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Parallel Universes •

" In a way I think she is a star.She burns bright but at first she's faraway, just out of reach until one day she hurtles into your life, breath taking and beautiful,full of secrets and mystery hoping that you'll catch her,but if you blink, you'll miss her. "🌹MARAUDERS ERASIRIUS BLACKPART ONE -FIFTH YEAR- complete.PART TWO -SIXTH YEAR- complete.PART THREE -SEVENTH YEAR- complete.

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Drunk In Love | [LISOO]

Jisoo finally found someone she can trust her whole heart to.

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Paradox Live OCs Book


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She Doesn't Know|Lisoo

Lalisa Manoban. The CEO of Manoban Dance Co. or MDC for short. She is a known womanizer in the entertainment world and she see's no reason to deny such a fact. Since she had already swore to herself that she would never divulge into any type of romantic relationship with any of her dancers or employees after what had happened with... her.

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Surgery For Your Heart [A Lisoo Story]

Lisa Manoban is a new surgeon in the Hospital of Seoul. She meets a beautiful surgeon who teaches her all the things she needs to know. But that's not the only thing she teaches her...

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Any Second [A Lisoo Story]

Lalisa Manoban is an undercover FBI agent trying to find the drug kingpin in a high school. In her journey, she meets another girl called Jisoo and starts falling for the girl. But sooner or later, the kingpin will catch on...

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

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Hinata's death

This is a fanfic story about how Hinata dies and the impact her death has on Naruto, mainly, and her kids. I wrote it because I wanted to showcase how important she actually is for all the characters. This story does not have that much fights, but it is still quite interesting and sad.

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Alone [A Lisoo Story]

Jisoo is living in an apartment with his alcoholic and abusive father who is unemployed. She struggles with handling with her father and hiding her bruises and scars. But how long can she hide for?

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We Meet Again [A Lisoo Story]

Jisoo saved Lisa from a situation with her ex. But after that, they meet again as Lisa is the new CEO of her late mother's company and Jisoo is the new secretary for her.

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NaruHina travels back in time

THIS IS A LOVE STORY. If you are looking for fights and all that, you're not gonna find it here. Let's just assume for a minute that the thing Sasuke and Boruto used to travel back in time is actually canon and, for the sake of the story, that doing such thing is actually possible (although it is way too far fetch). Also, I'm gonna expand its powers to further the story.

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Changes [LISRENE]

It's time to sin

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A Lisoo Story [Troubles]

After Jisoo's father dies, she is forced to live with her abusive stepmother. She meets a kind and beautiful girl who helps her through all of her troubles. What will happen when Jisoo starts having feelings for the girl?

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I Need You | BAE x Reader

A young girl, Y/n attended the concert of her favourite band, BAE. She wanted it to be the best and most unforgettable day of her life. But things turn out to be the opposite. It was an unforgettable day but not what she wanted.

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Let's Pretend • Thiam

"I need you to be my fake boyfriend," Liam repeated. Or, the one where Scott shouldn't have talked to Liam like he was fragile, Liam should have thought twice before engaging in a childish kind of revenge and Theo shouldn't have accepted to help.

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Our fate - BOTW AU

(TW: Sexual Assault, Eating Disorder) (Zelink fanfic!)Zelda never thought she would get a boyfriend never even considered the possibility but theres one boy she cant get off of her mind. [sorry im no good at descriptions lol] All the fanart i use for my book is not mine however i get it off of pintrest and sadly alot of people dont credit so i cannot find the original creator luckily i do have the original creator for the book cover it is @_yapsharlene and the cover art (the art im using) is from @Miyuki_fanarts

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Roses and dirty little notes on post-its

various moments from Theo and Liam's life together

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Glances // Lisoo 리수 [Complete]

~•[Complete]•~Glance/ɡlɑːns/Plural noun: glancestake a brief or hurried look.Started and finished: December, 2019

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Multiply [Lisoo, Chaesoo, Jensoo]

Jisoo is new at YG school. YG school is a boarding school for very prestigious students. Jisoo recently got a scholarship there. What will happen when different people start liking her?

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Atropos → george weasley

there is something strange about ottilie van der hoeven. george weasley wants to know what. [ george weasley x oc ][ ps - dh]

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A Bullet For You [Lisoo]

Korea has had a disagreement with Germany and troops are attacking. Women and men are forced to join the military as they are short of recruits. Jisoo and Lisa have both gotten a letter, forcing them to recruit. What will happen when they get on the battlefield?

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Too Late... // Lisoo

Kim Jisoo and Lalisa Manoban, one lives in South Korea, the other in Thailand.From a while Lisa often faints or blackout, finding herself dreaming about a girl, the same girl that lives in her dreams. The one that she sometimes hallucinate about. She's confused about why that same girl keeps tormenting her, showing her experiences and feelings, showing life through her eyes. It all started when she was 16 but stopped after some months, then at the age of 18 it all restarted. On the other hand, Jisoo is happy that she dreams about a completely different life of an imaginary girl. She started dreaming about her when she was 18 until at the age of 24 everything ended.Not only her dreaming but much more.Started and finished: January 3,2021

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i cant remeber all the ships soo i am here making this book so u can also know my ship and i can also remeber this ships and u also get new ships as some of my ships are not that popular so if i dont get enough photos and vediospart two of this book is out yup the series name is myships started~26-10-2021ended~5-2-2022i think this book will never end cuz i keep getting new ships

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Sweet Little Sinner

1, ฅ⁠^⁠•⁠ﻌ⁠•⁠^⁠ฅ Shoto's free hand came up to his throat, fingertips running over his sweaty skin."I thought you left me." Katsuki swallowed, hyperfocused on that hand. "How dare you leave me after I helped you out." Shoto's lips turned into a snarl, and that hand squeezed, not giving him a chance to explain.2, ฅ⁠^⁠•⁠ﻌ⁠•⁠^⁠ฅHe bit into his bottom lip. "Are you offering something?"Izuku chuckled. It was low and sadistic, the type of laugh that would make you weak in your knees when heard in bed. "Maybe I am." It wouldn't be the first time he slept with a guy he barely knew, but this felt a bit different.Izuku wasn't any guy, he was a man that could destroy him, kill him or put him in blissful pleasure. He held secrets too dark even for him. Katsuki was sure this man carried an unbelievable power in his hands. It made him all that more excited."Want to hear my offer?" The rough hand was lightly placed on his thigh, from where it moved up to his jeans button.TodoDekuBaku bookLocked in a cold and dark jail cell, Katsuki's days were slipping through his fingers like water in a river. Until one day, the iron door opened, and he got an offer he couldn't refuse.Half of his sentence in return for one risky mission. Katsuki was supposed to find an undetectable person.Together with his two soon-to-be lovers, he tries to unwrap the secrets of the underworld, finding the depth of passion on his way. Bottom Bakugou Top Todo/Deku ;⁠-⁠)

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Since I Met You (Sun x Lillie)

Sun is a Pokemon trainer that has just moved into the Alola region, and is ready to meet many new people and Pokemon! But, just as his adventure is about to start he is saved by Tapu Koko and meets... Her. For some reason Sun just can't stop thinking about her after their first encounter. There's just something about her that make Sun want to... Get closer to her.Lillie strives to protect her Cosmog, Nebby, but isn't even a trainer. She dislikes battles and isn't very trusting of new people. Despite that, a trainer she meets changes her whole perspective on trainers and battles. Lillie wants to be like him, she wants to be just as confident and outgoing as he is, she wants to... Get closer to him... Underlined words will be actual dialogue from the gamescover art by pomarrillo on tumblrAll characters owned by Pokemon/NintendoThe story will consist of highlights of Lillie and Sun's point of views and their interactions. This story will be taking story aspects from both SM and USUM aswell as the anime with some modifications to fit the narrative. I hope you enjoy!

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