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TakeYuzu: Christmas Comfort

After the events of the Christmas Conflict and his breakup with Hina, Takemichi feels like he's lost and doesn't know where to go from now. Yuzuha is also in a similar position after the departure of her elder brother, Taiju Shiba. What happens when the two manage to find comfort in each other and also get closer as a result?You thought I was done with the rare ships? 😏 Btw, lemon warning

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unseen || yang jungwon

"I will stay with you forever." A girl, blinded at a young age, meets a boy that will love and care for her for the rest of her life without knowing it.does/ might contain the following:au, blood, major injuries, etc.story inspiration: 老鼠爱大米 MV*this ff is for entertainment purposes only; please read this for the story only. idol's names are used only for character use. thank you!*highest rankings:#1 in enhypen#1 in jungwonff#1 in jongseong #1 in hybe#1 in parksunghoon #2 in engene#2 in yangjungwon#4 in nishimurarikistarted: 210731ended: 211222

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Anna Blue - komiks [TŁUMACZENIE]

AUTOR: Anna BlueOPIS: Dwa krótkie oneshoty, które powstały na podstawie piosenek.JA TYLKO TŁUMACZĘ! KOMIKS NIE JEST MÓJ!

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Professional Body Double (KEYU X PATRICK) KEPAT CHUANG 2021

Patrick doesn't know if the Heavens gave him a second chance at life because of their excessive consideration for him, or because they hadn't had enough fun with him yet.Or else, why would he be used, in film and in real life, in his previous life and this one, by zhou keyu as the body double for the exact same person?He didn't know who was more pitiful, he himself, who can only ever be a body double, or Young Master Zhou, who has no choice but to find a body double.*This is not an original story. I just went and changed the characters' name since I want to read a KePat fic. Then I thought of sharing it. So basically this is rough. I didn't edit anything in the story, just the names... PLS! READ THE ORIGINAL AND SUPPORT THE TRANSLATOR. THIS IS FOR People who just wants some kepat content.

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Lost, the word expressing the fear of staying on your own, away from our family and friends. Lost in the sugarcane field, Michael can't undergo on his own to survive, will he? With no food and shelter, thinking of his family, how worried sick they must have been and the beautiful moments he had spent together. He had homesickness...

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Bakeyui's Backstory

A story I made for a contest in instagram :)I have drawings over there! Do check @cocoacchu out :3

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|| Shrutakarma ||

(Book 3 of 'Upa-Pandavas' Series)"Born into a lineage of warriors, his every action was a reflection of the greatness that preceded him."Named after his father's extraordinary deeds, he was the spotless fame of the Pandava family. Inheriting his mother's unmatched virtues, he became the bright illumination that the Panchala kingdom cherished. His emotions, his bravery and his dedication to his learning as well as to his duties, was excessively resembling the wielder of Gandiva himself. He was the personification of Queen Draupadi's delight and serenity, his great endurance a significant reminder that he was a part of her essence. His knowledge was like that of the King of Indraprastha, his mischief that of the Crown Prince, the clearness of his heart akin to the elder twin of Madri and the devotion for his elders akin to the younger twin of Madri. The bond he shared with his siblings was a fortress of unbreakable love and unwavering support."The battles he fought were not merely against foes but against the weaknesses of human nature, emerging victorious with a heart as pure as the fire of a Yajna or the water of Ganga."Through the flowers and the fires that his life had laid on his path, through the laughter and the tears that his life had gifted him with, this is the heroic journey of Shrutakarma, the beloved son of Draupadi and Arjuna, and the renowned Prince of Indraprastha. This is the epic of Mahabharata retold from his eyes, from the ink of resilience that he possessed.

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The Defender Of Different Worlds Book 1: The World Beneath Our Feet

Boboiboy and his friends were fighting Adu du and Probe, when Adu du shoot them with his new weapon. Boboiboy thought they were goners, but it manage to send them to a whole new world beneath their feet, Slugterra. What will happen when the Shane Gang meet the Malaysian heroes?(A Boboiboy and Slugterra crossover)*Note Boboiboy and his friends are 14 and Eli is still 15*.

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Wenclair oneshots<3

wenclair one-shots*THEY ARE 18+ IN THIS*

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Rules of Religions in SlugTerra Book 2: The Star Child

The sequel to the first book. Nurul now lives with the Shadow Clan, to have some time alone. With the Shane Gang, the team has change after she left. One day, the team meet with a mysterious girl within the shadows. What will happen when they meet again? What will Nurul do? Will the Shane Gang accept her back into the gang? And will Eli and Nurul get back together?

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Rules of Religions in SlugTerra Book 1: The Beginning

Note:This story is for Islamics everywhere. The Islamic have been always push around by every religion. So, this story will show the worlds what are Islamic are all about. Also, to show everybody the beauty of Malaysia.Synopsis:Nurul and her siblings from Malaysia are finding their way to Slugterra to continue their father's legacy as Slugterrians. When the Shane Gang meet this family, they will learn a lot about Islamic. And what happen if the Shane leader fell for the Islamic teen. And what adventures will the Islamic family go through.Note:I will add some Bahasa Malaysia, which I learn in Malaysia.

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Unless It Blooms ✔

There's no meaning to love unless it blooms.KeyuNine Au

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PaulomīPrāṇaNāyaka: Labyrinth Of Lightning

पौलोमीप्राणनायक - The Lord of Paulomi's Life-Breath"Love struck them like lightning, not once or twice, but endlessly."Purandara Indra, the resplendent crown-jewel of Svarga, dazzles the fourteen worlds with the brilliance of a thousand suns and the fierce valor of a consuming wildfire. His destined path takes an unforeseen turn when his heart is ensnared by Paulomi Shachi, the enchanting daughter of the demon king Puloma.Paulomi Shachi believed herself to be the moon, a mere reflection of Indra's radiant light. Yet, through the illuminating journey of love, she discovers her true nature-an independent flame, original and unbound.Can Indra and Shachi bridge the chasm between their worlds? Will their love endure the trials of divine and demonic realms?_____(Shachi-Indra Fiction)

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| Colliding Hearts |

Jishnu Vyas returns to Vadodara with one goal: to settle the score with Vishal Gupta, the man he believes caused his father's death. But instead of Vishal, he meets Shri Gupta, Vishal's principled and determined daughter. Shri, managing her father's newspaper amid swirling controversies, is blindsided by Jishnu's reappearance and the undeniable chemistry that sparks between them. Amidst the shadows of the past and the chaos of the present, can Jishnu and Shri find the truth and each other, or will their fathers' legacies tear them apart?______Genre: Romantic Suspense Trope: Enemies To LoversInspiration: Draupadi-Arjuna

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I Do...

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out cast squad!

adventures with the out cast squad from nevermoreWenclairYokovinaXajax

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GarudadhvajaSundarī: Heart's Radiance

Rukmini, daughter of Vidarbha's Crown Prince Bhishmaka, stood firm against the corrupt politics of Bharatavarsha and her brother Rukmi's alliance with the treacherous Magadha ruler, Jarasandha. Alone in her fight for self-respect, she crosses paths with Krishna, the young prince of the Vrishnis and a formidable adversary to Jarasandha. As Krishna becomes her steadfast ally, a timeless passion ignites between them. Krishna, the grandson of the Yadava King Ugrasena, rose to greatness through his own strength, talent, and virtue. With powers derived from compassion and austerity, not inherited royalty, he finds himself drawn to Rukmini, caught in a deadly conspiracy by his enemy. Their encounter sparks an inexplicable heart connection. The book chronicles the ancient love rekindled between Rukmini and Krishna, their hearts bound in an eternal, radiant bond._______~ Book 1 of KrishnaBhāryā Series ~[A fictionalised retelling of the story of Rukmini and Krishna]-- The divinity of the couple, as Sri and Hari, will have a major importance in this story, and at the same time, they will also be humanized to an extent --

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Lumity one shots<3

lumity one shotsthere aged 18might be some spoilersI take requests

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It all started with a confession...And ended with a confession.......This story takes place in Bangladesh. So, basically the culture, names and systems will be Bangladeshi. This story is based on irl love story. Simply Its the love story of my brother that i turned it to a book by adding some scenes, to surprise him. If you want you can read.warning : bad english, no smutYou might find it boring..but for me its not..

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Finding Krishna

Buckle up and come with me to find the LORD himself.The one who is everyone's . The one with us . The one who was just like us but above us . The one we all love 💞. Maybe I can't reach him today , tomorrow or in this life. THIS IS MY FIRST PUBLICATION. I APOLOGISE FOR ALL THE MISTAKES . CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ALLOWED

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Mello x Reader

Your life was being miserable until you turned 18 and moved to LA and started living your own life not knowing what's going to happen...

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Anjaana Anjaani

Here’s a story of two strangers who meet each other to make another twisted story of each other…!5 shot story of SanDhir...

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His Calamity ✔ | A Klance Fanfic

where keith is the murderer and lance is the psychiatrist assigned to him au.mature content.

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The Corpse in the Boat

The death of Tom Thorne, a young 25-years-old sailor was killed and left behind in the vast ocean. Will Detective Inspector David and his team drag the killer out of his hiding, in the dark, veiling him out in the light?

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