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Let Me In (Larry Stylinson AU)

Harry has been selectively mute since past trauma with his best friend. He moves into Doncaster with his mother and sister because people bullied him too much since he was mute and shy at his old high school, and other reasons. So he needed to move and go to a new one. On his first day at the new school he meets a boy named Louis. Louis tries to get Harry to let him in and speak to him. Will he succeed? Or will Harry just push Louis away? You'll have to read to find out.(Warnings!!!: mentions of self harm, homophobic comments, swearing, and smut)

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Charm (Larry Stylinson AU)

"They have the alphabet all wrong, U and I are supposed to be together.""Is that supposed to charm me or something?"• • •Where Louis plays hard to get and Harry has the biggest crush on him. Louis always blocks him out but Harry doesn't give up on him.Side ship: Ziam• • •I saw this idea on another account and I will @ them in the beginning so you can look at some of their other ideas because they are very good! I am also writing this for school so it will have no inappropriate content. This will be a short story, maybe 10 chapters or less. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this!

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Invisible Red Thread | l.s

When Louis and Harry's lives collide one snowy evening, they spend eight hours stuck side by side believing that they'll never see each other again.But, fate has other ideas.

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He's a museum curator with a fetish for perfection. No one's ever gotten close to him; how could they? They're never as perfect as the portraits, the sculptures, the art that never changes. Then one day, an intern is hired- a young, messy, disorganized intern, whose hair and desk are in a constant state of disarray. The curator is going half-mad with this walking embodiment of chaos; so why can't the he stand the thought of the intern leaving at the end of their assistantship?

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As Perfect As You [l.s. fan fiction]

Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam all live in Cheshire. They all have been best friends for four years ever since they met at a party. Harry and Louis have always had a major attraction towards the other. They have always dreamt of being more than just friends with each other. There is constant flirting that goes on between tham as they are very clear about their sexuality and their friends and families are very accepting.What happens next?Story Started- 12th October 2021Story Ended- 2nd December 2021Total Word Count - 14149

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Disconsolate| LS

Sometimes you can't let go of what is making you sad because it is the only thing making you happy. ✨WARNINGS: PHYSICAL/MENTAL ABUSE, MENTIONS OF DRINKING, DEPRESSING THOUGHTS✨This story is about abuse and I'm putting in manipulation and mind games as these things do occur in abusive relationships. Not a fluff story, but there is some fluff parts/chapters ✨DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE: 1−800−799−7233

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Larry + One Direction Oneshots

Contains Larry and one direction oneshots. Larry (and maybe Ziam) is the only ship I will be using.Just random things that pop into my head. Feel free to leave suggestions in the commentsfluff, angst, sad, happy , possibly some smut (there will be warnings)book started = 13/5/2020book finished = 20/5/2020I just wanted to thank anyone that has read and supported this book. I love you all and appreciate everything you have done for me. And to anyone new that is reading this, I hope you enjoy!! <3

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Young Love ~ l.s.

Young love. There's nothing like it. Beautiful, yet dangerous. It changes people. It can help the weak ones, but also destroy the brave ones. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Locked in a closet, begging to get out. How much can one person possibly take until the feeling of letting go takes over?

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You are my forever boy {L.S fanfic}

Fetus Larry fall in love... when Harry Is an insecure and suicidal teenager Louis helps him get back on his feet. harry likes the boy with the blue eyes. He makes him smile. Louis feels things for Harry, he needs him. Especially with his mothers sickness he can really use Harrys love and support. The both fall. Hard. 'When times get rough will beat it together, and when it all gets happy we will celebrate together'.All the love A xx

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Snow Angel; L.S.

It was winter, the cold was unbearable.You should take Louis' word for it. He never was allowed to leave unless his step dad threw him out in the snow without anything protecting him.Left him out for hours then dragged him back in and threw him down into his room in the basement. All the time Louis spent in the basement he spent looking out the small window by the ceiling where he stacked a whole bunch of stuff to sit on. He definitely noticed the gorgeous boy in the building next to his. He was the snow angel Louis had been calling for,But would he be answered when his prayers were running low?-

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SandBoys | LS

"That's exactly what you meant Louis. You're just jealous that other people can accept and love themselves so easy and you can't because you are too busy moping around and not thinking positive." Zayn snapped. "I am not! I am fine right where I am and if Harry's happy, damn good for him!" I raised my voice. Before Zayn got to snap back the door bell rang. Oh yay, here he is as happy as a sand boy. Or in which Louis is depressed and despises Harry's happy attitudeOr in which Louis learns to fall in love with him anyways Sandboy definition: A person that's very happy and content.☻This is completely my idea so if there is a story like this or someone is copying my idea let me know but I promise I thought of this myself. Enjoy :)Under editing ⚠️

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Okay | LS

Louis' in love with Niall's friend Harry. When harry over hears Niall and Louis talking about Louis' crush he's determined to set Louis up with this crush by pretending to date him. Little does he know Louis is VERY easy to fall in love with. -"Is your crush anywhere near?""Yes.""Okay good, quick kiss me!""Okay"-This idea just came to me idk, I hope you guys love it though ❤️

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An Eye For An Eye

Larry soulmate AU where everyones born with heterochromia- your right eye is your own natural eye color and your left eye is your soulmates eye color. And it's only once you meet and recognize your own eye staring back at you that your eyes change to match.

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The Two Nerds | l.s

Harry and Louis are the schools biggest nerds, (who are also conveniently hot) so you'd think they were best friends.Wrong. Louis and Harry have hated eachother ever since a failed decathlon. How will they do when they find out they're paired together for their drama assignment?

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Admit It (Editing)

"Admit it you want to be with him and not me.""No thats not true." I say"ADMIT IT EMILY!"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Short story

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Lily Routledge

Lily Routledge is John B's sister, and went missing 4 years ago, being presumed dead. She manages to make it back to obx, but after all these years, things have changed. For worse or for better?

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Falling For The Bad Boy

Did Rose seem like the perfect girl next door? Yes. Was she actually? No. Rosalie, or as everyone calls her Rose, has moved yet again and this time into a huge house that she purchased and decided to settle down in. Rose is only 17 but she moves constantly and there is alot more about her that doesnt meet the eye than you think... Noah and Luke Johnson are her next door neighbors, they're brothers, and polar opposites... Will one of them win her heart? If so whom? Find out my reading 'The Girl Next Door'....Achievements-*#103 in next door neighbors*

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5sos Images

The title says it all-------------☆ Highest Rank ☆ #47 in #5sosimagines

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Larry One Shots

Hey guys! This is just going to be a bunch of larry one shots! Mostly fluff, I don't know if there will be some angst or smut, but I'll make sure to tell you what the category is for each chapter! I hope you guys enjoy this, love you!

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Wrong Number ♡ Harry Styles

Mia Rose, a big city girl who gets a text from a random number. What she didn't know was that it was Harry Styles, not that she'd even care. She was more into rock music anyways.After moving to London with Harry something happens and they break up that leads to another relationship...READ IT IF YOU DAREKIDDING please read it, I like this book and I think you will too..Achievements-*#444 in Michael Clifford*

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Not My Type - A Larry Fanfiction

Harry is your typical nerd.Louis is your typical bully.What happens when Louis finds out about Harry's feelings towards him? Will Louis change from straight to gay or will Harry be not his type?

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Larry Stylinson Smut stories/one shots

A collection of Larry Stylinson smut. DISCLAIMER: *these story's are not written by me. I'll give credit to whoever wrote It**some of the story's I've forgot to write down the name, so if you see your story without your name, please let me know, and I'll change it immediately*I'm way to awkward to write smut, but I got quite a few request due to my other story I got published. But hey, who am I to deny your request, so I'll collect some good smut, and put them all in this book together.If you have a story you want in this book just send me the link, or if you have written a story yourself you can send it to me, and I'll upload it for you, and give you credit (if wanted. I understand if you wish to stay anonymous)Enjoy I guess since you are all here for a reason 😉😉

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Just some celebrities in a game of smash or pass. Aka. Singers, actors, models, millionaires, etc

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Secret Admirer | l.s

Where Louis Tomlinson is a famous footballer and Harry Styles is a famous singer what happens when the World Cup decides to have a half time show.. with Harry Styles as the act?or...Where Louis Tomlinson has a secret crush on Harry Styles and Harry Styles has a secret crush on Louis Tomlinson

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I Loved You First

Louis is 24 and Harry is 22, after spending 5 years in the same band, Louis finally realizes that he is in love with the green eyed lad, will he confess it to him though?

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Louis' Diary | l.s

Louis' diary of his life.

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