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I am very open to OFMD one shots

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RAYE(OFMD oc story)

after escaping his messed up family with his lover can be really find belonging in the pirate world alongside one of the greatest pirates to ever live ? Raye is determined to leave his last behind him or will the trauma effect his choices and who he trusts?

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What a lovely night (ofmd short story

(PLS note this is my first time writing and publishing a fan fic so apologies if it's not that good at the beginning) With the whole crue on vacation with permission from Stede, it is simply only him and Edward aboard for the night. They take to stargazing on the deck and conversations start and it's gets pretty fruity. (not NSFW)

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The Thrill Of You

Stede was a well-known gentleman who was understood to have been very unsettled with his life. Married with children, his life lacked a certain feel of something he craved. Well, be careful what you wish for as the day of the raid had happened. Blackbeard had come.

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea - Our Flag Means Death

A long awaited reunion. The stars and the sea in perfect balance. But there's that tiny shred of denial. Denial that the gunshot hasn't doomed them. *****This takes place after Season 1, and was written before Season 2 came out. I'm in the past guys, tell me, is Season 2 good? Is it even out as you're reading this?//warning: SAD ENDING! see content warning below////cover art not owned by me, I can't find the original image, apologies////complete, so enjoy!////cw: major character death, implied suicide, gun violence//

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Do You Believe in Magic?

After an ill-fated visit to a very strange island, Edward Teach and Stede Bonnet wake up in each others' bodies.---Just a silly lil bodyswap fic because every fandom needs one. This takes place somewhere around their co-captaincy, before the British and before the Act of Grace. Ed knows he has feelings for Stede, but Stede is still oblivious.Although this is a bodyswap fic, I've tried not to make it too predictable and to play with people's expectations a little.This is the world of OFMD, but with some magical elements. But don't worry, I'm making the magic something ethereal and elemental, so there will be no problematic misuse of actual religions and their beliefs.I suppose bodyswaps by their nature have some dubcon, so a warning for that I guess? This one'll get a little bit smuttier than my other stories, but nothing too extreme.

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Im sorry | Our flag means death fluff/angst

edit: OMG GUYS ITS HAPPENING!! SEASON 2! (Writing this to channel my excitement for season 2 in something)Stede finds half of his crew on a deserted island and straight away realises that Jim, Frenchie and Lucius are missing. Stede and his crew set off to find the revenge and get back the rest of their crew and apologise to Blackbeard for leaving.

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The Accidental Seduction of Edward Teach by Stede Bonnet, Gentleman Pirate

"Well, that's that, then. I know he's your friend, Ed, but he was a toxic influence on the crew. And on you as well," Stede declared.Something about those words stung Ed just a little. He wasn't not-not himself with Jack. It was just that being around him seemed to bring out the part of him that enjoyed giving and receiving pain. Cut your finger and you'll forget about your chronic headache, if only for a little while.But slowly, Stede was showing him that a moment of warmth and connection could be just as distracting.------This story begins assuming Calico Jack left the Revenge, Ed stayed, and Jack didn't betray the crew to the English. How would the slow burn of Ed and Stede's relationship have carried on? How long would it take for them to realize their feelings for each other in the absence of life-changing events?Plot-light, especially compared to my hypothetical S2 fic, A Pirate's Life for Us. The main driver of plot is Ed and Stede's accidental flirtation and growing intimacy.

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What Happens in Vegas?

Edward Teach and Stede Bonnet are best friends who also work together at a game development company. The two of them go to Las Vegas for a conference and are sharing a room.Ed has been harboring a secret crush for his friend, who has just recently separated from his wife. He has no idea if the feeling is mutual - but if anywhere can loosen their inhibitions, it's Las Vegas.In Sin City, how can they resist?

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When We Were Young

After a health scare, Stede wishes that he and Ed had met when they were younger. It turns out the healer they brought Ed to is also a witch, and she's decided to be generous.But is it what either of them really want? You should always be careful what you wish for.---Age regression to their twenties, and all the angst and shenanigans that comes from that.

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A Pirate's Life For Us

Ed is trapped on his ship with Izzy Hands and a new crew of murderous pirates who will kill him at the first sign of weakness.Meanwhile, Stede has returned and realized his terrible mistake. With no ship and no money, he goes to Spanish Jackie for help. Jackie puts him in touch with an infamous pirate who has her own reasons for seeking out Blackbeard. But Stede isn't about to let a small thing like an entire ocean and no ship stop him from making amends with Ed before it's too late. (This story started out as a vignette of Ed in the bath, but then I realized it would be a good start for my own version of Season 2. Bonbon is played by Tessa Thompson, because let's be honest: she'd make a badass pirate and she's friends with Taika, so it feels very plausible that she'd show up in this world.) ---As always, comments deeply appreciated. It keeps me motivated to keep writing, and I love to hear from people!

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It's your choice

Izzy's only duty is to his captain, Blackbeard. Until I come along...this story is from my POV (1st person), so don't bitch about it not being x reader. I don't own any of the characters or the tv show, only this story

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A kunibram story

Couldn't find a kunibram photo so I used my cat .Also the charecters will most likely not act canon.

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Our Flag Means Death oneshots (Mainly Ed And Stede)

brain is goneonly gay pirates now(Cover is not my art)

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[ 𝙖 𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙚𝙤𝙪𝙨 𝙗𝙤𝙤𝙠 ]𝙄 𝙖𝙢 𝙆𝙚𝙣𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝I'm losing it, y'all. Now it's your problem.

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"IT'S A PIRATE'SLIFE FOR US."when barty murdoch decides to help the gentleman pirate, he never expected it would lead him on a bizarre adventure with the revenge nor would he have expected to meet the sister of the infamous blackbeard and fall head over heels for her. [OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH SEASON ONE - ][OC X OC][cover made by @dorkiest_nerd]

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Welcome to Dos Corazones - Our Flag Means Death Modern AU

"The Gentleman Pirate, I presume?" came a voice from behind him."P...pardon?" Stede stammered.The man held up his keys and displayed the keychain which read 'Gentleman Pirate Tours.' He flipped it over, eyed his nametag, and the sticker with the name written on the back. "Stede?""Yes, I am. Ah, I was looking for those..." Stede reached out for his keys.Instead, the man caught his hand and shook it firmly, making eye contact as he did. "I'm Ed. Pleased to meet you."---Stede Bonnet has chosen the town of Dos Corazones for his mid-life crisis. He came because there was a tall ship for sale, and he's always dreamed of owning one. The ship he buys has a sordid past - one he's initially unaware of.One night at a party, he meets a man named Ed who owns the bar across the street. The two form an instant connection, but they're about to find themselves on opposite sides of a struggle to control the town's future.---This story was formerly Gentleman Pirate Tours. I've renamed it because that implied a straightforward romance, when it's more of a small town with a secret vibe.

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MEMENTO MORI ✶ our flag means death

𝑶𝑼𝑹 𝑭𝑳𝑨𝑮 𝑴𝑬𝑨𝑵𝑺 𝑫𝑬𝑨𝑻𝑯 ✶ Nikita was fourteen when she met Blackbeard, and since then he has become like a father to her when no one else would. Ten years later, they come across Captain Stede Bonnet, an aristocrat who left his comfortable life to become a pirate. Blackbeard instantly becomes intrigued by the odd man, but as his attention diverts his daughter begins to question if the time had come Blackbeard would abandon her just like everyone else had.season 1 | completedseason 2 | working onfem!oc x fem!ocfem!oc x male!ocpeachpick © 2022

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Our Flag Means Death ♡ One Shots

♡ no smut! ♡one-shots♡any suggestions are appreciated!♡started: July 11th 2022

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Never Hit a Maid ↠ Loki X Reader

Maybe giving some well-deserved talkback to Thor and getting punched in the face isn't always a bad thing, cause there is always gonna be a god of mischief to protect you.Loki X Reader Fanfiction. Starts before the events of Thor but travels through the Marvel timeline till after Ragnarok. Essentially you're going on a journey with them. :DRANKINGS: marvelxreader #3 - 16/6/21

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Like a Torn Cloud Before the Hurricane

Edward Teach is a writer from Toronto who decides to go to his family cabin in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia one September. As he's settling in for a retreat away from city life, a massive storm rolls in that turns into a hurricane that is far stronger than predicted. Everyone else in the surrounding area has fled into town, but Ed decides to stick it out.As the storm begins to gain strength, he hears a desperate knock on his door. A very wet and very grateful Stede Bonnet, who was at the glamping dome in a neighbouring property, joins him in the cabin as the storm intensifies.

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I'm Still Longing

OFMD fanfic Events take place two years after they departed. Stede never stopped looking for Ed , Ed gave up on everything including himself. Lots of angst because I need it.I don't own rights to any of these characters.

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To Live on the Land We Must Learn from the Sea

Stede Bonnet is a mermaid who longs to be a pirate. When the chance comes along for him to have legs, he jumps onboard. However, in order to keep them, he has to kill or seduce a pirate captain in two weeks. Easy, right? Title of this fic is a line from the song "Calypso" by John Denver.

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when a geeky mute boy meets a hot basketball captain; more things happen than you would imagine. achievements: number one in 'cash' nine-hundred fifty-eight in 'fan fiction'hit 100K april 13th, 2017 warnings: boyxboy a touch of smut first time writing070915 - 022416

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Blackbonnet - Our Flag Means Death

After Stede left Ed at the dock with a broken heart, both men seemed to change for the better and the worse. In this fanfic you will see our favorite pirate couple as they fight for their lives to get back together and be the people they want to be.

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Wonderful Indulgences

Stede Bonnet is most certainly not the runaway son of an incredibly wealthy baron, who fled the very night he was to be wed to a Ms. Mary Allamby. Heavens no!He's a Lighthouse Keeper.And as a very good lighthouse keeper, he is positive absolutely nothing will go wrong. Not a thing.{This is also over on ao3 if you prefer that platform :) }

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