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A Sleepover At My House!

not this again..this is so fun yet so cringe at the same time but i have nothing better to do soand yes it does have the funny gay if you are wondering

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PaRappa sleepover!!

Parappa's birthday his pals come over to celebrate they sleepover in his room and things go a little homosexual *insert blushing emoji here*

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Jammer Lammy and Friends: Parappa and Sunny's Treasure Hunt! (S2 Episode 5)

Parappa and Sunny Funny found a treasure map on Seashell Beach and followed it. Where will Sunny and Parappa go? Read this full episode and find out.

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PaRappa's Hat Ties

After a bit of confusion PaRappa is turning into a dog. Yes I know he's already a dog, I mean like the dog that plays fetch with you or chases squirrels. He doesn't have a lot of time, so he's got to figure out what he's gonna do for the rest of his anthropomorphic days. But the end in reality is a new adventure . this fan fiction does deal with darker theme's of a death like scenario. But do not be fooled, this isn't going to get too dark. Sometimes my friend even thinks it's funny. it's mostly about secrets, mental breaks, and adventure. This fan fiction doesn't have any ships outside of cannon ones (PaRappa&$ünný). It won't show or even mention anything explicit.

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Jammer Lammy and Friends: Life at the Gala Ball! (S1 Episode 4)

Tonight is the annual fancy gala ball at Parappa town and lammy and all her friends are invited. They all want to have the best night ever but will they all get along?Find out in today's episode.

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Destined To Be Together??

When percy is betrayed by everyone he knew . He is recruited by chaos and order adopted by Void and Nature the father and mother of universe . He becomes the leader of the deadliest assassinins of the universe .For a vacation he goes to Hogwarts School of withcraft and wizardry, where he meets the love of his life .Percy x Hermione GrangerLuke x GinnyZoe x DracoCharacters belong to jk rowling and rick riordan

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parappa headcanons because i am a free man

you can't stop me

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Ask the Parappa the Rapper / Um Jammer Lammy Cast

No one from the anime is here, cuz I didn't watch that crap.

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Parappa The Rapper (Anime - AND GAMES) X Reader Oneshots (Slow Updates)

Am I the only one who thinks Parappa from the anime is super cute?Alright, so this is basically just a book filled with oneshots of the reader and Parappa The Rapper - from the anime, though. (Even though he only raps for like 30-40 seconds in the entire anime. Bruh, seriously?)P.S: I do not own Parappa The Rapper, nor do I own any of the characters.P.P.S: I'm back and I'm including the games now! :D (And I have a goddamn OC, but that's not gonna be a part of this book.)

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PaRappa The Rapper 2: The Novel

PaRappa has won a lifetime supply of noodle products, but he couldn't stop complaining every day about having noodles for all of his meals. But when PaRappa's dinner has been turned into noodles at Sunny Funny's, he just couldn't believe in himself and Sunny calls him out for being "such a baby". Can PaRappa and friends stop turning everything into noodles and bring PaRappa Town back to peace? Expect a few teachers in the way, but PaRappa will stop at nothing to believe in himself and stop this mysterious force!© 1996, 2002, 2021, 2022 Sony Computer Entertainment© 1996, 2002, 2021, 2022 NanaOn-Sha© 2021, 2022 ellieleekzAll rights reserved.

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Jammer Lammy and Friends: The Christmas Special

Ho ho ho! It's Christmas Eve in Parappa town and Lammy and her friends were celebrating but suddenly Evil Rammy realizes that she was on the naughty list. It's up to all of them to help her be nice.Can Lammy and all of her friends do it before Christmas day?Read it to find out how.

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Just A Little Mistake (PaRappa x PJ mpreg) (Discontinued)

After an episode of Romantic Karate, they they decide to take it even further. Little did they know, this was going to be the start of a long adventure.Honestly I'm surprised nobody has done this yet. Anyways, this is your normal mpreg fanfiction. PaRappa's gonna be pregnant in this fanfic.

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Shattered Like Glass (A Percy Jackson Story)

Shattered. Broken. My Heart. Because Of Sebastian Drop.

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Keep Your Head Up (In The Clouds) || Katy/Lammy

Months after the events of Um Jammer Lammy (and a week after the events of Parappa the Rapper 2), the girls in MilkCan have grown their fanbase exponentially. Due to their rise in popularity, Katy in particular is getting noticed by model agencies and magazine companies. Since she's loyal to her friends, she refuses every offer she gets, until one day, the offer is too great to turn down.

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Dancetale x Reader {DISCONTINUED}

You are a dancer. You are Frisk's little sister (she's 21, your 17). Have fun reading!This story has been discontinued. See last "chapter" for more information. Thank you.

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Jammer Lammy and Friends: Happy Lammentine's Day (S2 Episode 4!)

It's Valentine's Day at Parappa town and Lammy and her friends are celebrating. The only problem is that they can't make valentines out of plastic and paper that would go to waste.Will Lammy and her friends save Valentine's Day and keep the earth clean?Find out in today's episode in season 2.

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Jammer Lammy and Friends: Lammy's Princess Adventure (Special Episode!)

Lammy was drinking at the milkshake bar in Parappa town and wondered what it would be like to be a princess. Suddenly Queen Sally came and told her that her friends are in trouble and they are in a deep sleep by evil Rammy. It's up to Lammy to save them.Join Lammy and help her on the quest of kindness, problem solving, and friendship to rescue Parappa and Rammy. Will she rescue all of her friends from evil Rammy?Find out in this special double length episode.

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The Fairies Are Now Tigers (RoLu, StiVy)

Now that Lucy Heartfilia and Levy McGarden's hearts are broken by Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox, they join "The Enemy".Also, before the two girls go to Sabertooth, they train!The person this book has been adopted by is:

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what would've happened if just before the carriage that carried the radish basket with Po in it was about to leave, Li Shan found his son and raised him alone? how would Po end up? and what happens when a gorgeous tiger is assigned to now protect this seemingly forbidden village?!warning!: I don't own kfp! just the AU! (also the first few chapters are kinda outdated but I PROMISE TO EDIT SOME ERRORS AS I GO DJBEJ- COVER BY ME ; w ;)

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The Witch's Wolves (GxGxG)

Addal Lovelorn is looked at as a freak in school. Bullied and isolated, only rebels and outcasts dare to befriend her. Of course, school drama is a trivial matter when demons threaten to attack and your mom goes missing.Raven Cheshire is the soon to be alpha of the Roman Pack, who have it all. Her future Luna is her childhood sweetheart, a supportive family, and Queen of her school. What can go wrong? A second mate, who she bullied all her life. An unavoidable war with another pack. And a possible mole in her own territory.Evangeline Desmond is beta and future Luna of the Roman Pack. She has a lot of room to live up to her predecessor role as Luna. Especially when her psycho ex-boyfriend plans to take her, even if he have to destroy everything she holds dear to do so.What happens when three lives are bound by a red thread? Only the moon goddess know.

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Letters to No One (Sequel to Rock Bottom)

The final chapter of our story, in which our heroes struggle to adjust to the idea of marriage.#1 in KevinThrasher 8.31.2021

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Just move on !

"My name is Marielle Cheong ....and I don't want to love him ever again." A one-shot love story about childhood friends, who were always together until someone .....Not my picture, credits to the artistSorry for many grammar mistakes. My goal was to improve my English ^^

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zerina  | |   rewrite

After Chief Swan's divorce with Renee was finalized, he was suffering from the loss of his family. Chief Swan adopted two little girls.(That just so happen to be twins) this is their lives

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ETF/FIR Oneshots!!

unpublished a lot, sorry for you sickos who actually enjoyed em

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Survivor's Of Avenger's  (Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover)

Percy Jackson. Hero Of Olympus. Son Of Poseidon. Thalia Grace. Lieutenant of Artemis. Daughter Of Zeus.Nico Di' Angelo. Underworld Second In Command. Son Of Hades.That WAS them. How ever, things go south for the three when they come back from being tortured in Tartarus. and they makes a request to be left alone by the Greek and Roman Gods. The Gods Bless them before they leave Olympus. When the three are with Percy's mom, they are attacked and while his Mom and Paul are killed, Percy, Thalia, and Nico survive but are devastated. Having nowhere to live, they are taken to Percy's uncle on his mom's side. Tony Stark. The number one problem, everyone has their battle scars. Both mental, and physical...DisclaimerI Do Not Own Percy Jackson Or AvengersCover made by: @ezlyn_Start Date 1/3/18

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Philosophical Idiotsy (MxM)

When Introverted James shows up for a normal day at school, A boy strikes up his interests with his antics, and begins to spark something nobody saw coming.A MxM Story (AKA: G A Y) Don't Like? Don't Read!!

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