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MMZ Marriage Miracle

Again am writing second story on Ardhika. This story plot is love after marriage if you wanna more about the story give a trial 2 d story. #4 replacement 16/01/19#4 Ardhika 16/01/19#3 Manmarziyan 16/01/19#3 MMZ 18/01/19#3 replacement 29/01/19#1 replacement 06/02/19# 2 Ardhika 08/03/19# 3 Radhika 08/03/19# 1 MMZ 25/04/19# 2 Radhika 13/03/19# 1 Manmarziyan 25/04/19# 3 MMZ 24/08/19 With love Mitsubishi @FathiIshi

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Genya X Ukura (OC)

~ Hi! In this story you will be looking through Sanemi's, Genya's and my OC {Ukura's} POV.~

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A girl is kidnapped and brought into a whole new world. What will be the most she could get out of all the craziness? Her life? Or an undying love?

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On My Mind {Suspian}

Slowly, she folded the letter from her sister. Her mind overflowed with thoughts and her blood burdened with envy. She was conflicted with mixed emotions. She knew she had left an effect on Caspian but she hadn't realised it had been so strong; She also knew he had left an effect on her; Occasionally, he'd appeared in her dreams. They would dance under the incandescent sky and intertwined their hearts with every-step. Their laughter was like symphonies to deafened ears; Gently, they would dance; their eyes wouldn't leave each others until the sun kissed the dawn and made the horizon a vast array of reality. Only then would she wake up and feel empty. -- It's been a few weeks since Lucy, Edmund and Eustace returned from Narnia. Susan is in America with her mother. She has made a new friend but something is missing in her life. Lucy writes Susan letters monthly, except this time Susan wasn't expecting to read what she saw. Especially not the letter she received from someone who wasn't Lucy; but someone she loved just as much.Became #5 in Pevensies, #1 in princecaspian & #1 in Suspian #WATTYS2018 • Cover by @tomlinsay •

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South Park Highschool

Kyman in highschool (Smut warning)(Cover art not mine!)

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When you see us walkin' the streets of Brooklyn,New York just know that we might be females but we're the trillest you'll ever meet.We claim the crown of being royals.It's only 20 of us but we roll together as the first official female gang know as the Brooklyn "Lordes".

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Tammzz Graphics

A portfolio for my graphics, in which I showcase my cover contest entries, as well as other designs.Welcome to my humble abode, where I detail my graphics processes. If you are a beginner then my in-depth explanations may be useful for you. If not, then enter anyway and leave feedback on my work. I love constructive criticism.Date started: 24/09/20191k Reads: 13/11/2019~7-month hiatus ~2.5k Reads: 3/07/2020~5-month hiatus ~5k Reads 20/02/20216k Reads 11/04/20217k Reads 21/06/2021~ 8-month hiatus ~9k Reads 17/04/2022R A N K S#3 - Entries (03/10/2019)#8 - Design (17/08/2020)#1 - Graphics (21/11/2019)#3 - Designing (17/08/2020)

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Kayıp Dünya

"Lara onları bana bulacaksın ve intikamımı alıcam.""Söz veriyorum Efe onları bulup intikamımızı alıcağız.""Çok dikkatli olucaksın Lara söz ver.""Söz veriyorum Miraç."

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Phone Texts /Dnf/

Where Dream needs notes for science, but texts the wrong number without noticing; and george tries to tell him. Eventually, they become friends.-- And maybe more...TW: swearing, injury, implied sexual themes, bullying,**First story so please don't attack me if it's bad#7 - karlnapity//Feb. 13, 2023#1 - karlnapity//Feb. 17, 2023#35 - dreamnotfound//Feb. 28, 2023#9 - dnf//March. 1, 2023#35 - sapnap//Apr. 6, 2023#3 - karlnapity//Apr. 9, 2023#29 - minecraftyoutubers//May. 9, 2023#1 - skephalo//Jun. 6, 2023#3 - dreamnotfound//Jun. 6, 2023#1 - skephalo//Jun. 10, 2023

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The Boy with a Starving Secret. {COMPLETED}

Daichi has been hiding a secret from everyone for two months. at the same time his attraction towards a certain sunshine has been growing. but now his body is letting him down and getting him exposed. Hinata has thought Daichi was acting different from when they met. he was determined to find out why and besides he would get to hand gout with him. what will happen when Daichi's secret gets out?will Hinata find out what's going on?and what will they boys do when their feelings grow to strong to ignore?

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Snowy Nights (in which crimes ensue) // a bedrock bros story

techno snatches tommy and keeps him at his house[takes place before dream escapes prison]

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A girl out of time

I was taken at age 24 so that they would have something to motivate my brother with when he failed a mission. I was experimented on as his punishment. Those experiments gave me the powers I have today. After I disobeyed orders they did both the best and worst thing ever. My brother escaped before he knew. I was left alone with only one thing left for me to do. I had to get out and protect her at all cost because shes the last thing I have. My name is Jazmine Winnie Barnes and this is my story. A story of escaping HYDRA, protecting family and a girl displaced in time.

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𝓦𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓫𝓸𝓻𝓷𝓮 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 | 𝚅𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚒 𝚡 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛

' ' 𝒞𝒶𝓇𝓇𝒾𝑒𝒹 𝒷𝓎 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓌𝒾𝓃𝒹, 𝓉𝑜𝑔𝑒𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝒶𝓉 𝓁𝒶𝓈𝓉 ' ' Torn apart during childhood, meet again 8 years later. Changed souls, will their love last?**A Genshin Impact Modern AU**posting almost every wednesday

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Draco is in love with Harry. But he'll never admit that, of course. So when an unexpected turn of events leaves them both speechless, Draco is left to rethink everything.//Not my characters, obviously////All hail queen Rowling//

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Letters to Thursday (TheWeeknd)

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I WANT TO MAKE YOU MINE ~Taehyung fanfiction(ff)

(18+)A young heartbroken rich CEO (Taehyung) who is now scared of attachments after a painful breakup, starts liking a young girl who works at a cafe- read the full story to find out about these two and will the rich business man ever be able to find true love?Original writer - thvxpvtThis ff includes 18+ scenes (no age restriction but read at your own responsibility lol :p)©This is a piece of my original content so if you want to use it please give credits and ask for permission©

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A Dark Dance (A Fire Emblem Awakening Story)

"This is not your - your fault... Promise me you'll escape from this place... Please, go..."That fateful day, Robin gave in to Grima and left her family behind. Lucina, Alex, and Morgan - the next generation - were left with their aunt, Lissa, to grow up without their mother and father."Please try your best to stay away from Grima and if I am still live, me. I fear you will learn things that could possibly tear the family apart."Now they are thrown to the fray, but who will they choose: their family or their homeland?#1 in fire emblem awakening on 11/30

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Not So Fairy Tales

Fairytales, twisted and changed, where love can be an enemy and magic can be bad.

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(not) over you

-eng-°johnjae- we can't call it love- maybe we do♡Bg version》 @-MIGOSBIASED-

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Y/n a 19 year old streamer moves into an apartment building in texas looking for a new life away from there troubles before...

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The Replaced groom

Radhika all set to marry saral while sitting in mandap radhika was called by jhansi ki rani by the groom.she is hell shock becoz its not saral voice but her khadoos boss's Arjun Mehra ki awaaz (boss voice) what will happen when groom replaced.#1 MMZ Nov 2018#3 Ardhika 10/01/19#1 Ardhika 12/01/19#3 MMZ 12/01/19#6 Radhika 12/01/19. #1 Radhika 29/01/19#1 MMZ 02/02/19# 4 Nesam 11/02/19# 3 Manmarziyan 11/02/19# 1 Radhika 04/03/19# 13 Replacement 27/03/19 # 1 Radhika MMZ Manmarziyan. (27/03/19)# 3 Arjun 09/05/19# 4 Replacement 31/08/19#1 MMZ 31/08/19# 4 Radhika 31/08/19# 3 Nesam 31/08/19

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MMZ: Noir

It's just a little thing i did for a ship tbh

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