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you're my type of scary johnny worthington x reader

she arrived to a college with her small goblin like friend, Micheal Wawzowski. you meet lots of people but the one person who stands out is.. johnny worthington, he was amazing in every way. and extremely charming, but he is just a friend... right?

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Monster University | Johnny Worthington X Amy | My OC β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ–€πŸ€

Amy is a Half Yokai and Half Demon. Her parents abandoned her at the alley when she was a baby. They learn she's emotionless and we're disgusted by her birthmark. When she grew up she was now in Monster University. One day a monster who find interesting of her with love. Will she ever have her emotions back? β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ–€πŸ€

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Mike's Best Friend

Brooklyn Redwing is the childhood friend of Mike Wazowski. They do everything together since they have known each other since they were in diapers. When they go to Monster University they meet tons of new monsters. But when they have to show their teacher their roars everyone is terrified of Brooklyn's roar. It impresses Johnny and his team.

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Johnny Worthington x oc

Mike Wazowski adopted sister.

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β€’Monster Universityβ€’ Johnny Worthington x Reader

(Y / N) a legendary creature who will run her new life at Monster University. She and Mike have been friends since childhood. but there is one monster who loves her secretly.How does the continuation of her new life with Johnny Worthington, the greatest monster in the campus?

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Monster University || James.P.Sullivan ||

*NEW STARTED 24/07/21!**PUBLISHED 28/07/21!*Rena Dubra was a Devilous monster, with wavy long red hair that trickled down her tall, slim furred, purple figure. Her first university experience was definitely a roller coaster, this is her journey with a certain monster.James P. Sullivan love story.

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The Glamrocks & MOC β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ€ŽπŸ–€πŸ€

Just some of my OC and Me even some short stories β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ€ŽπŸ–€πŸ€

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MU With a ZING!

Marian Dracula is going to Monster University with her friend Mike where they plan to become top scarers. However can the daughter of Dracula handle finding her zing in the most annoying monster and what this Scream Queen got to do with it

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Johnny Worthington x Werewolf! Reader

Idk what to put here. Made this way to late

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boo first love [human world/monster world-monster university,monster inc

boo was born as a inner vampire but not human but her powers are cool but so then when she was a baby she had a Halloween birthmark on her arm and so then she got her cloak when she was 4 years old and begin training for years as a warrior of darkness but when she goes to school in the human world they always tease her how she looks[or whatever but inside her she is a monster] she doesn't care but she defeated the bullies from bulling her and so then until after the years of high school more humans doesn't believe in monsters she is all alone in the human world and until at the MU she met sully and mike in the monster world and they accept her for who she is and but met johnny and become a boyfriend to her but he is a jerk&cheater of ROR and mike is a known it all[teacher pet] and so then sully&boo become friends and but felt in love with each other and they live happy ever after

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Taboo University

A group of students plan to enroll on a school that far away from the town. They were excited to enter that school. But the excite fades when they found out that the staffs of this school have a deep secret.They fear into death after knowing the school background. This school offers an exam. A deadly exam you can't emagine.Passers will survive and the rest will die...This group promise' No one will left we all survive.' Are this group would survive in this place that the people in it hunt them and eat them? Would they all gonna die? Or the teamwork rises and they will comeback in the outside world alive.?A story of friendship, hope, love and sacrifices...

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The Last Shadow Witch

My body sank down as water ran into my body through my nostrils and mouth. I hanged on, keeping my eyes open and hoping for a miracle. A glowing form dived into the water, swimming down to me with the speed of lightning. His ginger hair floated in the water, dancing like a mermaid's waves and sparkling at each sway. He looked like an Angel, my beautiful guardian angel.____Marinette Karnowsky, a nineteen years old whose life is a typical bed of thorns and needles. Struggling to get through college on her own, battling with abandonment and abuse, she still pushed on. It all ends when her beloved older stepsister returned and carried her to her home, a beautiful house in a mysterious town she never heard about. Marinette is surprised to learn that her beloved sister is not so human and the town, a place no sane human would want to go to. While still trying to absorb the new information, she meets her sister's gorgeous best friend, the male she can't help but be attracted to even if she knows her sister might harbour feelings for him.Marinette realised that she must deal with the not so normal attraction to the jovial golden boy, the boy whose connection with her is deeper than what she ever imagined. And with a deep secret buried in her new college and connecting the lives of her, her sister and all around her, she has more to deal with than an unbreakable attraction to her fire head prince.

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Monster university rp!

i watched the movie 50 times already and i love it!!Please roleplay with me...

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Johnny Worthington's Love Story

I know he was a big jerk in his college days. But hey, he needs a happy ending too.

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Short story series - Alcoholic

Sonia from Eta Hiss Hiss loves to drink alcoholic beverages and she won't listen to the others . Then something happened made her attitude changed . There are also two new characters : Karen , the wolf like monster and Phoenix , her mysterious black cat . ( There are only two chapters , cause is a short story )

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The Marauders: Year Five #Wattys2017

The witches and wizards at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry are gripped by fear - fear of the Dark Lord, fear of political unrest, fear of passing their O.W.L.s! After a long summer, James and Sirius have taken it upon themselves to bring comedic relief to the castle -- and it's up to Remus (and his new shiny Prefect's badge!) to keep them in line (yeah right)... But it's not all fun and games about the castle as the Marauders discover there's something mad about the new Minister for Magic -- and it's up to them and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix to set things right!

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My Oc Book

please ignore this i'm using this for a roleplay :) and roleplays later on.

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Fighting her instincts to protect her freedom

Unlike most werewolves Ariel isn't looking forward to meeting her mate. To her, mating would mean giving up her most important possession: her freedom, and she's not about to let that happen. Instead, she wants to spend her life travelling, having adventures and never having to answer to anyone. However, since nobody can outrun fate forever, she does meet her mate and then her heart is torn. Her free spirit and her instincts collide, and while she tries to find the right answer, she travels, meets new friends, paints passionately... and find herself in the middle of a war between packs. The enemy hides its name while it leads a veiled war against her pack. As the war intensifies, Ariel's courage will be tested.

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Los amores más duraderos son aquellos en que uno de los dos amantes es extraordinariamente celoso. Frase de Mariano José de Larra.

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Murder Time Trio+

Dust/Murder+ having enough of his guilt and distanced himself completely from his dusttale destroying it and killing any and all versions of dust and murder sans that exist.Killer+ realizing the only good ending he experienced was utterly fake and would keep being corrupted by chara or being controlled by nightmare completely snapped his soul transitioning into phase 4 he began to assasinate every killer sans that exists and doesn't exist.Horror+ after experiencing trillions of aliza's reruns made him think back to the events of the villains sans squad event. That's when he realized countless other versions of himself existed meaning infinite horror tale timelines and infinite copies of the horrortale universe. Horror than began making a machine that drained the remaining magic from both monsters, the underground and the barrier this gave him the magic and LV necessary to travel to them and consume all of their residents. Horror+ was happy he never would go hungry again.Insanity+ Grew bored after the player had given up on this world and there wasn't any other monsters or anything else to kill for that matter. Eventually insanity's IQ came back and he realized what could quell his boredom he started to take more determination drugs. Not only did he upgrade this determination drug to bring all his lower attributes up to the level of his higher ones but he kept getting stronger and stronger but eventually the determination extracted from the 6 human souls no longer granting him and meaningful increase at this point. So he began experimenting with his teleportation and ended up in other undertale:insanity timelines killing both the insanity sans and absorbing the soul of each determination soul of player. Eventually he did this too all universes and timelines with one to this very day.And a 5th unknown individual.Their opponent? Harmony!Chara/Corruption!Chara from the godverse.

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The Villainess Will Obey Her Destiny? HELL NO!

Previously known as- The Villainess Won't Back DownIn her previous life, Selene lived in hell, and when she finally tried to escape from it, she was killed.She thought that was the end, But Fate had other ideas and she got another chance to live.But -She transmigrated into the body of the unfortunate who shared her name and had a terrible ending too. But Selene had no interest in meekly following the plot's flow especially since this was her second chance to have a life she dreamed of."Hmph, so what if I am the villainess? I just don't have to follow the villainess's steps, right? Let's see if that stupid plot can bind me to that god-forsaken fate of hers."And so, she set out to correct all the missteps the villainess had taken, along with avoiding all the death flags in her way to having a happy life, even if it meant the course of the story getting strayed because of her not playing her given role.Everything was going according to her plan but then she realised that there were things not going as she had expected to-"Don't worry my dear little sister, big brother will protect you!"The guy who is supposed to hate her suddenly started acting all brotherly."There is no other person more special than you, you are the one."The second male lead who is the loyal dog of the heroine in the novel is clinging to her."Sister in-law, if brother isn't treating you well, you always have me."Even the male lead is starting to act weird.Not to mention the heroine." You are the best." *Jumps on Selene*...Isn't she the villainess? Aside from this, a separate trouble is brewing in the dark as Selene realised that the world she read in the novel was not as simple as she had thought. Would she be able to solve all the problems and have the life she wanted?Read and find out!Hi, this is my first story,criticisms(constructive) and feedbacks are always welcome.*Pictures in this story are not mine and belong to their rightful owners*

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A Book With Random Stuff

This is just a book where I do random shit. Pls don't expect it to be good

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My Hero Academia: Eclipse

A peaceful era is over the horizon as the heroes of the UA and agencies joined hands to save Eri. The young Eri may have been freed from the hands of the brutal and heartless villain Overhaul, but she is still captive in his embrace that plagues her mind. Even with the recovery and peace that follow thanks to Deku and company as they rehabilitate Eri... someone has done the worst. Messing with time is bad enough but traveling, stealing, robbing, and killing among the multiverse is a crime that alerts the gods. A new enemy is near, and he is very similar to the young hero that would have become the number one hero in his world.Now, corrupted and poisoned this new enemy became a monster and donned the armor of a true berserker to wreak havoc as he pleases. The gods will not let this pass as the eyes of strong fighters and villains alike have also taken interest in the world that would be plunged into an all out battle to decide the fate of that earth. Will it be saved by the heroes of the other universes that have come to its aide or will the dark forces consume the Earth of Universe 389 in its entirety-?

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The Time of the Titans

A story about immortality is inevitably a story about mortality. A million years after the devastation of Earth as we knew it, mankind is given an unlikely new chance, by a space-drifting alien race of the titans. Except that they aren't actually alien.Mikael Corvin is a graduate student in a university town in Central Europe. Through his girlfriend Helena, he gets involved with the work of an enigmatic Institute, led by the futurist and philanthropist Xavier Landorf. However, before Mikael can experience his newly found happiness, he dies in a bicycle accident. Yet he, too, is given a new chance. A new life, a mission, a floating paradise, and a distant dream of an island. But this is where things start taking a very different course.When Mikael finally finds his island, he also finds out that the world is not what he had previously thought of it, and the strange youngsters on the island are not who they first seemed. Eventually, Mikael might even find himself, but to reach that end, he needs an entire journey, which always seems to be only in the beginning when a new turn again derails him.

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