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Lou - Lou x Fem! Reader [UglyDolls]

You are a winged doll. Unique non the less. You were hand made, but an accident happened causing you to fall into the unknown. (leave Frozen out of this XD)You were frightened and scared, who wouldn't be. You fell into the depths of Uglyville. Since you had no memory of what happened before you had arrived at your new home. You took the new life style Easy to take in. You were shy, yet protective of yourself and confident. You had the most beautiful voice of a singer and the perfect dance moves, yet you spend your talent teaching others. You were more perfect then ever be...It took Ox a while to get use to the perfection, but he had learned that it was for the best to you, Y/N L/N into his home.Until....

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Oh The Misery || Jinx x Fem Reader ||

Your parents were killed in battle and you were found in a lake by non other than Silco.He raised you as his own by the help of his own friends and people.You find Powder or shall I say Jinx having a breakdown after a horrid tragedy of both her sister leaving and her adoptive farther from death. You two grow up together, become friends and get so close..You both envelop feelings for each other.But...

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Arcane x Reader One-shots

REQUESTS CLOSEDI will accept:She/her readersHe/him readersThey/them readersHim/they readersShe/they readers🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🚫🚫NO LEMONS!!🚫🚫Jinx/powder MyloClaggerVanderSilcoSingedEkkoViktor Jayce SevikaMel Caitlyn(Wattpads being an a$$ lately)

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Turning Red x Reader One-Shots

Ye, NO SMUTJUUUST your causal one-shots on Disneys latest movie: Turning Red.

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The Accident ( Felix x Oswald) lemon [COMPLETE]

This is a story of where mikey and Donald goes on a trip and Oswald and the kids are left alone but Oswald can't look after the kids alone so be calls Felix for help and be overcome with felling for him.Enjoy~

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Chello~ (Rottmnt angst)

Cover was drawn by: Prickly Dapper While Mikey went out to go visit a family member and friend he ended up getting caught up with the Kraang and ended up losing in the fight. Raph and the others investigate what happened and end up getting into a small argument.What will happen? Will Mikey be okay? Will he live? Will he die? Do you blame Raph? Do you blame splinter? Do you blame Draxum? I dunno.. read and find out~

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I Couldn't Agree More // Tmnt2012 Leo & Family fluff

After getting into a small fight with a common enemy, the Shredder, Leo was thrown off the rooftop and into a dumpster. Leaving his younger brother's to fend for themselves. Shredder does something to them but not what you think. Will Leo be able to reverse his brother's back to normal? Was any of his brother's hurt? How will Splinter react to this?? I dunno... read and find out~

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Creature In My Core (TMNT 2012 Angst)

Like every other night the turtle's go out on patrol and fight the Foot Clang. But tonight would be different.At the end of the fight the four brothers decided to go to their favourite restaurant but whilst they were leaving one of the foot clang members injected Donnie with something weird. This left Donnie in a daze and made him not himself. He began to hurt his youngest brother Mikey in ways he didn't want to. He began to try and murder his own little brother, but it wasn't Donnie, no. It was someone else.Will Mikey survive? Will Leo and Raph help? Will Donnie overcome this new.. thing? Will Donnie be cured? I dunno...Read and find out~ DONNIE + MIKEY ANGST (B Team) 🧡💜

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Adora x Reader  ~ your someone ⓃⒺⓌ ~ [COMPLETE]

You are the princess of the Universe, although no body knows that you exist, because to them it would be more or less impossible to have a princess of such power and responsibility.Glimmer, Bow, and Adora were sent out by Queen Angella, sadly Queen Angella is the only one who knows your alive, the horde broke the barrier to Entheria and that's why Queen Angella sent the three out to space, it would take them two days to get to the centre of the Universe (which is where the Universe Kingdom is) due to how close the their planet is to The Universe Kingdom.If your interested so far please read and EnjoyBy the way this was requestedEnjoy~

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Taken away (BOOK 3 of The Accident & Nature) [SLOW UPDATES]

This is the 3rd wow.This is going well isn't it.Anyway it was a normal day with the crew (I'll have to re-read through my books just so I can remember where I left off) and some how some where something came up from out of nowhere.And what could happen next?Enjoy~

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Secrets (Peridot x Lapis) [Complete]

This is were Peridot is hiding a very rare illness it is and extreme illness even Steven can't help her.The only way to save the person who has the illness is to pick someone and they have to pick someone to fall in love with them when the one that has been chosen to save Peridot (who is lapis) when they fall in the love wither her they have to do a true love's kiss to break the illness sadly When the illness is taking away from Peridot she will be passed out for at least a month in her gem

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Wally Darling x Reader One-Shots

Wally Darling has been roaming my mind and I am obsessed with him.I update when I wanna, it won't be longer than a week or two NO SMUT/LEMON (🔞)•Fluff✅•Angst✅Etc...Full credits to Clown - creatorGN = ✅Fem=✅Male=✅

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Papa Wally (Wally Darling x child !GN! Reader)

((Wally Darling x child !GN! Reader))Pronouns- they/them-a book made for everyone The night was cold and the owls were awake, singing their heartfelt song when a cry echoed through the forest. Curiosity and fear withered within Wally as he rushes into the unknown. Seeing where the cry was coming from he was washed over with a mixture of emotions. What is it that was crying in the forest? What will Wally do? I dunno...Read and find out~

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The party of December (Christmas Edition) Sonic The Hedgehog

It was a typical Christmas. Nothing new, nothing special.Egg man still roamed the area with his evil robots.Until A Christmas party up came around the town.And a certain someone got l͟o͟s͟t͟ i͟n͟ t͟h͟e͟ s͟n͟o͟w.Wondering what will happen. Read this book and you'll find out~

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Love In Different Ways

[[ a Chris x Stripper Mickey Story]](((( DISCONTENTED ))))Who knew a cat and and a mouse can be such a good couple? Maybe They'll even play a little bit of Cat n' mouse in the bedroom~⚠️WARNING!⚠️Lemon

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The accident & Nature Ask Book & Taken away

HiSo if any of you have any questions just ask in this book.Enjoy~

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Multiple Pictures For Books

I will do AestheticGoreDarkValleyAnimeEct...NON OF THESE ART'S ARE MINE, IF THEY ARE I WILL SAAAY

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Not A Love Hanahaki... [Tmnt]

Over the days Mikey has been in terrible pain. Once he coughed up some petals he immediately knew it wasn't normal and went to Donnie's lab to search up what is going on. He found out it was the Hanahaki disease but it was different for Mikey. Mikey didnt love anyone, so how did he get this Life threatening illness. Mikey was told he needed to grow up and deal things his self, he took this chance to deal with this Hanahaki himself and make his brothers and sensei proud. Although... the longer he keeps it a secret...... the more he's nearing to death...With Mikey survive? Will mikey spill the beans to his brothers and sensei? Will mikey die?I dunno...Read and find out~Enjoy~ ⚠️!!WARNING!!⚠️ •Contains small swearing •Gore •somewhat depressing scenes

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Andau Pengerindu(Bahasa Iban)

Kisah Rin ke ngiga dua iku anak iya pengudah iya sarak enggau laki iya, Jemat. Tang Rin enda di asuh ngempu tauka mai anak iya. Rin pan mai diri. Anak iya di bai laki iya Jemat. Udah nya, Rin belaki baru alu bisi siku anak indu benama Empina. Empina betemu alu nanggam pengerindu enggau Donny. Tang Empina enda nemu Donny nya kebendar iya menyadi saum indai enggau iya. Anak dulu Rin ke digiga Rin. Bakani Rin ngiga anak iya ke suba? Bakani nasib Empina ke enda nemu Donny nya menyadi iya empu? Ulih ke enda Donny nerima Empina nya sebenar iya menyadi iya empu?

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HiSo on my first one-shot book I had too much chapter and it told me to Unpublish some things... well as you can tell that's not happening.So give me your advice, requests It can be Lemon Smut SpicyFluffDon't be shy let's have some more XDEnjoy~

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Samurai Oswald x Prince crown Felix [COMPLETE]

This so a story of a prince who is the queens and kings only son.Is trying to be kidnapped but the people trying to kidnap him is failing miserably.Even the master Samurai Oswald has failed to beat him in a fair fight.Felix has came up with a plan to get what he wants.Will Felix succeed? Will people find out Felix's plan? Who knows read the book and you shall see.Enjoy~

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Clouds [God Shadow x Peasant Sonic]

[Sonic X Shadow if you don't like this ship this book isn't for you]A young king of the Clouds and the sky.A normal villager with one goal; to see what was REALLY above them clouds.King Shadow had lost the most precious thing that belonged to him, his mothers pendant. That held the heart of his soul.Legend has it, someone will go out and find it. And return it to the young king, and marry the king.Could... Sonic be the one?(I DEFINITELY DIDNT GET THE IDEA FROM MOANA)

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🌹Summer Songs You Can Listen Too🌻

These songs can be for Summer, or when you are in a genuine happy mood, and fancy listening to some music that isn't so... depressing let's say. I look for songs while you don't have too. Lyrics are included🌼 Enjoy 🌸

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•If Y/N was in Poppy Playtime•

As the title says it is YOU that is displayed in Poppy Playtime.You= Y/NGender/pronouns= She/Her + includes chap 2

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Rise and Fall (Sundrop/moondrop x reader)

(Artwork for the cover: MemeEver)You were a new animatronic that was made to sing and dance for the babies that were placed in Daycare.You danced for those who cannot sleep, and sang for those who loved your lullaby's and drifted off to dream land.There at Daycare you had met a 'New Friend' called Sunny. He was bright and joyous, which you loved about him. Although there was a second side of him, he was a night watcher and loved being alone.What could possibly go wrong?

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