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Linked universe group chat

What happens when you put all the Links on a single Group Chat well read to find out. The art doesn't belong to me I also don't own any of the characters in this story credit goes to Nintendo. There will be other characters from Botw and Oot in it too besides the Heroes Of Hyrule. And the Zeldas

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Too young to be this Wild (linked universe)

How would the linked universe be if wild was younger and started guarding princess Zelda at age 8 and was in the The Shrine of Resurrection at the tender age of 11? How will Wild respond to meeting new links?Has cursing#1 in Linkeduniverse#1 in LegendofZelda (I do not own any legend of Zelda characters)

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Some place New (Linked Universe)

The Links meet Wild in this big new world. What will happen? Will they all get out alive? Most importantly will i finish this?

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Linked universe - One shot

Oh wow! A book about the Links!I hope I will actually finish this one... one day ;-;Linked universe :3 ... yay?Mostly about Wild cause he's our favorite wild child uwuI write a lot of angst, sorryAu created by Jojo on tumblrCover from Jojo on tumblr tooAlso, I'm so sorry that I'm not updating often, I always write chapters but I never feel like it's good so I don't post them, I'm sorry ;n; Best rankings:#5 in LinkedUniverse 2020-07-30#1 in breathofthewild 2020-10-08#6 in botw 2021-01-04#8 in zelda 2021-01-26#7 in zelda 2021-02-03#3 in zelda 2021-02-22#3 in LinkedUniverse 2021-12-29#22 in legend 2022-08-21 (wtf- out of 7.1k????)#69 in zelda 2023-07-17 (lmao funny number-)#69 botw 2024-07-24 (funny number AGAIN)

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Linked Universe Oneshots And Drabbles

Basically in the Titlle REQUESTS OPEN!I will do basically everything Lol just request

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Linked universe || Oneshots

A collection of oneshots from my AO3 account, some are about members of the chain bonding some rope in a gender neutral y/n. My personal favourite is 'The Piper of Krysa Hamlet', I'm really proud of that one!Follow Legend of Zoodles on Tumblr for more LU content. I hope you like my stories :)Started: 30/10/2022

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Linked universe one shots

These stories are shared between two people on the same account (sisters). There'll be slight warnings if it's a different writer. There'll be a lot of wild and sky focused stories because they are our favourites. Cover found on tumblr (og creator of linked universe)

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Into The Wild - Linked Universe

"Huh, a new Link then?"Your generic chain meets Wild fic (because I can't get enough of them)Characters are probably all gonna be at least a little bit ooc, but I'll try my best to keep their personalities as cannon as I canUploaded on Wattpad & Ao3Updates whenever I can, expect at least one-two chapters a monthLegend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo and Linked Universe belongs to Jojo

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Too old for this (linked universe)

To say he was too old for this would be an understatement. Link has lost everyone, died more times then he can count, fought every monster at least twice, defeated Ganon twice, and now Hylia wants to send him on another damned adventure. Yeah, quick question. What, how and why the hell?Do these other Links seriously expect him to go along with them?Basically: Linked universe but they find Wild 25 years too late so he's old now

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Linked Universe stufff

A bundle of random content that i have associated with Linked Universe and have proceeded to gather and stuff into this book, for YOUR entertainment. Ranging from cursed images to Stupid kid test answers, it'll be a wild ride. Note: Im updating old chapters with additional chapters, i cant properly post new chapters :)

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how linked universe met wild

Sorry if it's hard to read I have a writing disorder feel free to correct anything :) I do not own the legend of Zelda series nor are any of the characters mine based off of jojo56830 linked universes

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Random Zelda/ Linked Universe one shots

Okay I am basically a crazy person who copes by coming up with stories that are kinda (not kinda, completely) crazy and/or weird sometimes. It's a bunch of Zelda and Linked Universe one shots (obviously) so it will probably be mostly LU (Linked Universe) but sometimes BotW/TotK. I don't really know many of the others games soooo. Yeah. Also, I'm not exactly great at writing all of the Chain, so correct me if I get something wrong! Please! πŸ™

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Linked Universe incorrect quotes

Disclaimer- this AU belongs to Jojo on Tumblr. So does the cover.(Updates may be slow at times)

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Linked Universe Randomness

Um I just dump some random LU stuff in here when I feel like it. Headcanons, what if's, fan art and a whole lot of other stuff. Yup! Read if you have the courage.

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Linked Universe Oneshots

Oneshots with the heroes! Sort of just a random mix of whatever the heck I'm feeling that day lolThis is just for fun so it's not super polished or anything.If you see a typo let me know! If you have more general criticism to give you're welcome to do so kindly :)Updates happen... uh... time is relative, right...? Tbh this book is just a fun little thing I'll come back to whenever the mood strikesLinked Universe by jojo56830 on tumblr

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Linked Universe x reader connected short stories

Short stories that connect to each other about the reader who enters the Linked Universe and meets the group of Links.The short stories are about four of the Links: Sky, Wild, Twilight and Warriors.I did not create Linked Universe that credit goes to the tumblr user @jojo56830.Cover credit goes to the tumblr user @jojo56830.

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Linked Through The Ages: A Linked Universe AU

Hello! This is just a fun thing I felt like doing as a way of getting a much needed break from college, while also practicing writing(which couldn't hurt lol). I have no clue yet what this will entail besides this will be a Linked Universe fanfic inspired by JoJo's linked universe comic on Instagram and tumbler(I highly recommend checking it out) you can find her @linkeduniverse_au. She gets full credit for coming up with this concept(: I will say this- I am a huge fan of angst and fluff and lots of it! So I guess expect a lot of mental and emotional turmoil lol. I will also say this, the only games I've played have been botw and a little bit of Skyward Sword, so just a warning, I'll be learning about these boys just as much as you are. With that let's begin!(:

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Links and the City(Linked Universe AU)

The Linked Universe Chain finds themselves completely out of their depth when a portal drops them into a modern-day San Francisco night club where they end up crashing a Halloween party. Antics ensue. I do not own Anything from the Zelda/LU universes. Rated T for language, genre typical violence, and alcohol use.*current main project/obsession. I try to update regularly. My other stories are on a brief hiatus until Links and the City is finished, I'm sorry!! Please let me know what you think? I LIVE for feedback. :) *

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A Wild Reunion (a BOTW2/Linked Universe Fanfic)

It has been quite awhile since Wild had left the group infact its been so long that they've started to forget what his cooking tastes like but in a wild turn of events (pun intended) the group reunite for the adventure of a life time. (I am not sorry for my bad Puns)

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Zelda (And Linked Universe) randomness

Just a bunch of chat rooms, one shots, ask or dares.... etc..PS. They're all secretly connected!

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A New Type of Hero: A LoZ Linked Universe x MHA/BNHA Fanfiction

A universe needs their help. The other world run by her sister is falling, so she tells a few of our heroes to go into this world. de-aged. Armed with information, quirks based on their abilities, and a made up past solidified by new memories given to the universe, these heroes set out on a new journey. Welcome to My Hero Acadamia!OUR HEROES: Time, Twilight, Four and Wild!Linked Universe and MHA/BNHA don't belong to me. Linked Universe is an AU of Legend of Zelda which doesn't belong to me.

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This isn't Hyrule (Genshin x Linked Universe)

Due to an unfortunate portal mishap, the Chain is thrown into a world similar to but so unlike their own.They meet a wolf kid, a young girl with bombs, the scary librarian, and the bard that gives off an energy not unlike Hylias. Seriously, where are they?-----Not my first time writing but definitely my first time writing this many people when I have little knowledge about them. This has no beta read by someone else, I did my best.

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linked universe oneshots

a bunch of (a few) linked universe oneshots!requests closed for now, i don't have motivation, who knows if i'll open them again. sorry!i haven't played all the games, so be prepared for inaccuracies lmao(lowercase intended)

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Linked Universe Group Chat #2

More chaos with the chain and friends. Will update when I have the time. Also please read the first group chat book before reading this

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The Links in a Chain (Linked Universe Oneshots)

Just some Oneshots ( Requests open! )

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Linked universe one shots/ maybe headcannons? idk

I have absolutely zero inspiration for writing anything that isn't linked universe but I also feel like I need to write something that's not school, hence this. requests are open

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