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Simply Annoying//// Dramione

The war is over, Hermione and Ron are happily together, going back to Hogwarts for their 7th year with their best friends, Harry, Ginny, Neville and Luna. Unfortunately so is Draco Malfoy. According to Hermione, "he's always... just there," as people don't accept him back. Feeling bad for him, just in the middle of his isolation, Hermione becomes friends with him. As Hermione finds herself with Draco most of the time, Ron has time to himself. Feeling lonely Ron makes a huge mistake. And he doesn't know how Hermione found out but as he suspects, she takes it badly. Hermione leans her shoulder on Draco as she suffers...Read on!!!!All characters belong to JK Rowling!!

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"Taehyung is the definition of flawed art and Jungkook is rebellion."Jeon Jungkook is in his last year, studying to be a filmmaker. He's career focused, smart, responsible but restless. In a country as religious as Korea, he had no contact with homosexuality until a string of coincidences bring him and his flatmate, Kim Namjoon, into another group of friends.Kim Taehyung is part of that group. The "missing friend", living in Milan, Italy where he works as a photographer. As Jungkook discovers his story, he finds himself more and more drawn to Tae. When they meet... another path beckons Jungkook, one he had never imagined in his life.

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Lilium Green, a young 16 years old girl, meets an Elf King, Bastian who is more than a decade older than her.Despite all rules to be followed by Bastian, he falls in love with the mortal being...leading her to her downfall .Names : Age: Role:Lilium Green. 16. Female LeadBastian. 3000. Male LeadEdith. 16. Lilium's Best friendMr. Edward. 56. Lilium's TeacherMr. William. 47. Lilium's Father Mariyan Will. 36. Lilium's Late Mother Sinthiya. 4000. Bastian's Mother.

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Morning [A Harry Styles FanFic]

Lilian (Lily) Noel Rosewell, a young girl suffering a inescapable past, she moves back to her London after a terrible accident happens in Seattle. Her life is practically perfect, or that's how it appears to a green eyed curly haired devil. She tries to focus on school but the past she left in Seattle comes back to haunt her. Will she be able to overcome her worst fears or will she fail? Will the green eyed devil steal her heart or her innocence?

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Innocent [Ziam]

Liam is too innocent. Let's just say that. He won't kill a little ant even if the human race depended on it. Liam didn't see the Bad in people, he thinks that there's pure, and caring heart in everyone. Now with Zayn, well he's a different story.

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The Princess

Keira Camber lives a calm and normal life in Sausalito. She is away from the roayl scandals she knew when she was her royal highness Keira Gemma Chamberlain of Astoria. The onformation of her father's and brother's death spreads rapidly and turns her world upside down. Now it will be her resposibility to take over the throne and rule Astoria.

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SKAM moia chistoria - Łiliam

Chej jestem Destini jestem BAD GERL i jetsem w ganku NIEPODOBA SIE NIE CZYTACI

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Tales of the Unspoken

A normal day in the dorm takes a dramatic turn when management announces a visit. They have serious issues to solve and the truth must be exposed for the sake of the band and their careers.A dialogue-heavy tale that follows BTS and things which happened behind the cameras and flashes. The relationship between Jungkook and Taehyung is the main focus of the story. As this is cannon compliant, events start at the very end of 2017 (with 'the Dispatch scandal') and follow the entire team (more or less) in 2018.

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The Aisle

A story about a moment in a mans life

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The Yule Ball {Draco x reader}

please read you will enjoy :) (really short ik) You and Draco Malfoy attend the Yule Ball together, it being the highlight of your year and we learn more about Draco as a character :)

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Liam Payne sickflicks (Requests open)

One shots of Liam sick or hurt and the others take care of him. I don't do Y/N because it confuses me.

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Eyes Don't Lie.

Liliana Codina, barcelona striker. Laia Codinas younger sister."my eyes land on that girl on the bench."

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A story base on realityπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Eppur si Muove

This is the story of an ending. It speaks of snow, ravens and how the world doesn't stop spinning, no matter the tragedies.Edited and proofread by Michael Loubier and Katie Sandy - Smith.

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This story really have a lot of grammar mistakes but I'll edit it as soon as possible. So, if you are a grammar freak.. DO NOT READ THIS STORY. A 14 year old girl who used to live with her mother and step father was now gonna live with her 5 brothers whom she never had a idea about as her parents die in an accident. She was bruttually abused and taunt every single day. She is fighting with her own demons when she have to let in her brothers. Will, she tell her brothers about her past? And let them in? Or she will flew away from them? To know, make sure to read till the end and let me know about your opinion. (It has a really bad grammar)Killed - #1Abused - #1

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Second Chances (Brett Talbot)

Lily Dunbar hated him. She hated everything about him. His face. His personality. His snide comments. How he bullied her brother, Liam. How he was the only person who could get on her nerves.And most importantly: how he made her feel nervous with the feeling of butterflies in her stomach.#1 in #bretttalbot 2/9/19 and 8/18/19#1 in #brett 2/27/19#1 in #talbot 8/8/19#1 in #liamdunbar 1/27/20

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Attracted to you

this is a Jasper Hale love story

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THE DAUGHTER OF ASLAN ━ Peter Pevensie βœ“

" He set fire to the world around him but he never let a flame touch her. " Jasmine is the daughter of The Great Lion Aslan, sent to the human world after the rise of The White Witch. She has been locked away from returning for her apparent own safety, even though her father remains. And, for all she knows, he could be dead. But when the Pevensie siblings come to stay, things change. HIGHEST RANKINGS#1 in #peterpevensie - 02/07/2020#1 in #williammoseley - 10/08/2021#3 in #narniaCOMPLETED[ narnia | peter pevensie x fem!oc ]cover by me© -fieldoflilies 2020

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what are the odds? | j. martell

"what are the odds of me finding a girl like you?"( jaeden martell x fem.oc)(social media x real life)

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Obliviate [Stiles Stilinski | 4 ]

Their last stop• Book 4• Season 6 of MTV's hit show Teen Wolf• I don't own Teen Wolf however, I own Flora and her storyline

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HIGHWAY TO HELL - Ziam, Larry (Completed)

This short story is dedicated to the one and only @FNPayne95 's birthday! Liam is just a student that loves reading. Every Thursday and Sunday he runs to the library to read his favorite short story collection, written by "Lucifer."

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Ziall - Instagram

Zayn is a Worldwide famous singer Niall is a Worldwide famous model Follow their story Top - ZaynBottom - Niall

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π…π„π‹πˆππ„ [TWST CATS]

𝐈𝐍 π–π‡πˆπ‚π‡ a famous fashion designer finds herself often gifted with boxes containing unique furry animals.

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