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Tears of lonliness

Type Kanaut, only son of Wayo Itthipat and his dead husband. A loner, an outcast, a very insecure person. It is what Type is. He was not like this before but as soon as his mother Wayo Itthipat was remarried Thanit Itthipat he started distancing himself. His step brother Bright bullied him all his life and didn't let anyone befriend Type. His sister Anna and step brother Bright always occupied Wayo and this didn't gave a chance to Type to be with his mother anymore.Tharn Suppasit, a 26 year old billionaire and C.E.O of the Suppasit Industries is a freaking workaholic. He don't give a fuck about anyone unless it is his mother, Gulf Suppasit or his brother Win Suppasit. He only have one friend called Bright Itthipat.Gulf and Wayo had been childhood friends decided to marry their children as they grow up. As soon as Anna Itthipat youngest child of Wayo and Thanit Itthipat turned twenty they got engaged. But just a day before their marriage Anna went missing. When Tharn cane to know about it he became furious. He was worried if his mother will be sad. He threatened the Itthipat family that either the marriage will happen or the Itthipat family's business will be ruined the very same day.What if Wayo asks Type to marry Tharn in place of his sister? What will Type do? Will he say yes to make his mother happy like he always did or will he say no?Peep in to know more:)

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This is my first writing and it is a Ateez Mingi fanfiction. First, English is not my first language, so please try to understand my way of writing 🤗.I hope you enjoy this story and give me good reviews. I'll keep updating, so give me your kind opinions to improve.

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Content with Lonliness (Tayley)

Hayley and Taylor set off to London to visit Jeremy, his wife Kat and their daughter Bliss. But things have been tense between the two. Will a week in London help mend their broken friendship or will Taylor's girlfriend come between the two?

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Apology for Lonliness

Based on true events, slightly altered to hide identity, location, and for a good storyline. A love story between two teens as their relationship comes to an end. Their tale flashing back through each other's minds as loneliness consumes them.

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♾🌈🕊Darkness Meets Lonliness🕊🌈♾

A lesbian love story between of two beings that were never meant to be. (No smut all fluff)

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Read between the lines from a man broken heart thing can come.when some is lonely things are done

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every time I sleep I have feeling that I am sinking deeper and deeper

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Follow me with the loss of my Dad. This is a essay I did for my English 79a class. The topic was write about something that Changed your life and what you learned about it.

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Lonliness Has An Ending

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one glimpse of marriage of loneliness and its master.

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Shane's Lonliness

Sitting in the bar, Shane thinks about his feelings about Jules while being constantly pestered by women.

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An Ignorant Lonliness

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Truths, Lies and Lonliness

For everyone who feels the way I do.

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Lonliness Immortality

Tis a letter to all, about what immortality is like

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Innovation of lonliness

The persona of this poem is a 12 year old girl who is comparing her life when she was 6 years old back when life used to be an interactive environment and now when everyone is just on their gadgets all the time and the good times become nothing more than pictures on screens rather than relived moments or enjoying the view outside the screen

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i wont leave you not like the others

Ok so this is a story about how I adopted the creepy pasta eevee loneliness and I feel really bad for it but not just cause of that but I love eevee and I find him op and most don't but in my pokemon games eevee was a great pokemon on my team X3 also loneliness deserves a good ending so yeaaaah this is basically a good ending for loneliness and I havent broke my promise \(^w^)/ 5 years and yeah noo hate

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Lust For An Education

This is a true incident of a poor girl. Nothing much to tell just read the incident.

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The lonliness that bonds us (EngRus)(Short Story)

This is a request from @Kari_Kyung_Soon :D I got..kinda carried away. XD But im really excited about this one! I hope you like it! ^^The story begins with england chanting another one of his crazy spells. Instead of summoning what he was trying to summon, Russia pops out catching the Brit by surprise. Why was the russian so determined to stalk him anyway? What is the sercet that bonds the two together? And why did england not idmediatly kick him out the moment he appeared in his basement? Read on my friends, read on.

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mike wheeler's diary, 1984

i thought it would be kinda coolto like make what imagine his diarywould be when el was gone? anyways,enjoy.

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Destiny( Two Or Three Short )(complete )☑️

if you need him fate won't let you loose him, fate will bring him back. it may not be soon; but he will come back This is story about swasan. For more information peep into story

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False Dawn

A love story, between Leah Clearwater and the girl she imprints on.

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Mixing Of The Bloods

This is the story of two lovers. Both were prince and were the salvation for their kingdoms. One of them was prince of light and other was prince of darkness. They were the descendent of light and dark It was determined that one will kill the other. But what will happen if they fall in love with each other. This is the story how they hide their love from the cruel world of gods, demons and angles who possessed humans and categorized human kind. But in the end what will happen......This is the also the story of suffering mankind because of Light and Dark and religions. They used us for their own filthy purpose. we are not servants we are the supreme creation. And now is the time to fight back and to get our revenge for our brothers and sisters who died because of them. Now the earth is stained with their blood and still is staining. This is the time of our awakening.If you are with me then vote and comment.

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Capturing the Prince

Some people travel for work related reasons, but while they are traveling on business they don't usually have to run for their lives?A prince runs into an average woman while running away from his capturers and starts to fall in love, but is it only him? Will this foreign Prince make it back home unharmed or will he be captured and taken away from everybody he loves?DO NOT READ FIRST CHAPTER WAS DELETED

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The Story Of Us(5SOS FanFic)(completed)

Cierra and Keri just want to get a few things signed by their favorite band, One Direction. When they take their secret route inside the meet and greet venue, they find something that will ultimately change their lives. For better? For worse? You'll have to read to find out!

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