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Uglydolls •°•A change of heart•°• /2/ Lou x Moxy

With Moxy in Lou's grasp, nothing could get in the way of what Lou wanted...Moxy for himself...Now that everydoll knew that they were 'dating' this was only the start of Lou's plan. Not only that he wanted Moxy all to himself, but he wanted Moxy to depend on him... to be obsessed with him as he was with her.But Tuesday seems to be brewing up a plan herself... with the help of Ox too?Will Lou and Moxy's 'relationship' survive? Will Moxy truly love Lou? Or will Lou succeed in forcing her?Enjoy!

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Foxy x Mangle :3 oh in my version of Mangle she is a girl ( might include sexual content ;D)Pic Belongs to yiffpirate from tumblr

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Fangle/Moxy (Foxy x Mangle)

Mangle loves Foxy, and Foxy loves Mangle. They love each other, but what obstacles will get in their way of love?(I DID NOT MAKE THE COVER) :)

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The Ugliest Truth [UglyDolls fanfiction]

After the Ugly dolls arrived in the institute of perfection and changed everything, Life hasn't been the same for Lou, he was now hated, and lonely. Stuck by himself because he kept thinking nobody wanted anything to do with him. What will happen to Lou? Read to find out.

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For about a year now Freddy's Pizzaria has been standing. Now, a new Pizzaria has opened up across the street. There are new animatronics. When Freddy and the whole gang decide to investigate

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Our Moxy

already discontinued this trash of mine - but feel free to still read some of it o

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The Ugly and The Prototype

Lou regrets everything he did, and since his defeat, his feelings for Moxy starts to change. The only problem is Moxy has a boyfriend already but to Lou, he is no good and looks like he wants something else from Moxy and it is not love. Lou thinks he can be a better boyfriend especially when disaster strikes and these two must team up to save Uglyville from the forces of evil.Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES, THE SONGS OR UGLYDOLLS ITSELF. ok, some of the characters are OCs of mine like Flick aka Moxy's boyfriend, and Happy Puppy who is UglyDog's little brother in this. Some of the scenes may have some dirty jokes and gory graphics so read at your own risk.

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Child's Warmth (Uglydolls Lou Fanafiction)

"Holy doll, I screwed up..."

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Dancing on my Own {Sans x Reader} Dancetale

Why don't you read and find out? *eyebrow raise*

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The only boy joining the girls of Beauxbatons at their voyage to Hogwarts is named Draco Malfoy. Beside from looking after the girls, he also displays how talented a French student can be at both magic as seducing the unannounced 4th Champion of the Tournament, Harry Potter.--Disclaimer: I don't own anything Harry Potter. My Mother language also isn't English so please excuse any mistakes I made.﹛Papillon; means butterfly in French﹜Noticing that there aren't really any long Beauxbatons!Draco fics out there, I decided to create my own. I don't really know where it will lead to yet, but I'm sure it'll become an interesting project to write. I enjoyed writing this first chapter and I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much! A tip to make this fic even more enjoyable is to read every sentence Draco says with a French accent; I'm 100% sure it'll be super cute and fun, haha! I will make up a lot of Beauxbatons things that aren't 'canon' to make the story more interesting. Also, I'm not really a smut writer but we'll see where this will go... It will mostly be written from Draco's perspective but perhaps I will throw in some Harry here and there to explain his feelings better! There will also be quite a lot of French in this fic but nothing too difficult; anyone with a basic knowledge will understand and otherwise Google Translate will be your best friend! Also, my French reading is better than writing so if I make any mistakes in French, be free to point them out and I will happily adjust them!I originally published this fanfiction on Ao3, but decided to share it on here as well!Comments are always welcome!

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Uglydolls •°•A change of heart•°• ♡ Lou x Moxy

What is perfection? Ha! Only Lou knows as he is the most perfect doll alive! But his perfect dream is crushed when... ugh... the uglies arrive at the Institute of Perfection. He wants to get rid of them, he wants to crush their dreams. But something changes when he gets a bit... obsessed with one of the uglies.He does want to leave her side, he hates it when she's gone. He lays awake at night thinking about her and her cute optimistic personality. He never wants to take his eyes off of her.But... none of the pretties should know and they must never know about his obsession.Moxy should be his... and only his...Enjoy!

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helluva boss Yandere

Max dare a human who was taken by demons as a kid taken by various demons over and over for different reasons but now he's 17 and they are back

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Uglydolls One shots and drabbles

Story ideas that I have no idea where to go with them or cute one shots that I've written.I don't own uglydolls or anything that may have been used to inspire these stories.

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A Pain I Want In My Life

Saved after being taken prisoner by his father to marry his old boyfriend, Moxxie has been given a desk job by Blitzo, until he can retrain himself to be a bad ass hit man for I.M.P. once again. He reluctantly agrees, thinking his hardest task will be missing the action. Really, it's surviving Loona and her mixed feelings about him.

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Demon dinosaur

Gray was experimented by mad scientist at a government ace by who turns people into dinosaurs, wakes up in hell after being shot being called a failure experiment

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The Crossover (Star Wars, Marvel Universe){completed}

Star Wars universe, meets the Marvel Universe, how do things go down? do they think of each other as Enemies? or allies? how will they cope with their different powers? Until there was a threat, and the Avengers are forced to work with the Jedi to defeat this threatThanos, Sidious, and Darth Maul.A Jedi, falls in love with someone she ends up meeting on Earth, who? that Person she thinks is force sensitive, is he? how does she know? read and find out. (Warning, this does have some romance with Marvel and Star wars characters mixed, if you don't like that then you don't have to read, i just thought it would be much more interesting When Marvel characters fall in love with star wars characters) (I post a lot, since i have really nothing to do in my free time so i may post multiple times a day, once a day, it varies.)(Long chapters) (it doesn't go exactly like end game, but some stuff is sorta the same, dont come at me for changing the plot of endgame 😭)(DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MARVEL OR STAR WARS CHARACTERS, BUT I DO OWN MY OWN PLOT SO IF YOU WANT TO USE IT PLEASE PM ME TO GET MY PERMISSION DO NOT STEAL THANKS)

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A Taste of Death (Vampires x reader)

His cold hand caressed my face. "Tell me, my dear... how would you like to be crowned my bride, Queen of Roystature?"《~》"Cara Mia..." he whispered lowly as if he feared the very air would hear him. He would kill him for just laying eyes on me, but there he was...doing so much more...

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Is It Cliche To Start With Dear Pilosopotasya?

A reader's letter to an author.This is not a story.

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Two dolls in love (moxy x ox)

(I'll be post soon) after the event of the movie ox starts to have feelings for moxy but doesn't know how to tell her.enjoy

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Dean Ambrose [Jon Moxley] One Shots

One Shots about Dean Ambrose [Jon Moxley].If you have a request, please let me know.WARNING: Some of this stories contain subjects that may trigger some viewers, if that's the case there will be a warning at the beginning of the chapter.(X) - Read the trigger warnings at the beginning of the chapter.(S) - This chapter contains smut.

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Minato X Reader

Then I happened... Something clicked between you and the great Fourth Hokage

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Re:vale MomoxYuki (angst/fluff)

(Contains some depressing topics so be warned, and to clarify, I have never played the game so I might portrait some things differently. Only watched the anime)Story plot: Yuki and Momo have been a couple for over a year, rarely fought and never hid anything from each other. But suddenly Yuki seems depressed and rarely spends time with his juniors and Momo. Of course Momo is worried about Yuki and always tries to cheer his boyfriend up. But Momo learns something that makes him doubt Yuki.Edit: this story was #1 in in the idolish7 tag!I do not own Idolish7 or the characters 🌸Story status: Hiatus < original. picture link

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💙 | I need you! | 4X | 💛

There will be no Smut because i am innocent ͝ ꒦꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ͝ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ͝ ꒦꒷̥꒦ ͝꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ͝ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ͝ ꒦꒷̥꒦ ͝ ꒷THANK YOU GUYS FOR 968 READS!Just a reminder that i'm working on these story's so please be patient, it would help me focus more.

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<*COMPLETED*> UglyDolls- Dear Sister

OX always tells Moxy about his little sister, and that she reminds him of her, who's apparently on vacation. Moxy was puzzled, she remembered nothing about OX's biological sister, and has never heard of her in her entire life. Curious, she yearned to find a solution to this problem. Can she find 'Moxy' at the end? Is 'Moxy' even... well- real?

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Mangle x Foxy | | Mangled love

Foxy is a crimson red fox. He used to be ignored in the old Pizzeria just because the kids thought he was scary. But after the Bite of 87 , all that changed after he met the toys and another certain Fox...

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(Foxy x Mangle book 1) Mangled Love

*Book 1*Mangle and Foxy are in love. Chica is in love with Foxy too, but Foxy secretly hates her. When Chica hurts Mangle, Foxy gets really mad and tells her exactly what he thinks of her. Chica gets really upset and angry with Mangle. Every day, when Foxy isn't with her, she hurts her. Soon, Mangle is all broken and Foxy fights Chica. But Foxy gets hurt! And Mangle is about to be killed.... Will Chica learn her lesson? Will Foxy save Mangle?

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