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-Skins Imagines-

(editing)I hope you like my imagines! Characters added: Cassie Ainsworth, Tony Stonem, Rich Hardbeck, James Cook, Chris Miles, Maxxie Oliver, Freddie McClair, Effy Stonem, Emily Fitch, Sid Jenkins, Luke, Franky Fitzgerald, Mini McGuinness, Naomi Campbell, Nick Levan, Anwar Kharral, JJ Jones. Highest Ranking: #574 In Fanfiction (sept. 10, 2016), #73 in Imagine (jan. 9, 2019) Imagines contain spoilers, read at your own risk. Please do not copy anything from this book! GET ORIGINAL I do not own skins or its characters or anything from it

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Promise To Stick It Out

i suck at this description thing.

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Church | Klance

"This is so wrong, we can't do this.""Then why does it feel so right?"In which Lance McClain is the pastors son.Started: August 19th, 2020Ended: September 22nd, 2020

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Wolf Pup

Luna Dunbar, Liam Dunbar's three year old adopted sister.

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Klance: It's all Pidge's Fault

Set in high school, Voltron never happened... Keith attends an all private boys school. He's been struggling at not getting into trouble, and his brother Shiro is concerned. Keith is on the verge of getting expelled when he gets a choice... Either get expelled and disappoint his brother, or be Juliet in the school play. Guess who's Romeo? 😏

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Black and Blue

The McClain family practically owns most of the town of Bickertill with their exuberant amount of money. Their first born son, Lance McClain, is loved by all at Bickertill High School. Every room he walks into lights up with happiness. Keith Kogane is the loner of the high school, living a lower middle-class life with a loving and supportive father. After being grouped up for a science project and a heated night, the two boys find themselves growing closer. Keith desperately searches for information about Lance's family, but doesn't like what he finds.^Lots of Fluff + smut^**Rated Mature for: sexual content, potentially triggering depictions of mental disorders-including the topic of suicide, mature language, abuse**

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"What happened in the past doesn't have to define who you are here. Understand that."

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The Color of Death is Blue

The finest assassin in the country-Keith Kogane-and a pitiful boy with a deadly curse-Lance McClain-find themselves together due to an assignment gone awry. Now, with Lance in his custody, Keith is the target of every hunter in the city-including the biggest and toughest gang: the Galra.**Rated Mature for: graphic depictions of violence and gore, mature language, sexual content**

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Voltron Legendary Defenders Picture Book

What the titles says.

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"Lance! You're awake! Finally." A woman with dark skin and extremely light blue hair exclaims, relieved. An unfamiliar alien appears, pushing pst the other paladins.Her dark blue skin and white horns stood out along with her vibrant green hair. "Mind explaining why YOU'RE the only paladin who got injured? And why YOU ended up in the medbay protecting my planet? What's with that, blue paladin?""....who are you..?""What?"||Klance Memory loss AULance angst Slow burn !!!

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The Road Trip

Five friends go on a road trip that turns into an adventure that none of them will ever forget!3/23/20#1 in China Anne McClain

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I Will Rescue You.

*BASED ON TEENWOLF THE MOVIE ENDING*Scott calls Stiles to update him on what all happened; that the Nogitsune escaped thanks to Harris. Harris! Their freaking chemistry teacher who hated their guts - mostly Stiles'. Allison came back Void and remembered nothing, only that she must kill werewolves. (Specifically Derek). But to not worry because Lydia screamed and it gave her the memories she had lost. Scott told Stiles how Derek Hale sacrificed himself to save not only the pack but his son as well. Who knew Derek had a son? Definitely not him. The Nogitsune is dead once and for all. He would never hurt anyone ever again. Stiles races back home, he can't lose Derek, Eli can't lose Derek. Stiles will bring the wolf back even if he dies trying. ✋🏽Get ready to see some familiar faces since Jeff Sucks!✋🏽(I'm bad at bios, sorry)

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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Part 1|| LK Adaptation

She was originally a puppet of her family. Pursued by the police for being a business spy and hitman, she was betrayed and fell into the sea.When she opened her eyes again, she had turned into an ordinary high school student. Because of a disgraceful birth, she had been crowded out by her relatives. Because of inferiority complex and antisocial behavior, she was bullied by her classmates.But now she is no longer someone who acts timid. Cheat her, and she will break your bones.She possesses formidable Jade pupils capable of seeing through walls. Other people have difficulty breaking through jade, their sight for antique is based on gambles, but she only needs a look.An undertaking begins as she creates legends in the world of business.Once upon a time, they laughed at her poor and destitute state. Now looking at her net worth of 10 billion, it can't be explained.To the relatives that come to hug her thighs, she must apologize: "We broke off relations long ago, so get lost!"_________________________________I didn't own this novel and I'm not the translator of it. Credits to the rightful author and translator.

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Lance's True Appearance

Lance McClain has orange hair and freckles, but after an incident from his past, he covers these features up with makeup and hair dye. What happens when the paladins do a mind-melding exercise?Some langst, but happy ending.-blue

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Voltron x Reader | One-Shots & Preferences

Ever wanted for Keith Kogane to yell, "I cradled you in my arms! We had a bonding moment!" At you? Or maybe treat yourself to a face mask with Lance Mcclain. Go ahead and twiddle with tech alongside Pidge Gunderson? Be called 'Space Mom'? Well here's the place for you!Characters:- 🖤 Shiro- 💙 Lance- ❤ Keith- 💛 Hunk- 💚 Pidge- 💜 AlluraRequests Open!Head canons/Preferences and 'X Reader' One Shots!۰۪۫U۪۫۰۰۪۫p۪۫۰۰۪۫d۪۫۰۰۪۫a۪۫۰۰۪۫t۪۫۰۰۪۫e۪۫۰۰۪۫d۪۫۰ ۰۪۫e۪۫۰۰۪۫v۪۫۰۰۪۫e۪۫۰۰۪۫r۪۫۰۰۪۫y۪۫۰ ۰۪۫S۪۫۰۰۪۫u۪۫۰۰۪۫n۪۫۰۰۪۫d۪۫۰۰۪۫a۪۫۰۰۪۫y۪۫۰ ۰۪۫a۪۫۰۰۪۫n۪۫۰۰۪۫d۪۫۰/۰۪۫o۪۫۰۰۪۫r۪۫۰ ۰۪۫M۪۫۰۰۪۫o۪۫۰۰۪۫n۪۫۰۰۪۫d۪۫۰۰۪۫a۪۫۰۰۪۫y۪۫۰!

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Anything For You ~ Klance au

{COMPLETED}Keith Kogane is a kid with a sad past who's been sent to a boarding school, where he meets Lance McClain. Little does Keith know, Lance McClain might change his life. Just your typical highschool au because I'm trash for this stuff and Klance.this is my first fanfic and will be full of fluff!✌I hope you enjoy!

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The Human Mate

Rochelle has moved multiple times after her mother's passing due to her father's suffering of his loss. After finding a new job in the city of Black Forest, Colorado, Rocky has yet to endure another new school, new town, new life. But something about this town seems a bit different than the others. The people at her school speak in a different manner and they seem to have this aura as if they are different themselves. Inhuman.As Rocky is pulled into a mystical world of werewolves, she never once dreamed of finding out that she is not only the mate of a werewolf, she is the mate of the soon to be Alpha.*Completed in 2013*Copyright © 2013 | All Rights Reserved | Amber McClain

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Miss Hale | A teen wolf fanfic

"If Karma comes, it would come like a bitch.""You know what, Fuck you.""You already have."

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"I kissed a girl and I liked itThe taste of her cherry chap stickI kissed a girl just to try itI hope my boyfriend don't mind it"(CAT VALENTINE x OC FEM!)VICTORIOUS - SAM AND CAT#1 ranking in Cat Valentine#2 ranking in Nickelodeon#7 ranking in Victorious

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"girl you know you the shit, Balenciaga's on ya kicks." [SEASON 1][VIVEK SHAH][©-Voidaleclightwood13][Cover by Allyriadaynes]

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Rivals (Klance)

•High School AU•Lance McClain and Keith Kogane have never gotten along. They've been rivals since kindergarten. They funny part, is that no one knows why they first started hating each other, not even them. After a revenge prank, pulled by Lance, they both end up in detention. They bicker the whole time, only shutting up when the teacher comes back.Unfortunately for them, Lances parents are going out of town, and Shiro just so happens to be friends with them. They all know that Lance and Keith's petty rivalry needs to end, so Lance and Keith get stuck rooming together for two weeks.What could possibly go wrong?Or right?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Look! It's not bnha related! And I won't put it on hold this time! Crazy!

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I'm a Mess (Klance)

A piercing screamSilence. ..."L-Lance.""H-help me."Keith was captured by Galra soldiers on a mission. The team is growing worried. What are Zarkon's plan's for him? Why would he choose Keith when all of the Paladins were within reach?(Galra! Keith)

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Klance || Violated - Omegaverse

Keith almost kills Lance in an alley next to a host club, but Lance saves his own life by offering to buy him a drink.So yeHighest rankings: #1 klanceau #12 klance #2 keithkogane #4 Keith #11 vld #4 voltron #13 lancemcclain #51 lance

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Finding Love (Teen Wolf) Jordan Parrish

Jordan Parrish Fanfiction

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