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Kaeluc| Oneshots

Kaeluc oneshots, if you don't like the ship go away and don't come in just to be spiteful, I'm a crappy writer bare with me please

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Forget me Not || Kaeluc Fanfic

In which Diluc finally returns after 4 years, yet everyone is left baffled. After all, he came home injured and barely breathing. Everyone was wondering how he even managed to come home at that state. And to make matters worse, he remembers nothing, not even his own name.And now, Diluc tries to learn about his present situation.---------------------------This is a Kaeluc fanfic set in canonverse with a little bit of twist.

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Ayo this got more than 1k reads? Ty everyone for reading this I wasn't expecting this to get so many reads!|| Kaeya x Diluc ||On that fateful day, when Kaeya had told Diluc everything, he thought it'd be over.However, little did he know, Kaeya would find himself in a very similar and difficult situation, alone with only a voice from Khaenri'ah guiding him, and a choice that would shape both his future, and the future of the world...Start: 04/03/21End: -/-/- None of the artwork is mine unless stated otherwise! Also this is my first book so yea! Also I did find this other book that had the same name, and wanted to say that I had no idea it existed and that the title is original.

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Purrsonal Catastrophe

Dainsleif is coerced into taking care of an abandoned (and injured) cat by his younger sibling. As much as he would hate to admit it, he has grown quite fond of the little critter. Little does he realize that this is no ordinary cat...

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Diluc Ragnvindr's Diary

I found his diary! Now it's time to spill the secrets~

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Worlds Apart [Diluc x Kaeya]

Come on, let's get moving. We're not frozen in place, after all."Sounds like famous last words to me, perhaps that's where he's going." He snorted.Kaeya Alberich had been your average Mondstadt Knight. Because of his intelligence and usually correct wits, he had climbed high up the ranks in just a couple of short years and now sits above all his peers. However, even his title of the "top candidate for grandson-in-law" among elders in Mondstadt and the number of ladies attractive to him could not stop the nightmares from corrupting him.Diluc Ragnvindr had been your average happy rich boy. With his father of the owner of the most famous Dawn Winery, he often didn't trouble himself with money. Fulfilling his father's dream for him, he worked & trained hard and became Mondstadt's ever known youngest Cavalry Captain. The words he craved the most were his father's "Good job. Now, that's my son." It fueled his heart and filled him with a desire to please him, and to lead the Knights to victory.However, one night changed his life forever, and his opinion on the Knights.As we read on, more of the two's stories began clicking into place, a deep relationship hidden among it. Will the two push on and fight for their love, or deem it impossible to ever feel such a way for them again?[-English was NOT my first language so please don't judge me that much!-][-Remember that I am NOT a professional writer and I just write for fun! So there's probably not going to be an exact time of when I post!-][Might include NSFW but beware I'm kinda bad at writing them ;-;-]

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Old Flame (Jean x Diluc Fanfic)

What if Jean and Barbara are actually half-elves? What if Klee was actually the love child of Diluc and Jean? What if Jean hid the fact that Klee is the child of Diluc?Note: I do not own Genshin Impact, Mihoyo does. Also the Klee in this story is younger than the actual Klee.

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"I think I'm in love with my brother" -Diluc

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Genshin Impact Chatfics

yeah um I created cause I did a line of coke 😁 but here are the ships being featured in this chaotic asf fanfic 😶 if y'all have a problem with my ships then please just leave "ThAnK YouUu" -Tiahra Nelson-Chongyun x xingqiuBennett x razorAether x albedoLisa x jeanKaeya x diluc Venti x xiaoLumine x amber AND MORE IM TOO LAZY TO LIST DOWN ALL OF THEM SKCJSJC

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Genshin ships

trash becus i suck at writing

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warm now?

Kaeya went to Wolvendom to kill his boredom, suddenly the rain came and he decided to invite himself to Diluc's manor.Kaeya × Diluc

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Crumbling Ice

when the strongest ice wall of mondstadt finally crumbling downKaeya × Diluc

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Rock To My Roll ;; KaeLuc

You are the rock to my roll, my roll, my roll~ That song described pretty much how Kaeya and Diluc view each other. How they were.⚠︎ Obvious KaeLuc warning⚠︎ Song fic! Song is Rock To My Roll by Anarbor⚠︎ Characters not mine, story kinda because it's based off the song lol⚠︎ Not rlly a fic or a story, but more of how I view their relationship⚠︎ I don't know how to write for shit in english so have mercy I know I suck

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kaeya and diluc

brothers by change lovers by choice

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[HIATUS]Genshin Impact Yaoi ONE-SHOTS

!ALL OF THE ARTS ARE FROM PINTEREST!This story will consist of GAY SHIPS -the ships I pick will be on the first chapter(A/N) and I will accep any gay genshin ship you will request (I won't judge you) There will be no "x Readers"This one-shot book will consist of-fluff (most of the book)-smut (rarely)-angst (rarely)《Top Rankings》#3 - genshinoneshots #26 - zhongchi#52 - angst《CHAPTERS》•A/N {Ships}•Sick and Cuddles|Childe x Zhongli {FLUFF}•Care|Diluc x Venti {FLUFF}•Care[EXTRA]|Diluc x Venti {FLUFF}•Mondstadt|Razor x Bennett {FLUFF}•Odd Argument|Zhongchi and Kazuscara {Lowkey Crack}•A/N {Note}•A Sweet Melody|Xiao x Venti {FLUFF}•Frosting|Childe x Zhongli {Smut}•Visit|Thoma x Diluc {Fluff(?)}•I Will Wait For You|Kazuha x Scaramouche {Angst}•Heat|Razor x Bennett {Smut}•A/N {uploading schedule}•Rumors|Diluc x Venti {Angst and Fluff}•Rumors[Part 2]|Diluc x Venti {Fluff}•Caught You Puppy~|Itto x Gorou {Smut}•A/N {Help)•Maid Dress|Ayato x Thoma {Smut}•Meal|Xiao x Aether {Fluff}•Vacation|Kaeya x Albedo {Fluff}•Fatui|Childe x Diluc {Fluff?/Crack?)•Cake|Childe x Zhongli {Fluff}•Looking at You|Childe x Zhongli {Fluff}

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curiosity killed the cat. thomaluc. <3

an au where diluc is suffering from an untreatable illness and everyone else must suffer.BEST RANKINGS#2 in thomaluc

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Zhongli x Diluc ( tbh not x diluc anymore )

it's a totally normal fanfiction, totally not cursed trust me

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Days in Mondstadt

☾ ONGOING ☽ Fem Y/n's adventures in Teyvat as a Dendro vision user and a Knight of Favonius. From breaking up quarrels between Diluc and Kaeya, to helping Noel train, to finding a lost cat, there's always some interesting adventures to be had.Synopsis: Y/n has lived her whole life in Mondstadt and has always dreamed of being a knight. Her childhood was spent living in the Ragnvindr manor and playing with the two young boys who lived there. As she's grown, she's become a staple in the city and helps anyone and everyone with their problems, all while remaining oblivious of her own. When disaster strikes in the form of death, she is forced to face some troubles, but it isn't until years later that the real conflict begins.(Note: these are NOT one shots. This should be read in order. This story takes place well after the dragon is defeated but I'm basically ignoring a lot of the game plot after that. Character ages are similar to the game but are most likely 3-4 years older due to the time passing.) #1 in genshinimpactfanfiction December 2021#6 in genshinimpactfanfiction October 2021#19 in keayaxreader in August 202142K words as of October 2022Started: 𝕁𝕦𝕟𝕖 𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕙 , 𝕥𝕨𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕪 𝕥𝕨𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕪 𝕠𝕟𝕖

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Genshin impact oneshots

So basically this is just a oneshots about genshin impact. Request are open. Read the warnings before you read. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my book.

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The Blonde Family! (Genshin RP/school au)

~the blonde family~

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the journey: a genshin impact modern survival au (DISCONTINUED)

lumine is transported to the modern world along with her elemental friends from teyvat. she discovers a house across the street from where she woke up, and moves in with her friends. everything is going fine, until a walking wallet, a windy bard, and a mischievous spirit appear at the doorstep.(sorry about the cover, that was all i could find lol)(THIS BOOK IS DISCONTINUED AS OF DECEMBER 23RD, 2021.)

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Saving You (Mad Father, Dio X Aya)

8 Years Had Passed Since Monika Drevis' Curse Came Upon The Drevis Residence. Reanimated From Death Once More, Dio is Sent by Monika to Save a Now 19-Year-Old Aya From Her Own Growing Insanity... Will She Be Saved Before Her Time Runs Out?

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Diluc x Ben Shapiro Oneshot

Diluc had always been deeply, head over heels, super lovey towards his three husbands/children, but everything changed when he met a small, 7 foot tall weasel man on Christian Mingle, Ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro wasn't Christian, but that didn't matter, Diluc had finally found someone who completed him. Joined by Pennywise The Sewer Cat, they were in for an adventure. Based off of the true story of Keaya x Elon (our other super sexy romance, read that first!) Diluc x Ben tells the story of a really new blossoming alliance where they had a lot of sex.

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kaeya meets the kirk ( kaeya x dababy )

dababy love story🤤🤤🤞

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The World of Lies

"I... we will be fine, as long as the truth gets to them, Dainsleif."Dainsleif remained silent, a single lone tear forming and slowly falling down his cheek. The man caressed his cheek."Our reign over this nation is eternal with the truth."Dainsleif had forgotten these words until the Calvary Captain entered his gaze.The possibilities were endless, Dainsleif thought.

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Amerikada azad qul

Adam əlində sənədlə qızın qarşısında dikilib: --Sənin önünə iki şans qoyuram. Ya azad olub ömrün boyu işləməyə məhkum olacaqsan. Ya da qul belə olsan mənimlə evlənib var-dövlət sahibi olacaqsan-- deyib parıldayan qəhvəyi gözləri ilə qıza baxdı. Fağır qız udqunub:-- Mən azad olmağı seçirəm. Adamın üzündəki özündənrazı ifadə yavaş-yavaş silindi, yerini heyrətə verdi. Bu mənim ilk hekayəmdir. Ümidvaram bəyənəcəksiniz. Wattpadda Azərbaycan dilində yazılmış kitab tapmadım. Deyəsən ilk Azərbaycan dilində kitabı mən yazacam.

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