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Pagan Origins

How come we celebrate the holidays without knowing where it came from? That is the question. But what happens when knowing the origin of the pagan holidays, people celebrate it anyway?

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pagan music

Pagan music is hard to find so I'm going to list the lyrics, singer, and cd name. BLESSED BE!!! )O(

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Some Pagan Symbols

Just some of the basic Pagan symbols.

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Love painted Pink(A Pagan Min Fanfiction)

As Ray Tasmian flew to Kyrat to see and explore the place she was born to, everything went different as expected. Suddenly she finds herself in a palace with a man in a pink suit. And thanks to the man, the trip to Kyrat has it's Pros and Contras. But she isn't a stone, so the feelings play a part too. Will she stay in Kyrat and give up her peaceful life and finally find out her natural and strong nature?

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The religion of Paganism

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Paganini's Puppet | Ryeji

Yeji is a classically trained violinist from a rich, elite family.Ryujin is a prodigious cellist from a humble background.What will happen when two rivals come head on to compete for the #1 spot as ace of the school?⚠️ content mentions depression, anxiety, violence/abuse, death, and contains sexually explicit and implicit scenes🥲Started April 9, 2021Completed July 9, 2021#1 in itzy#1 in girlxgirl#1 in ryeji#1 in yuna #1 in cello#1 in classical-music#1 in jisu #1 in chaeryeong #1 in yejixryujin#1 in ryujinxyeji#1 in choijisu#1 in shinyuna #1 in leechaeryeong #2 in lgbt#2 in violin

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I Am Pagan - Notes From A Solitary Eclectic Neo-Pagan Witch

I am a solitary, ecletic neopagan witch. The information I share with you here is gathered and distilled from books, articles, other webpages, other Pagans, other witches, meditations, visionary journeys, and listening to my inner voice. I am not a prophetess, priestess, or the direct channeled voice of the Goddess, nor do I wish for anyone to place me on such a pedestal. I'm afraid of heights.But most of all, I think there is too much of that sort of posturing in Paganism these days.This is how I celebrate and live my religion. These are the reasons why. That is what I want to share with you. You may find a grain of wisdom or truth or just the right ritual to suit you here, and put it to use in your own life. You might not. And that doesn't mean that either of us is right, or wrong, but that what is right for me may or may not be right for you, and visa versa.The products of my creativity; poems, art, rituals or spells, I share here freely. I hope you find them enjoyable or useful. I enjoyed creating them. This doesn't mean they are in the public domain. They are copyrighted. Shared in perfect love and perfect trust.So Mote It Be.

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pagan lover

On her wedding day, Tara was abducted by the masterful Leon Petrides, dragged off to Greece, and forced to marry him. And from the start it had been a real marriage, not an "in name only" one.Yet hadn't Tara any mind of her own at all? Why hadn't she flatly refused to marry him? Why didn't she try to run away? After all, she loved her fiancé David, didn't she, and wanted nothing but to get back to him. This feeling she had for her pagan husband, a feeling she couldn't deny, was only physical attraction, wasn't it? So what was stopping her?

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Broken Girl [Arthur Leclerc]

Jacqueline Alard is known for being a black cat of Monaco, she doesn't have anyone in her life. Arthur Leclerc is the complete opposite, he's adored by everybody. Despite all the differences, they somehow find a way to each other. But Jacqueline's bad reputation will be one of the many obstacles they will have to overcome on their way to the happy ending

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Chaos (Tomarry) (ON HOLD)

⚠️ Blood and torture ⚠️Hadrian Sirius Potter, goes into a Creature inheritance because of his older twin, brother and sister. His mother and father always praised his siblings on being perfect, in their eyes the twins could do no wrong but Hadrian was the problem child. They insist that he is a squib but when it turns out that he could control his magic all along. His parents are furious that he outshines his siblings but when his Hogwarts letter arrives he finds his family and mate, he decides revenge sounds nice.Authors Notes : (7/4/22) I am going to finish this story soon, then I'm planning to rewrite some of the chapters as i am aware some things don't make sense, i have developed as a writer since making these and i think the story's to come will be better because of it :) hope you enjoy anyway

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Mission: Pagan Min

In search for King's trust, Aora tries to get close to Pagan. The journey will last long, since Ajay follows the storyline and gets in Pagan's way.

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His Wolf (Drarry)

The Golden trio are the famous werewolf pack, known for fighting against Voldemort but when they are captured they have no legal rights and are put up for adoption. What will happen when they realise Albus Dumbledore could have helped them the hole time but needed the fame?The Malfoys fight for the 'Dark' side and are taken to adopt a werewolf companion, when they get there the 'silver trio' bond with a special pack of wolves. THE HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS DO NOT BELONG TO ME! ALL RIGHTS GO TO J.K Rowling, I ONLY OWN THE PLOT OF THE STORY!Total words : 45,648Has won:#1 Drarry #1 Harrypotter#1 bottomdraco#2 Dark Harry

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You Are Not Alone [Charles Leclerc]

Ariana Andretti has been through a lot. When she lost all her hopes that things will get better, God sent her a guardian angel to save her. But will he be able to save her from herself and the dark past that it's haunting her?

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My Lovely Wives

What will you do your 4 professors propose to you at the same time?What if I reject all of their offers?

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Hail to the King, baby! (Pagan Min Male Reader x RWBY harem)

A mysterious, well dressed man wakes up in a forest with no memory as to who he is. He is unknown in this world and nobody, not even himself, knows who he is. Little does everyone know, that this flamboyant and extravagant man can become a great hero or a sadistic tyrant. All he craves is to control himself and maybe Remnant as we know it. RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum. Far Cry 4 is owned by Ubisoft.

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My Poster and Probably propagandas

I decided to made my own poster and..... probably propagandas. So yeah.

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Love Between Telemetry [Lance Stroll]

"I'm tired of you giving me false signals and playing with my heart. I won't let you destroy me even more.""Drin...""I really don't wanna hear your smart talk, Lance. I knew from the beginning who you are, I just hoped you would prove me wrong. I guess I was too naïve."(Takes part in 2017 season)

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Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

Harry Potter was Sorted into Slytherin after a crappy childhood. His brother Jim is believed to be the BWL.*unfinished

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Trust Me Mistress

When Maleficent comes down with the flu Diaval takes it upon himself to care for his mistress, but can maleficent overcome her fears of the past only time will tell.

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Creating ultimate forms for the main cast (no Elaine)

Just me making these mfs op

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Festividades paganas

¿Quieres saber de dónde provienen todas esas festividades que llevamos celebrando durante siglos? ¿Esas que la iglesia dice que son suyas? ¿Te llama la atención la historia anterior a todo eso? Pues estás en el lugar idóneo. En el lugar donde la magia, la naturaleza y los dioses paganos, cobran protagonismo. Donde tú, puedes ser parte de ello.Aquí explicaremos las fiestas, de dónde vienen y cómo las celebraban. Con la curiosidad de que a día de hoy aún se siguen celebrando. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⚝ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Información sacada de los vídeos del canal de Solitude of Alanna.

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the mysteries

It said it all in the cover

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Charmed: Pagan Halliwell

Pagan Halliwell is the youngest of four sisters. When the four reunite after the death of their grandmother, it's revealed that they're descended from a long line of witches. Though technically not a Charmed One herself, Pagan throws herself headfirst into the magical world with as much determination and zeal as she did her college studies.

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Jack and The Giant

As the story goes, Jack climbs the beanstalk and encounters an evil giant, somehow the universe cross, and Jack adventure was quite different.copywrite@mariapagan2017

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Pagan/Wiccan Chants

In this book are chants and songs that Pagans, Wiccans and Witches may use in and out of ritual to raise energy and to call upon the Gods and spirits. I hope you all find good use of them!☆ )○( ☆I have listed all the sources of the chants I could find, most of them that are listed under an unknown source are popular Pagan chants to which the origins are unknown, if anyone can prove a source to these materials I will gladly put in the names of the original creators.

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Cuando Se apagan las luces

Siempre quise conocer a Skrillex y a muchos otros artistas, pasamos un rato juntos, lo que paso después de unas copas de mas nos dejamos llevar.... punto de vista en primera persona. Por cierto contiene Skrillmau5 , si no te gusta no leas.

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