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The Only Thing That Matters

One of my best works in my opinion, I'm not giving anything away, read it

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National Treasure

Charlie is the 19 year old daughter of Ben Gates. Together they're going on treasure hunts.

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Heaven and Hell Knows (5th book of Winchester Girl)

After accidentally releasing the Devil and his wife, your favorite band of Hunters, gods, and angels are back to fight, but when Mary learns two of her destines overlap, Kara learning she is meant to be the Devil's wife vessel, and add in a love triangle. Everyone wonders if Heaven and Hell knows what they are doing.

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Nothing Is The Same (6th book in Winchester Girl)

It's been half a year since Mary went to hell with Lucifer, Michael, and Adam. Now she's back and doesn't remember anything from Hell, but things are different. From Kara hiding ice powers, to Sam not having a soul. Mary sees nothing is the same.

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Nicholas Cage Fanfiction

Nicholas cage fanfiction

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Ashes Of Secrets (4th book in Winchester Girl)

It's been months since Dean died, Mary is living with Hades and Persephone living a semi normal life with only weekend and holiday hunts, Sam and Kara are M.I.A, and Ricky and Alison are living with Bobby. So when Dean is mysteriously resurrected everyone has secrets of what happened since being spilt up. Will everyone be able to keep the secrets or will they go up in Ashes especially with angels now being involved.

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π’π”ππ’π‡πˆππ„ β€’ 𝐫.𝐩

"I used to think maybe you loved me now, baby, I'm sure"What would happen if Ben's little sister Alexandra Eliza Gates tagged along. That's exactly what happened here. The 25 year old woman met Riley Poole in college and they became instant friends so when her brother asks for tech support she knows the exact guy to call. the 26 year old Techie Riley Poole who was all too eager to join the cause, but will tensions rise when he catches feelings for the little Gates girlStarted : 29-07-20Finished : 31-10-20{50,000 words}{#1 in National Treasure May 2021}{#1 in Riley Poole May 2021}{#1 in Nicholas Cage May 2021}[DISCLAIMER - I don't own any of the National Treasure characters this is just a fanfiction. Only my own separate plot points and Alex belong to me]

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Get The Girl [h.s] AU

Valentina, daughter of an Italian mafia leader sent out to be protected by Styles, a tenacious and irritable twenty-six year old, riddled with past demons and anger issues. Watch the truth unveil, all the while dealing with a love triangle, mood swings and toxicity.-started: JUN, 11, 2018-finished: OCT, 29, 2018-[This story and it's sequels are being highly edited]I do not condone violent/toxic relationships, this is mere fiction.

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National Treasure: unraveling secrets

Alexandra Hamilton Gates or "Alex" is an 18-year-old girl who thought she had a normal life a normal mother who works two jobs to provide for them both but she doesn't know is that her biological father is Ben Gates. Alex sneaks out and ends up finding Ben but she gets caught in a situation that she ends up stealing the Declaration of Independence and she learns secrets she never knew about her family secret's that are unraveling.

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Hatching Eggs (A love story)

Danny has always been a strange boy. Now that he's all grown up, he can dig deeper and explore his quirks. Some of which involve eggs. And Nicholas Cage.

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nick cage vtuber debut

nicholas is an uwu catgirl vtuber

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Consequences III : Of all the Things to Enchant

Consequences - the game where we write a short story by passing it around a table. Each person takes it in turns to write a line. To make it more interesting, they can only see the line before theirs. Everything else, including the start of the story, is hidden until the writing is over and the paper unfolded.Our Fantasy writing session began with the phrase "Of all the things to enchant it had to be..." Among the things our writers chose to enchant in their short stories were: a screen projector, a pastry bun, a swarm of bees, and even the freaking sky! And many more.

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my national treasure (jimin x nicolas cage)

nick cage brings jimin a lovely surprise 😍you won't believe what happens next 😱😱😱😱

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Nicholas Cage Adventure

Follow Nicholas Cage as he sets out on an adventure to find the dankiest of memes and destroy it before it takes over the meme world. But can this meme be just what Nicholas needs to fill the void in his heart that was made after the God-awful Wickerman movie he starred in?

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I will be putting my fanarts and memes of | When the Mob Villain doesn't want to Die | by @Nihil_Est_Scriptor hereThis is my gift to you, Nihil (⁀ᗒ⁀)

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Kristen Bell Does Her Taxes

Kristen Bell has an exciting residency down at Macy's doing ballet for her eager fans. But one day when her private bus driver fails to take her to work, Amanda Seyfried's butler, Amy Adams, shows up and informs her her life is in danger. What will Kristen have to do to get back home and finally get to do her taxes?

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Once Upon a Mildred

Mildred has had a hard life. Death, war, and sharks have torn apart her family, leaving her alone in an orphanage. But when she finds out that her father might still be alive, she sets out on an adventure that will change her life forever.

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Superman Lives

Superman Lives is a movie project from the 1990s with Nicolas Cage portraying the role of Superman. The script was written by Kevin Smith and was to feature Brainiac and Lex Luthor as the villains.This was may be a little bit bad but that was on purpose kindaCASTNicholas Cage as SupermanSandra Bullock as Lois LaneChris Rock as Jimmy OlsenKevin Spacey as Lex LuthorChristopher Walken as Brainiac

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The 2022-2023 Film Journal Entry #22:

The twenty-second entry of the 2022-2023 Film Journal brings a comedy I missed out on last year, "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent". Here, I examine the film's strengths and the distinct meaning in the lost art of films that are simply fun for fun's sake.

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The K.E.E.N.O.S

Unfinished but contains meme cannibalism and pirates

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New Good, New Evil (7th book in Winchester Girl)

Everything is back to normal, well as normal for the hunter gang, with the walls in Sam and Mary's mind breaking and seeing the devil and his wife they're going slowly crazy, throw in Castiel and Marina the new gods and releasing the Leviathans who Crystal has a shady past with. The only good thing is Reece and Evelyn's relationship. Soon all the hunters are seeing the new good and evil in everything they are up against.

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SEQUEL TO AN ILLEGAL LOVEThings for Jaime and Donald are going perfect. That is, until rumors begin to circulate, a series of near death experiences occur, and Donald's hidden ex, Nicholas Cage, appears. Drama ensues. What will happen?

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(?) x reader !ONESHOT!

ever wat to read random x reader stuff?No?Well to bad beacuse i did just that!!!!!!!

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Basic Info About The Miku Modules Part 4

Part 4 of my Miku module headcanon book series.

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