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Fem kokichi x Shuichi

Kokichi Oma the Ultimate supreme leader is actually a girl and has a split personality and is also a famous serial killer like Genocide Jack/JillBuuuuut~~ Monokuma turns it into a motive to expose everyone's secret Emo Shuichi also has a secret but finds out that Kokichi Oma is a girl ooooohh~~ Idk if I'm gonna put any smut here ShipsSaiouma ( Shuichi x Kokichi)Kaimaki ( Kaito x Maki)Tenmiko (Tenko x Himiko) ( ✨They didn't sign up for danganronpa and aren't wannabes plus they weren't aware about the killing game✨)First story probably gonna suck di- I mean it's probably gonna suck that it brings you utter despair ⚠️¡!SPOILERS!¡⚠️

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The truth (female kokichi × shuichi)

After rantaro die and kaede was executed. No one die for about a week. Monokuma decided to threaten to show off there darkest secret if no one was kill in 4 days. What happened when 4 days pass and nobody die and everyone find something out about kokichi that changed kokichi forever.........* Drv3 spoiler*

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Kokichi x Shuichi mmmmm

Mmmmmmmm yummy grape man want Succi boi so Monoshit comes up with plan to help him after finding out a shocking discovery involving little shit monodam mmmmmm yum yum I died from a stroke

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♡ 🅼🅸🅽🅴. ♡ 𝕐𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕖! 𝕂𝕠𝕜𝕚𝕔𝕙𝕚 𝕩 𝕊𝕙𝕦𝕚𝕔𝕙𝕚 (saiouma)

{ " I r a n i n t o t h e m o s t b e a u t i f u l b o y o n e a r t h , i k n e w m y e y e s s p a r kl e d a t t h e s i g h t o f h i m " }{ non despair au- -yandere! kokichi x shuichi }{ TW: slight gore, swearing }

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Unspoken Symphony Saiouma (Mute Kokichi x Shuichi)

Why speak or talk or interact with people when it just leads to being ignored or pain. That's what Kokichi Ouma thought anyways, until he meets Shuichi Saihara. Even though things get worse Shuichi makes everything betterDiscontinued

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in love with a dragon (dragon!kokichi x shuichi)

himiko and shuichi preform a ritual to summon a dragon and it surprisingly works....but they can't send it back

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(๑•ᴗ•๑)♡. •°Kokichi is a danganronpa fan, pretty much everyone was but kokichi always has been a target, a "weak" target °•.till a news has been spread all over the school, about a new studenta blue navy haired boy named Shuichi Saihara, Another Danganronpa fan but he kinda odd? but yet interesting.•°•. much more interesting to be exact .•°•.(*・x・)/ Warning is on the front page, please read itSlow updates? -yEsOther Ships? -Kaemaki-Amaguji-Saimota (you'll see-)

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Secrets Revealed (Female Kokichi x Shuichi) Discontinued

I do not any of the art or any of the characters and this is just a fanficIn this au Kokichi is actually a female but pretend to be a male and no one knows except Monokuma and Tenko.And yes Tenko is Kokichi's friend and she keeps her secret even though she believes that Kokichi should embrace her true gender but she respects KokichiIn this au Ryoma Hoshi died first and the killer was korekiyo shinguji . Don't ask why.Monokuma gathers everyone in the Gym to tell them a new motive and this motive is that he will be revealing a few "lucky" people's secrets if no one kills within three days

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Beneath the Mask [SaiOuma] (Kokichi x Shuichi fanfiction)

Alright so this is my first time writing fanfiction, I hope you'll enjoy. I do not know if my english is good, but I'll do my best.I do not own any of the art. This the first episode of School AU, not a phantom Thief AU.And this is super fluffy.

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The cheerleader  and the football player ( female kokichi × shuichi)

College auKokichi is a college cheerleader. She is a straight A's student. She shy and nice. Her best friends are kaede and maki.Shuichi plays on the college football team. He a all A and B's student. He a little bit of a pervert. He obsessed what danganronpa. What happened when shuichi meet the cute cheerleader?There will be smut in this ; )(Ps I don't know a thing about football)

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The Two Yous (Kokichi x Shuichi)

Kokichi Oma the Ultimate Supreme Leader has D.I.D or split personality disorder. No one knows about it and he'd like to keep it that way....or was that all a lie too?Kokichi x Shuichi Kokichi x Rantaro Kokichi x Shuichi x Rantaro Ooo~ fun times :3 Rawr XD(Non of the art is mine! Angie made it!)

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kokichi x shuichi one shots

There will be swearing! 🍭-fluff 💧- angst 🍡- after the killing game✨- pregame💜💙-smut

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Shuichi Saihara has an fever who beg to miu the medicine,Miu DID I give but it's the WRONG ONE. Wanna know what happen next? READ THIS *lenny face*

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Kokichi x Shuichi (drV3)

Kokichi is really sad after Rantaro's death and Shuichi is sad about Kaede's death before the deaths happened

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Kokichi x Shuichi

Chapter one

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Into Me (PRE-GAME! Female Kokichi x  Shuichi)

Kokichi Ouma. A very shy girl. She wants to do more than playing with dolls and dressing in pink dresses so she crossdressed as a man. Yet even after all that she's still shy after all which resulted to her being bullied everyday. Shuichi Saihara. A very creepy boy. He is very obsessed with Danganronpa, a famous killing game that was being banned from other countries due to.. violence. Nobody dared to talk, walk or even bully him since it's rumoured that he had stabbed one of his bullied back at his other school.What will happen when Shuichi takes interest in this 'boy' and finds out 'his' little secret?Warning: Violence, Bad words, Sexual stuff If you know Pre-game then you know whats going to be in this book.----I am back with new ideas! After reading books and getting inspired to write longer and more chapters, this book was made! As you can see from the description, I am going to be serious with this book

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Then he came along.   Kokichi x shuichi🍋☁️

It's the first day for 16 students in hopes peak academy. But what will happen went 2 of them get along very wellI don't were this story will take me ummmm I did not plan this very well.This is a fluffy and lemon story because I can't chose but it will get sad because Kokichi drops his grape panta at one point. Tears ;-; I am trying my best please just be patient I know I don't update much and have bad spelling, and the story is kinda crappy but I am trying...... yeeeeee

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Beneath his lies (Kokichi x Shuichi)

Kokichi, along with his other classmates are told that they were in a game. Only everyone who had injuries in game keeps them. This makes him upset. Upon that, everyone had at least one doctor and scheduled therapy appointments. Kokichi was reluctant to accept help, seeing as he felt like the biggest problem in game. He was aware that people hated him and he hated himself for exactly that reason. But he felt he had to keep a mask on. What would've happened if he hadn't? Kokichi felt like he should die. Nobody would object. He wanted everyone to know he was sorry, but how would a coward to such a thing. Unfortunately, liking the detective he swore be hated made things more complicated than he wished.this story include the following:self harmintrusive thoughts suicidal thoughts anxiety panick attacksunhappy Kokichi simping for Shuichi

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neko!Kokichi x Shuichi

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{SaiOma} Female Kokichi x Shuichi

This "Story" is about a Female Oma, yes you heard it!In my Story, Kokichi hides "her" gender because of her family. They wanted a boy but instead had a girl for their first child and hated it. They wanted her to act and dress as a boy. Monokuma finds out about this scenario he decides to use it against Oma hoping she will fall in despair. Of course, being the strong person she is, it doesn't get to her. Will there be angst?(NOPE LOL) Who knows?

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• Diffrent • || Pregame Kokichi x Shuichi || •

| Kokichi is on his way to the library to do something but doesn't seem to find something to do but when he's about to leave Kokichi gets in a little accident. He later on wakes up in the infirmary and is completely different from what the others have remember ||| This is a boy x boy story. If you don't like that kind of stuff you can just leave || || for everyone else,English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for bad grammar.This is also my first story or book.Anyways enjoy! ||

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Kokichi Ouma who is an Prince with his 10 members, suddenly he saw Blue haired guy name "Shuichi" was in pain Kokichi was suspicious trying to find out what happened to him why did he ended up like that.What will Shuichi and Kokichi do will Kokichi kill him or give him mercy?What to find out? Read this story it'll be the best for u who ships "Kokichi x Shuichi"!

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I don't own Danganronpa, the characters, or the photos. Shuichi Saihara, a smart, shy high school student that lives with his uncle. Kokichi Oma, a mischievous, liar who lives with his mother. How could an annoying liar ever find his way into a sensitive heart like Shuichi's?......How do you fix something caught within the web of lies?

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Shuichi x Kokichi / Kokichi x Shuichi Doujinshi!

Shuichi x Kokichi / Kokichi x Shuichi Doujinshi!Includes - Fluff and Angst (maybe smut I don't know)WARNINGS:This is a Boy x Boy (BL/ Yaoi)Some Chapters will contain SPOILERS for Danganropa V3!!!Slow updates!!!DISCLAMERS:I don't own any characters mentioned in this book!I don't own Danganronpa anime and games!I don't own any of the art that is in this book (I will try to find who made all the art, and add credit!)All credit to the Artist and Translators!!! I hope you enjoy :D

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~Kokichi x Shuichi~ Lemon

A story about shuichi and Kokichi showing each other their love. ;)

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Yandre Kokichi X Shuichi (lemon)

this story is based off of the song N.M.E by set it offN.M.E reminds me of how much I despise Kaede =3=

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