites and Society kills

Un giovane artista poco conosciuto, un figlio di un ricco conte e un periodo dove l'amore omosessuale era considerato una malattia. Cosa accadrà quando due bellissimi ragazzi saranno costretti dalle circostanze a frequentarsi senza poter stare veramente insieme? *ATTENZIONE* La storia è in fase di correzione e scrittura quindi non siate cattivi con me *occhi dolci*, come disse un grande scrittore che mi hanno obbligata a studiare -.-, sto ancora passando i panni nell'Arno o qualcosa di simile credo... VABBE' LASCIAMO PERDERE... godetevi la storia e non piangete troppo *OPS, SPOILER HIHIHIHI* (se non si fosse capito ho intenzione di farla triste... MA DUBITO CHE CON LA COMPARSA DEI 5sos FARO' QUALCOSA DI VAGAMENTE SERIO QUINDI SHHH)AMMETTO DI FARE SCHIFO NELLA VITA QUINDI SE ANCHE QUESTO FARA' SCHIFO AMEN NON MANDATEMI ZAINO A PICCHIARMI. ORA HO FINITO DAVVERO... credo*SALUTI GAY*

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zodiac signs

» Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.[ Completed ✔️]

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translated novels and stories part 3

translated novel recommendations

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SPUDding Love

This is a sequel to OTPotato so if you haven't read that, make sure to do so before reading this one!The pairings in this story are Poccoli (Potato × Broccoli) and there could possibly be new couples. You'll have to read and find out.(Also, if you don't get the pun In the story title, you're a fool.) but also not really :p

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Birth of a Robin

"Some things are made to transcend all human bounds..."Rocco needs to get used to living in a world where he's cancer-free, but where everything he knew and loved has been gone for almost four centuries.Miriam has three societies, including her own, a smoldering flame of upcoming war, and a couple millenia worth of hatred and indoctrination placed against her, and yet she's ready to risk it all for a stranger who appears as a shimmering spark of hope in a world based on opression and prejudice.Cass has found a loophole in the strict system of the most advanced civilization in history, but can she satisfy her curiosity for the dangerous and forbidden without falling head over heels in first, adolescent love?It's year 2409. and Rocco has waken up from his centuries-long cryonic sleep, only to find out that after a catastrophic, man-caused event known as "The Exitium" the remaining humankind is divided into three huge societies: modern and advanced state of Incendrion, orthodox and highly religious secluded country of Sephoria, and peaceful, nature-loving people of Zora. The three have seemingly opposed views, morals and ways of living, but as another war until extinction is becoming more and more certain, a few people must fight to prove the world that what divided them in the beginning can be used to crush those very same bounds in the end.

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