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Cómics y imágenes yaoi undertale

Hola :U

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dork of the night

what happens when you meet Donatello hamato

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Jadi Napasku ....

"Terbangun secara tiba-tiba sebagai arwah yang hilang ingatan, pastinya lembar catatan berisi pertanyaan tentang masa lalu serta penyesalan merupakan hal yang mendampingi hati dan pikiran setiap harinya. Selayaknya tugas sekolah, beberapa kali sempat terpikir untuk menyelesaikannya, karena mungkin aku bisa pergi ke tempat yang sering diceritakan kakek buyut jika mereka sedang berkunjung. Tapi aku sendiri tidak menyukai tugas sekolah, jadi lembaran pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu masih kosong jawabannya selama tujuh tahun."

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Napaść z bronią w ręku

- Muszę powiedzieć, - ciągnął dalej Snart - że mi się to podoba. Ty bezbronny, zdany na moja łaskę, nie mogący przede mną uciec.Tłumaczenie Aggravated Assault autorstwa Sandrine Shaw (Sandrine). Część 3 cyklu Złap mnie, jeśli potrafisz

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Canadian, Please! (A red velvet pancakes fic)

Red velvet pancakes, fluffy (a little bit smutty) boyXboy. ((Usually updated daily!))

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which colour thing does my gacha character look best in


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read if u want

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subway surfers

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Positively Inlove In A Possible Man In A Possible Reasons

Positively Inlove In A Possible Man In A Possible Reasons is a fiction story, all names, places, and events happened or mentioned in the story are only created from the imagination of the author.It is a story about falling inlove while holding on its possible reasons on how to end it. I created it because I believe that every events or happenings that came to us has a possible reasons and its in our hands, on how we end it either a happy ending or a sad ending etc.

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Jowa ko sa RPW, may ari pala nang university na pinapasukan ko


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Maya city

"What happened if we back to play our favorite online game that we haven't onlined for years? Meet Gavin, a 15 years old nerdy-schoolboy who loves to study came across an unexpected situation that make him stuck on his new foundly game. What is going on? Is something new occur to him? Will his behavior change? Can he go back to the reality? Let's find out in this mysterious and fantasy adventure together with Gavin!

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My Bad Boy

He looked into my eyes like he was seeing diamonds for the first time in his life. I didn't say a word while my heart was beating more than usual. My breath was caught in my throat as he was leaning in.His lips brushed against mine... -------------------------------------Anna Winters is not an ordinary girl. She thinks that she isn't special in any way. She's smart but she isn't a nerd. She has a good amount of friends but not too much to be known as popular. Braiden Hunter is the Bad Boy of New Hope's High School. He's not only a Bad Boy but he's rich and has practically everything that he could wish for. He's also known as the player of the school that uses girl and throws them out like they were just an old accessory of his.What happens when Anna gives Braiden a car ride to school one day? Parties, flirting, food fights, video games, beaches, and lots more that they both didn't expect.Will they just remain as friends, enemies, or will love interfere...

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I Don't Mind

Short and sweet poems about Lillie's life journey.

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Cartes a la Carme

Història per a creació literària.La història és un seguit de cartes que la nostra protagonista li envia a la seva amiga de la infància Carme explicant-li com li va la vida sense ella.

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The Only Child

own story

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"I will always be your fangirl"- kenzie

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epic drawing

self explanatorylook if you want idc

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why im taking a break from wattpad

if anybody would like to know :)

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pretty boy

Dylan is a 15 year old boy who catches every bodies attention. He shows nothing unique to the public eye, although everybody wants to know him. He has been kept away from everyone but is mom. That will change soon..

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Kalendarium Naruto

Jak sam tytuł wskazuje, będą tu daty urodzin postaci z uniwersum Naruto

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A short story about popcorn

a story about poping corn

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Gabi na naman

Walang literal na pagtatagpo ng mga puso. Walang literal na pagmamahal na nabuo. Papaano mo masasabing mahal mo siya kung wala namang pagkakataong nakatadhana sa inyong dalawa?

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Spider Vein treatment|Napa Solano Plastic Surgery

Many people are bothered by unsightly facial and leg veins. Commonly called "spider veins, " the medical term is telangiectasia. This is a benign condition appearing as we get older. There are many causes, most of which are not serious. The IRIDEX IRIDERM® DIOLITE 532 LASER is a quick, safe, and effective way to remove facial spider veins. The INMODE VASCULAZE® LASER can be used for larger vascular lesions such as angiomas and port wine stains, as well as spider veins of the leg.

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Delilah Rose

“Hey there Delilah, how's it like in New York City”

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Sorin puts herself in a contest to hang out with a Got7 member.She wins the contest and ends up getting to know the real Mark.(in this story Mark is doing things he wouldn't do in real life,like being rude to others.) Find out what happens with Sorin getting to know the "real" Mark from Got7...Completed

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