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Teasing (JoshxMully)

Made this because I have been wanting to write a JoshxMully story for ages. Anyway, enjoy!

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Secrets - JoshDub X Mully

"It's josh- he's my best friend..right- we are just friends. Not like I liked him like that.." Mully thought to himself, trying to convince himself he didn't like Josh In that way.Yep...josh x MullyWhat can I say- I'm a sucker for them- By owner 1 (Gaege 🍣)

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Mully x Josh (Lovestory) ✓

Since the boys wanted more wholesome storys... here is mine of Josh and Mully. Prologue:Josh and Mully feel different about each other after the second fanfic video and a hard time began for the both of them.

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Joshdub x mully :)

Josh will be... the bottom lets gooo

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Josh x Mully Book


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Josh&mully~ #gay

(I only did this because I'm bored ) bottom josh/top mully

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~Some fucked JoshxMully book~

Re writing this, it's going to take some time but shouldn't take too long I think? I LIED IM A LAZY BASTARD! Sorry!

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Mully posted a photo of him and Eddie and caption "Eddie always refuses my love" and I wanted to make a fanfics on it

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Mully x Josh (bottom Josh x Top Mully)

This is for entertainment purposes only.

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It's just a bunch of random stuff I wrote about the boys mostly Josh and Mully

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mully x reader

this is my first x reader sorry if its cringe i tried you are also living with mully as a "roomate"! i absouloutly love Mully he is super funny and sweet! anyway enough simping lets dive into it!

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Worthy (a Mully x oc story)

What was only supposed to be a couple weeks stay in Australia turned into a couple months because of the pandemic. Caroline Gibson didn't know what she was going to do with her time in the land down under, she didn't know anyone there.Mully found out about Juicy's sister and offered to check up on her every now and then but what he didn't expect was to slowly catch feelings for the older Gibson.

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mully x josh dub

alert alert this is going to be some gay shit!!!!

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Mully x josh❤️

The boys where hanging out narrator and eddie where playing games and juicy where watching josh and mully where just talking with eshother they all had a great time. Mully and josh likes to flirt sometimes but they just do it as jokes. That what everyone think they really like eshother bit dont know how tell eshother that.

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Mully X Narrator and the Third wheel JoshDub (DISCONTINUED)

What happens when Mully is turned into a girl. Narrator instantly falls in love with Mully, but Josh also falls in love with Mully. So Josh will screw up Mully and and Narrator's relationship. At any cost. This will include adult content. 17+. And if you don't like the MullyxNarrator ship. Don't read it you f*cking c*nt.

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Mully x Joshdub oneshots

I decided to write oneshots about Josh and Mully bc I have no life

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mully x josh

i wrote this because i was bored and because i just read an Eddie X Juicy fanfic

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Mully x Joshdub one-shots

I don't even know anymore..

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Hidden feelings (JoshxMully)

Josh and Gaege are dating but a shocking event takes place causing the two to split leaving Josh in a bad state. Mully and Narrator try to help him get through with Mully hiding his feelings as best he can.

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Joshdub x Mully

This is a story about my two favourite Youtubers,Joshdub and Mully.If you haven't heard of them go check them out on Youtube.At the time Josh has a girlfriend but starts falling for his best friend.

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mully x Josh cringe shit

get ready for some drama and some smutty shit here

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Fell in love with the rich boy (Josh X Mully)

This story is about a boy who falls in love with the rich boy (whose dad is one of the richest guys in New York where Josh and his family have moved to) I hope you guys enjoy this and my ears are open for any ideas!

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MullyDub Fanfic

This story is about mully x josh:)(THIS IS A SHARED ACCOUNT! Owners: Allo(me) Vex(My bestie)and this was made by me/alloEnjoy!

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❤️~Josh x Mully~❤️

(Help me people I love are reading this) A story of 2 friends who turn into lovers (I am not saying that I would like them to date Irl )

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