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Guardian Angel (MCD Laurence X Reader)

Y/N is a guardian Angel. She has watched over people ever since the age of 15. She is a descendent of Lady Irene. One day Y/N is instructed to watch over the Casanova. He lives in Phoenix Drop. She has 3 weeks. She needs to protect the boy and the village. She needs to fight for her and their lives. She needs to stand by him.Main Song(s)= Stand By You Rachel PlattenRise Katy PerryWhen I See You Again WhizTitanium (IDK)Fight Song Rachel PlattenAnd More...

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Can You Kill A Monster Without Becoming One?

When Harry comes into his inheritance, secrets are revealed. While Harry's whole life gets flipped upside-down the esteemed Headmaster figures out how to get his precious weapon back under his thumb. Why has Voldemort been so quiet this summer? What is going on?Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter as it belongs to JK Rowling, nor do I own the rights to the picture on the cover.

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The End of the Line

A short story about, a young girl named Violet fell in love with Bucky Barnes 3 1/2 years ago. They both work at the Avengers tower, helping out on missions.

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The French Fry Guy

Second book in the Fast Food series. ~~~~~ He liked French fries. She worked at a McDonald's. What happens when the two meet? ~!~ I took this picture from the internet. Credits to the one who originally drew it. ©bookbabere, all rights reserved.

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A Deadly Mystery

After the strange passing of his grandfather, Caleb goes to find out what exactly happened to him.

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Aphmau's MCDS In Amine

Want the title sases

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Bangkang Papel

- A NashLene One Shot (February 2018)

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- A NashLene One Shot (January 2018)

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Aphmau's Divine Secret (Aarmau)

"You can hurt me all you like" my body weak, my voice croaked out the words."APHMAU!" My friends shouted as I stumbled."But when you hurt my friends" I said while walking towards the shadow gang."Aph" I heard Aaron faintly say."That's when I get mad!" I shouted as a white light engulfed me.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Aphmau is a popular girl at Phoenix Drop High but not the good kind. She is bullied every single day but that all changes when she melts them.

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Aphmau Love's You Garroth

Everyday I think of him the one that saved my life, I couldn't believe I nearly died and he saved me just in time it was like he was like my princ coming to save me

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The boy of the CDs (English Translation) AU

In which Harry is a 16 y/o boy with a social disorder and Louis helps him while selling him CDs.****This story belongs to @HeHasBlueEyes big fan of her work.*****

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Things You Don't Know About McDonalds

I was an employee of McDonalds. I worked for Golden Arches for almost two years and know everything bad that happens. Employees can be hateful, disgusting, and very lazy. Here are the reasons I quit my job and wasting my money and time on McDonalds and why you should too.

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Por qué ella es DIFERENTE, por que todo es DIFERENTE a lo que parece.

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He just fenin..- Ddosama

Ddosama only want one girl .

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Emerald Faye | Garroth Ro'meave

" Just because I was raised a Faye doesn't mean I'm any less human than you. Or that I can't fight my own battles." Alex, lord of the Emerald Faye, a group of mystical humanoid creatures who used to live in a dimension connected to the normal world. When the Emerald Fayes local prophet says it's time to leave their dimension and join the rest of the world, Alex ends up assisting the people of Phoenix Drop

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Shattered and Lost.... {COMPLETE} (MCD X Reader)

I'm Y/n, or you might know me as Y/n the Demon from the Jury of Nine. Since everyone left or got killed, Ivy became in charge and I'm main messenger. I've been cursed so I can't love, taken away from my family or my family was taken way from me, and lost all of my friends and one person in particular. Time to get my revenge.......

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2 fathers, with few sons of there own...! Histories of there lives and different beings to tell...!Now you veiwers enjoy this book about fathers...!Also anything I say is not like in DreamSMP this is a fanfic and also it will not be the same as the real people's age...|Start: 4/1/2021||Finish: Discontinued|

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Mcd/mystreet X reader one-shots

Hi. So on my previous fanfic, I asked what X readers you wanted so I'm gonna make them all one shots but I hope you still enjoy anyway. (I guess I'm calling it completed cuz I'm not gonna write anymore lol)

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The Family I Needed

Charlotte has been living with Donald and the triplets a few months after being saved from the streets and has remained in the same spot since her arrival: the couch/kitchen table. She's lied there for months, curled up in a ball and not saying a word to everyone else. Donald and the triplets have tried everything to get her to hang out with Huey, Dewey, and Louie, to get her to talk to them, even if it was for a little bit. Nothing changed. They soon figured out that no matter what they do, Charlotte won't budge. So, they decided to leave her be, talking to her every once and a while and keeping her company, fully accepting that Charlotte won't talk to them until she is ready. That is, until they arrived at McDuck Manor. *Book 1 of 3 *Scrooge McDuck becomes a father figure in this book*This is a work of fiction. This is not canon*Book cover is by me. Do not steal!*I don't own anything except for Charlotte

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Aphmau OneShots X Reader (Discontinued)

(DISCONTINUED)In this OneShot Book, you will be able to request PDH, MCD, MYSTREET, and Estorra. I will be taking requests and at the end of each chapter whom ever you all want the most, will be in the next chapter. I hope you enjoy!! And please don't be afraid to leave a comment on who you would like, or some idea you would like me to implement into the OneShot. I thank you all for reading, and I'll be seeing you soon in my chapters.

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ShraMan || Love, Unconditionally

A collection of one shots, Two shots and short stories on our beloved ShraMan!▪︎OS~ Soulfully Connected [edited]▪︎OS~ McDs, Midnight and Magic [edited]▪︎Drabble~ I think I'm falling for you

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Shrek x Ronald McDonald

A beautiful tale about two soulmates who were brought together by fate.

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⚠️TW: abuse, starvation, blood ⚠️ ~complete~

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"you bring me to my knees"

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Ag McDaniels Imagines

This is going to have some smut and maybe some trigger warnings and im sorry cuz im nof vary good a t writing

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