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Jay was kidnapped and the Ninja finally get a lead and they do find Jay just... not the way they were expecting there's a bigger piece to the puzzle. a bigger more dangerous piece that is going to destroy the entire city if they don't stop it(Jay and Cole centric - written before I watched seabound - bruiseshipping)

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Loved Overloaded {2}

Join in on the second part of Sasha Williams-Yang's story as she makes her way though residency. Where she experiences loss, love, and friendship while navigating the world of medicine as she works to become triple-board certified. Now she's adding her own baby into the mix with all the baby daddy drama that comes with it.(Seasons 4-8)DerekXOCXMeredith- poly!relationshipMarkXOC- slightOCXCristina- Sister!relationshipPart 1- Loved Cubed (Intern Years)Part 3- Loved Death (Mark's Death to Derek's Death)Part 4- Loved Survived (Attending Year's at Grey-Sloan)

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Amnesia (Overload Book 1)

How would you feel if, one day you woke up and couldn't remember anything. Not your best friend, boyfriend mother or father. Perhaps not even remember or recognise who you were, having to start a fresh on everything - well, for Alisha this did happen.

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Spiderman: Overload Rewritten

//In the process of a rewrite.//The world may have heroes that have the powers of a god, but sometimes... all it takes is a friendly neighborhood hero to do some good.

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Wrong Number / Calum Hood

Unknown: Although maybe I'll thank him 2Me: lol why?Unknown: Cos he made me talk 2 u(C) brainoverload ๐Ÿค“ 2018 / added to in 2021Calum hood fan fic because why not?!? I don't own him or any of 5sos but I own the story and main character ๐Ÿ˜ŠHighest Rank:#2 in 5sauce#1 in Sierra#3 in Clifford

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KYLE OVERLOAD [Kyle x herem]

South Park is acting strange for Kyle at the start of school bc everyone is acting weird to him Because IDK IS HE GAY OR STRAIGHT I.D.KAnyway this is a story that i got inspired by and if any ships comment and ill try to do it i will upload onI'll try to update daily hope yall sp fans enjoy

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Jealousy overload

SLOW BURN!!! Emily and JJ being jealous of each other's relationships. This story is like really long I didn't plan for it to be this long, but at the time I wrote this I hated storylines that went to quick and I didn't plan this book ahead of time, so it's like a massive slow burn.

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Woman Overload

While Lillian is just living her life Carmen comes into the picture and Lillian is stuck wondering why she is always thinking about Carmen. GirlxGirl smut

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Maximum Overload [BoyxBoy]

Maximum Lewis is an easy going guy. Captain of the football team, he is dating head cheerleader, Maya, and couldn't be happier. Until shy Kale Mattkinson is introduced into his life. While Maya is away on vacation Max finds himself wanting to be unfaithful for the first time.....with a guy???? How can that be? Is he gay? Max struggles to figure out what these new feelings mean and how long they will last. What will become of Max and his newest love interest Kale? How does Maya fit into all of this? Even more importantly, what will happen when cocky, asshole, Sam steps into the picture? Will Max allow his confusion to ruin two good relationships or will he step up and decide who he wants by his side? And what threats will the demons of his past pose to his present and future relationships? Join Max on his journey into unchartered territory...

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Her Persistence - Completed

When Calum and Poppy, Calum's fiancée and the band's on tour nurse, have a run in with someone from Calum's past, the happy ending they were dreaming of is quick to disappear. How will they cope with this crazed, obsessed woman who will do anything - and I mean ANYTHING - to get Calum back. Can be read as a stand-alone book. Sequel to "Night Shift"Highest ranked: #6 in Irwin and #10 in 5SecondsofSummer

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The Return (Night Shift 3)

Standalone StoryBook 3 of the "Night Shift" books1) Night Shift2) Her Persistence3) The ReturnWhen a couple of things Poppy wished she never had to see again return in her life, how do her and Calum react to it? Can they hold it together with the stresses of their new addition looming? 2021 brainoverload (c)

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Black Lightning: Overload

In this story Jeff, Jenn, & Anissa race against the clock to track down their team and bring them back safe, but whoever said it was gonna be easy, read this book to find out what new faces and what old faces we might see.

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The Overload Turned Out to be Green Tea [female A male O]

Pei Yun is an iron-blooded general who makes the whole galaxy terrified. As long as her name is mentioned, even the highest interstellar admiral will tremble three times.However, she turned out to be just an ordinary Beta. The head of the chamber of commerce who once tried to use Alpha to win over Admiral Pei said that perhaps Beta is the strongest in the world, and the pheromones that represent Alpha's coercion, in her opinion, are just a bunch of messy smells mixed together.Whether it's the estrus period or the susceptible period, in her opinion, it's like a joke. It wasn't until that night that Pei Yun was forced to be trapped in a barren galaxy of exiles together with Lin Huaiyu, the richest man in the universe who was voted the number one "alpha most wanted to marry", only to realize that even she was not always ready for information.So indifferent. * Lin Huaiyu has two biggest secrets in his life. One of them, he's actually an Omega. Another one, he likes Pei Yun. And these two secrets were known by Pei Yun at the same time in one night.But he felt that it was not a loss, because he also knew Pei Yun's little secret. Lin Huaiyu pressed Pei Yun's head to his shoulder, unreservedly exposed the back of his neck to the Alpha's breath, and said with thin lips, "Please desire me more."That night Only then did Pei Yun realize that all the seemingly coincidental encounters between Lin Huaiyu and himself over the years were all planned by him for a long time.Wood (?) the most A general in the universe alphax green tea president omegaTitle: ้œธๆ€ปไป–ๅŽŸๆฅๆ˜ฏ็ปฟ่Œถ[ๅฅณA็”ทO] | The overlord turned out to be green tea [female A male O]Author: ๅฏปไธน็ฏNot Minecr:Author

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Overloading Intake Of RadioDust

RadioDust Oneshots because why the heck not? Also, credits go to the owner who made this bootiful artwork~P/S: It has been 2 - 4 years (?) since I've last touch this book. So hope u guys don't mind the cringe. If there are some parts in the chapters that y'all don't understand, that's because I made this book BEFORE everything about the characters were confirmed. But anyways, thanks for taking ur time to read this and enjoy my high-school writing days cringe!

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System Overload

A short story set in a postcyberpunk near future. A company specialized in human augmentations must face the rise of a new form of computer malware that targets the very high-tech prosthetic devices and cyber implants they produce. Proofreading for the English version by : Aleph; Stephanie Benoist (@stef_benoist on Twitter)

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Shadow Overload

on the brink of death Izuku is given a second chance to survive and to become a hero.ALARM[you have completed all the necessary requirement's of the secret quest 'courage of the weak']a solo levelling and bnha mix fanficI'm only posting the first three chapters as a trial run.I own neither of the original story's or has been years since i made a story, if your read my other story please dont think the wrighting style and skill is the same i was a 12 year old back then.

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Derp overload (sseto)

Ssundee escaped from the mental institution and he's still a derp,he had no idea or what he's doing or where's he going,but when he ends up in the middle of the highway with a truck coming at him at full speed he has no idea of what to do.Please leave a vote,comment and a follow.

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Just One More Kiss (Book 1) || Tom Holland x Reader

Y/N (your name) and Tom Holland have been best friends since the beginning. You were born June 2, 1996 exactly 1 day after him. You have become one of the people that he trust the most. You realize that you love your best friend in the process of finding out who you are. Can you trust your other best friend Harrison with the information about your love life? Will you be backstabbed? Do you take the chance on your already existing friend?Sequel: Just One More ChanceDoes he love you back?WC: 34,882 COMPLETED1/28/19Highest Ranks:#1 hollanders#1 nikkiholland#1 Harrison#2 harrisonosterfield#5 Marvel#6 tomhollandxreader#8 osterfield#11 spidermanhomecoming #18 tomholland#20 homecoming #33 Spiderman#35 tom#42 romancefanfiction

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My life begins in London || Overload Generation

Karolina is just an average girl. Melissa her best friend and her are flown to London after winning a contest on Youtube. She goes to London for her singing career but she never knew she'd fall for one of the boys from the boyband Overload Generation.. Karolina and her best friend Melissa have recorded their own songs. They have met their idols, and every chance they have they keep meeting famous people. Starting a tour with the Overload boy band in America will lead them to many heartbreaks. Will her relationship and friendships last? Will Overload still be a band?

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Write to Rank 2023

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sensory overload-Peter Parker and tony stark

Peter Parker has never experienced a sensory overload before. Tony and him dont know what the hell is going on but soon realise it's bad.I DO NOT SHIP STARKER ONLY IRONDAD AND SPIDEYSON

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clichรฉ overload

Hi, I want to write a story that includes every possible clichés that you can find in wattpad. I want to make it funny and full of memes. coz everyone loves sum meme. I stand infront of my huge walkin closet which is full of designer clothes and stare at it. "what should I wear? I don't have anything" After another 30 min I finally grab a mint colored hot pants and pull it over my slender legs that are 4 m long (no wonder little kids scream slendermen when they see me) with a white cropped top that only covers to my nipples. That is our dress code "less is more". I also grab my white gucci shoes and my MCM bag with real gold studs. I check myself for a last time in the mirror and blow a kiss to myself. "you ugly b*tch. I hope you rott in hell"featuring: beautiful girl, alcoholic and abusive parents, supernatural, sex, fanfic, gang, mafia, kpop, series and many more.

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You Are My Drug (Larry Stylinson SS)

Harry's a little bit broken. Louis just wants to fix him.

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ยฐSnapchat Overloadยฐ {Dylan O'Brien} โœ”

COMPLETED!- april 2016in which a popular rich girl/undercover fangirl from London starts a conversation with an actor who she thought was her best friend. ««Extended summary inside»»

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Spare The Pain [Eremin AU]

Having an arranged marriage with my ex-boyfriend is awkward. Especially when he's triggering my heart strings. When's he's still in love with me and I'm about to fall back in love. But our break up was the worse. So if we do love each other again, will it work out?[Completed: 12/20/15]

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As part of the growing GLITCH community, swarms of fanfiction had surfaced from different sites. This is one of them. First from Reddit as u/2020_Exe, follow the story of Lo Glazding & Zel Q. Leizhin as they experience the wild & weird world of SMG4. The plots of the story involved are: ANIME ARC, META RUNNER, MEGGY'S DESTINY, YOUTUBE ARC, & a brand new arc in store.UPDATE: This is the first edition & a compressed versh of 2 second edition books coming soon ;)

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