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Pokémon Journey Through the KANTO REGION!

Pσƙéɱσɳ Sҽɾιҽʂ: BOOK 1Meet Yuna Destiny Mew Ketchum, a young girl who has big and amazing dream and goal to achieve and complete in the World of Pokémon. Yuna starts out on her journey as a Pokémon Master and to Travel Around the Mystery World of Pokémon she lives in.Read as Yuna, family and her friends enter the exciting world of traveling in the Kanto Region, meeting New Friends, Rivals, Discovering Hidden, Unknown and New Placed and Criminals that has bad intentions.Added: Smart!/Calm!/Strong!/Understanding Pokémon Speech!/Fem!OOCAsh, OC!little brother, Strong!Pokémon/ Different Regions/ Pokémon/ Shiny/ Rare/Odd/ Legendary Pokémon/ Pokémon Tournament/ Competition/ Contests!/ OC or Fanart Pokémon & Mega Evolutions♥ Alain x Yuna x Volkner ♥ I DO NOT OWN POKÉMON/ POKÉMON CHARACTERS OR ANYTHING RELATED TO THEM/ POKÉMON OC FANART! I DO OWN MY OWN COMBINED/ FUSION/ CODE BATTLES MOVES! I DO OWN MY FEM!OOC!ASH AND ANY OTHER OC'S ADDED IN THE STORY.➜ Re-written of Luna Mew Light Series

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Blue And Grey [COMPLETED] • mistikenigma

I just woke up one day, at the age of thirteen, the demon inside me is way more stronger than before. The demon inside my head talks a lot and louder than before. I fed him with flattering words and fruitful thoughts from people that when my downfall came, he grew and ate me instead.-Started: December 31, 2020Finished: February 26, 2021TAGLISH

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Texts | Justin Bieber ✔️

Another texting fanfiction bc they're popular and I know y'all want another

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The Journey of Fate

Its a story about a boy Ash ketchum, who became the best of all in every field from the start he will be the very best. Its an ash x harem story. pokemon is Not owned by me its owned by Game Freak and Nintendo

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Pokemon........ A Training Start (Pokemon Watty Awards 2013)

Ash and Pikachu along with Cilan, and Iris travel together to a new region where Ash runs into a lot of old friends and rivals. Ash finds himself learning more, but this time its not just Pokemon he's learning it is about his own heart he learns about.

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*FEATURED STORY* As Judge for King Asgore Dreemurr, Sans has seen a lot of strange stuff. But when he wakes up with the feeling that something is completely wrong, he decides it's time to investigate with the only monster who could know what was happening: Royal Scientist W.D. Gaster.

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People say teenage love doesn't last forever.But is this really true!?If the Teenage love lasts it is the most beautiful feeling in the world because not only you grow together but also you are beside them during their ups and downs. This story is about 4 people who get unintentionally in love with each other.What will happen if the north pole and south pole meet?Will their love last forever? Every character has a beautiful bond with each other.Tap on 'Read' and get to know about their chemistry and what ups and downs they go through.↦ 𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐘 𝐁𝐘 @wanderlustt_ff ✿𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐃- ✿𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐃- (Going on)DO NOT REPOST MY STORIES IN ANY PLATFORM EVEN WITH CREDITS.IF YOU SEE ANYONE REPOSTING IT ANYWHERE PLEASE LET ME KNOW.DISCLAIMER- This story is based on fictional characters. Do not take it seriously.

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𝓟𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓶𝓲𝓼𝓽í𝓼 (Wilbur/Dream SMP x Reader)

COMPLETED Polemistis- a brave warrior.Y/n has spent her whole life fighting in the colosseum as a champion. Her sponsor is none other than the Green God. But when she meets two brothers who tug at her memories, she decides she wants to go home. Wherever that may be.

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Discovery on the Orange Islands - Pokeshipping

Following Ash Ketchum's victory against Trovita Islands gym leader, Rudy, Misty is left to wonder why she still follows the Pallet Trainer around. However, when trouble strikes in the midst of their journey, Misty finally comes to terms with her emotions. Pokeshipping aka a Pokemon shipping/romance fiction.

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milk. | tbz nyukyu

it all started with a carton of milk. . . and changmin's screeches.‹ 🍮 › 더보이즈 큐뉴 | x↬ completed :: short story★- 7.21.19 - 9.30.19

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üçüncü göz:LANET

ilk kitapda nazlı laneti yok etmiş ve mutlu bir hayat yaşamaya başlamıştı ama yıllar sonra lanet onunla tekrardan iletişime geçti ve nazlı laneti bu sefer tam anlamıyla ortadan kaldırmaya karar verir ve tekrardan lanetin peşine düşer

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Manan ff: True love (completed✅)

what happens when suddenly your forgotten past comes in front of you again same think happen with manik who lost his memory in a accident 10 years ago but now he is happy with his wife what will happen when his past will come ... lets wait and watch sorry read ....I will update this story on every:-Tuesday, Friday and Saturday Published date: 21July 2020..Finish date: 21 Aug 2020....

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Optimistic Black Hole

Awsten and Otto fall in love through Twitter.

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violeta. | tbz sunkyu

- ❝ how do you say 'fuck you' in flowers? ❞ ‹ 🍮 › 더보이즈 선큐 | k.sw x ↬ completed :: short story★- 10.26.19 - 11.02.19

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[✓] Eyes - Dreamnotfound

[COMPLETED]Nov 22 2020 - Nov 26 2020Dream eyes can change color base off his mood. When George and Sapnap decide to head to Florida to vist Dream. Will they figure out Dream's secret or Dream hides his feelings from George till the end of the trip(THIS BOOK HAS BEEN REPOSTED ON TEENFIC.NET ILLEGALLY IF YOU ARE READING THIS OTHER THAN ON WATTPAD IT HAS BEEN REPOSTED WITHOUT MY PERMISSON SO PLEASE READ IT OVER ON WATTPAD) Dec 9 2020 - 100 readsDec 10 2020 - 200 readsDec 10 2020 - #75 in eyesDec 11 2020 - 300 readsDec 11 2020 - 400 readsDec 12 2020 - #54 in eyesDec 12 2020 - #90 in greamDec 14 2020 - 500 readsDec 14 2020 - 600 readsDec 17 2020 - 700 readsDec 19 2020 - 800 readsDec 22 2020- 900 readsDec 24 2020 - 1k readsJan 2 2021 - #33 eyesJan 3 2021 - 2k readsJan 6 2021 - #26 eyesJan 10 2021 - 3k readsJan 12 2021 - 100 votesJan 18 2021 - 4k readsJan 26 2021 - 5k readsFeb 2 2021 - 6k readsFeb 8 2021 - #14 eyesFeb 9 2021 - 7k readsFeb 15 2021 - 8k readsFeb 15 2021 - 200 votesFeb 22 2021 - 9k readsMarch 2 2021 10k readsMarch 2 2021 - #12 eyesMarch 6 2021 - 11k readsMarch 6 2021 - 300 votesMarch 11 2021 - 12k readsMarch 17 2021 - 13k readsMarch 24 2021 - 14k readsMarch 30 2021 - 15k readsApril 3 2021 - 400 votesApril 7 2021 - 16k readsApril 14 2021 - 17k readsApril 22 2021 - 18k readsApril 26 2021 - 500 votesMay 2 2021 - 19k readsMay 10 2021 - 20k readsMay 21 2021 - 600 votes

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incorrect idle.

#SHUHUA: honestly, fuck y'all.incorrect quotes from (g)i-dle.STARTED : 10062019FINISHED : ???credits go to the owners.

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Vivi Misti - Book 5, The Porth Kerensa Series

These are the stories of the residents living in an old art-deco apartment block in Porth Kerensa. All of them have secrets and regrets they're hiding. All of them want a happy ending.

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incorrect fromis.

#SEOYEON: stop clowning me, you little fucks.incorrect quotes from fromis_9.STARTED : 09302019FINISHED : ???credits go to the owners.

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Skulduggery Pleasent: Reversed

**WARNING THIS STORY AND DESCRIPTION WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS OF DEATH BRINGER AND OTHER MORE RESENT BOOKS**Valkyrie froze. She wanted her Skulduggery back, she wanted the friend that she knew. But, she couldn't, she wouldn't deprive him of his life. Sure Skulduggery always said that the life of when he was living was behind him and Skulduggery never gave any indication that he wanted to have his flesh again. Skulduggery always said that he wasn't worthy. But this Skulduggery, he hadn't committed any crimes as Lord Vile. Valkyrie clenched her fists. She had no right to change Skulduggery back for her own purposes.

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A fun little hangout turns unreal when Inkopolis' greatest stars call upon a certain batch of players for help! The threat the game is fighting may have been more dangerous than they thought, nearly costing them an aimless wanderer and friend.•••This story is split into two parts: - part one involves more of the description - part two is a little interrupted recovery story and attempts to include more ships•••This story is about Jaymoji, Fyrus, GGGabrielGaming, Viantastic, Failboat, Etcesona and Octoboy, but it focuses on Jay and Fyrus. The main idea was the ship between them, but it comes more into play near the end of part of one if that's not what you're up to reading!•••This was fun for me to write and read back! I hope you enjoy!

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Anxceit Highschool Au

Virgil is an emo with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD. He goes to a new school where he's suspicious of all the people being nice to him and they all try to unlock his tragic backstory. He seems closer to a certain boy though...!Story cover isn't mine!This story will contain Tw such as cutting, mention of abuse, mention of bullying, mention of suicide, and more. I warned you.Angst and fluff.

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Love on Open Waters. A Solby Fanfic

After finishing one of the most epic tours ever. The roommates are each given 2 tickets for a 2 week cruise. While on said cruise Colby starts to gain affection for his Sam. Not wanting to ruin there friendship he keeps quiet. Until one very eventful evening when everything changes.Disclaimer - Strong Language - Sexual Content- And very sporadic updates( Because my life is a jumbled mess 😀)

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G/t one-shots

Some short one-shot stories about g/t.

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Read the title dumb dumb(jk jk)

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I THE SCENTS: Bloody Chocolate

This is the first volume of the girl to girl romance collection book of The Scent.She's gorgeous but strongShe's mysterious but deadlyShe's something else yet bloody irritatingThat's what Frizabelle Chris Marshall thought when she met her very irritating mate who happened to be a vampire, Celestial Ceres Langford Aspire. Even she wanted to runaway or stay away from this vampire, she couldn't resist the fact that they were mates.Her Bloody Chocolate irritation to be exact.(Try it and enjoy reading as well; do comment to help me improve. Happy reading ^^,)KINDLY...DO NOT STEAL ANY NOVELS YOU'VE READ YET BE INSPIRED FROM THEM because you'll never know, YOU'RE ALSO A WRITER WITHIN ^^All rights reserved©[You can read the collective version of this story under the title of I THE SCENTS since there's new characters, new chapters and new inserted story along the way. You can check I THE SCENTS on webnovel under my MistIris pen name ^^]

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