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I Miss The Old You (Pearlshipping)

When Ash and Dawn have an argument. Ash wishes him and Dawn never got into a relationship. What happens when his wish actually comes true? Read on!

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The Dawn of Kalos [Pearlshipping]

The first grand festival in Kalos is happening, and guess who is going to participate in the festival?Dawn xDI love amourshipping but pearlshipping is a nice ship so i made this story ^^

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Shattered [ Pearlshipping Love Story ]

"She's the reason.. I'm still here. Still working hard and still moving forward. I don't think I'd be here right now if it wasn't for her." -Ash Ketchum Enjoy. :)

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My Pearlshipping one shots (still on going)

(If you're not reading this on Wattpad, you're reading an illegal copyright version of it)Although this is marked as complete I will still post and have plenty of ideas leftFor those of you looking for the Pearlshipping one shots from the combined book, you had come to the right place. All the old stories as well as knew ones will now be this book. Also, Ash and Dawn are in their mid to late teens in these. Unless it's like way in the future.I still try to update this whenever I can with new ones. Also, if you see a typo, please let me know so I can correct it. I won't take offense. I welcome anyone who finds one. Thanks :)I don't know the characters, the art of the cover, or Pokémon.

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Pearlshipping stories

Here we have a collection of longer Pearlshipping stories.(If you're not reading this on Wattpad, you're reading an illegal copyright version of it)In the first one: Dawn goes missing without warning or any trace. Ash is heart broken but tries to move on without luck. Why was she taken? Will she return? What will happen if she does? Will any of them get to reveal how much they love each other?In the second: After publicly thanking his parents, Ash begins to wonder about his father. Once he finds out the man is alive, Ash sets out with his best friend, Dawn to hunt him down. What will it take to find him? Will the team even find him at all? Will the journey be worth it in the end or will it be for not? Read to find out how they end! :)I don't own the art of the cover or Pokémon itself.

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A Disaster In Sinnoh - Pearlshipping

Ash wins the Kalos League and becomes the youngest trainer ever to do so. But instead taking place as champion of the region, he decided to continue his travels throughout all the world's regions. But before any of that, he takes a well deserved break back home in Kanto. After a week of celebration though, an emergency begins to unravel in Sinnoh. What will happen when Ash and Gary go to Sinnoh to take on the rise of Team Rocket? And what will happen when Ash reunites with an old friend?Pearlshipping

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Legendary Wrath (Pearlshipping)

Arceus is going on a rampage because humans have misused legendary Pokémon and have committed many other evil deeds. Only the worthy can live...

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Two Broken Hearts (Pearlshipping-AshxDawn)

This story is actually not mine, I read the story and the author is XashXdawnX so, it's a Pearlshipping story. The credits are for XashXdawnX

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Pearlshipping Collection

Just a collection of one shots that I'm working on for Ash and Dawn

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Pokémon: My fanfiction on the Pearlshipping

Hiiii everyone! I'm pikychan as you can see! But I am also a passionate and public pearlshipper for years my fanfiction under the pseudonym pikychan. I also manage the instagram page pearlshipping_official if you are interested in seeing it. I'm Italian, so these stories are translations from the originals into Italian (but to be clear they are the only and the only creative mind of chance).

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Adventure of pearlshipping Vol. 1: Begin of True Love

dawn got a crush on ash since he and Pikachu arrived at sinnoh region to enter sinnoh pokemon league to win as sinnoh league champion. during middle of ash performance in Wallace cup tournament in lake valor, it's time for her go tell him soon as possible before it's too late. during episode 77 of pokemon diamond and pearlages:dawn hikari-16ash Ketchum-17Pokemon universe-may 2006: the years goes fastAew universe- january 2022: the years goes slowerShippingAsh Ketchum x dawn hikariZoey x may mapleHolly x Brock

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The son of a legend ( pearlshipping))

Ash is the son of arceus, but he has been forced to go to the alolan school.

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New Beginning (Pearlshipping-AshxDawn)

This is the sequel of the Two Broken Hearts. So, this is the second book of the Pearlship

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A PearlShipping Story

Dawn and Ash were childhood friends. When they were cheated on, did they finally see who they really were meant to be with?

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Pearlshipping: Missing you

With Ash in Kalos all he can think about right now is winning the Kalos League. And Dawn in Sinnoh she is feeling some regret about her past decisions with Ash. How does she plan on dealing with them?

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The lost price of kanto (pearlshipping)

Ash is a boy, Prince of the kanto region and future king was born, but being kidnapped and raised as a normal boy with supernatural powers of aura what lies ahead of Ash. ( highest rank # 109)

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My first pearlshipping story, don't murder me if it's bad. x3 Seriously though. Okiez, so it takes place in highschool (where friggin else?) and Ash has moved to Sinnoh over summer. Ne meets Dawn and friends atthe beach, and Dawn starts falling for him once school starts. Blah blah blah Ash falls for Dawn too blah blah blah Iris is onto them blah blah blah THE END. XD

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Pearlshipping A story

This story takes place after the Kalos League where Ash has lost to Alain in the Finals, after a devastating loss Ash decides to go back home and considers quitting chasing his dream. Find out what happens as our Dense hero is pulled back up on his feet by a Joyful Blue haired girl and how he continues to become un dense and chase his dreams again!Sorry I'm not really good at summaries but basically this will be a Pearlshipping story

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Dawn . A previous travel companion of Ash and his best friend comes to kanto for a day . But what's up with her strange behaviour ......This is a pearlshipping story from august 2020 . And yes .... after so many years I still consider PEARLSHIPPING my OTP . It's almost 10 yrs since DP ended but it's said that Pokemon journeys is bringing back old characters . I hope that Dawn returns to the anime in some episode

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This is a pure fan-made Pokemon shipping story, In case you somehow Ended up here without knowing what pokemon is, yeah this I have nothing to do with the real pokemon franchise, The poster is official but I only own The storyline and dialogue and absolutely nothing else Also for those of your returning readers, this is a rewrite I guess? Of my old fanfic, I stopped that one because Honestly I outgrew fanfics but I just couldn't leave a story unfinished

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The Most Wanted (Pearlshipping)

3 most wanted thieves or you can say cleverest of all :- Ash,Gary and Drew. To stop these 3, 6 expert cops :- Dawn, Paul, Leaf ,Bary, May , Kenny. Now let's see what happens when they come in action..... And they find their love on their adventure.

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This story is actually made using my imagination. It's like all the legendary Pokémon are collapsing. The world is ending but our here - Ash Ketchum will find a way to end this chaos of course together with some friends. He will have new feelings about a special girl- Dawn and their future is up to Ash.

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pokemon truth or dare{NOT TAKING REQUESTS}

yall get to dare or give truths to the pokemon cast this is my first story so i hope you like it

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✨✨Pearlshipping Oneshots✨✨

Pearlshipping is the best Pokémon shipping ever!! Here are my very own Pearlshipping Oneshots. Hope you guys like them!! Thanks for the support!!-Pearlshipper21

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(Pokémon) Shining with Jiu. Manhwa  Pokemon Pearlshipping Comic

(not english fanfic )pearlshipping manhwa enjoy

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