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Reincarnated as Safi'Jiiva

Jason, a 20-year-old guy from Seattle, was on his way to visit family. While driving over the pass, the slick roads and heavy traffic worked against him when he was smashed into by another car, sadly ending his life, only for him to wake up moments later as the Red Dragon Safi'Jiiva in the starting area of Monster Hunter World, what will he do with the second chance in this familiar but no less strange world?

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reincarnated as Safi'jiiva

I do not own Monster Hunter or RWBY and art and music are owned by their respective crater this is only for entertainment.

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Dark Light  (Male Xeno'jiiva x MHW Iceborne x Female Monsters)

Meet Y/n, a male Xeno'jiiva. Follow him as he lives life in the New World and protecting the island and his fellow monsters. But the one thing that separates him from the rest of the monsters is that he's the only male. It's said that male monsters did exist but died off long ago because of hunters.In the Prologue, Y/n will be dwelling in a cave deep in the Elder's Recess, where he'll meet the A-List hunter(That would be you in the game) and the Handler. Y/n and the Hunter will have a form of "connection" with each other, able to understand and communicate, creating a bond and potential friendship.I hope you'll enjoy it.Quick Disclaimer: I don't own Monster Hunters, videos, pictures, etc. They all belong to their respected owners. Monster Hunters belongs to Capcom.

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After Hours (Hoodie x Eyeless Jack)

Werewolf AUThe Proxies are viciously attacked by what once was supposed to be their target. Jack, after examining Hoodie and Masky, has noticed that there is something terribly wrong is happening. It doesn't help the fact that the thing got away alive.

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The law of love: When the heart chooses a different path

We've all heard the phrase "follow your heart," but what happens when that heart leads you down a path that's the opposite of everything you planned? "The Law of Love" is a story of courage, love and self-discovery, reminding us that sometimes we have to follow our hearts, even if it means taking a different path. ||❁"He was willing to risk everything, just to be with her. That was the law of his love."❁

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-=+ +=- The Second Universe -=+ +=-

Rated: MEMES, Possible JoJo references, more MEMES, and a little bit of trolling (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare level swear warning) -Are you sure about that?- He asked. She replied with -Mhm.- Shortly after, a large explosion occurs in the far distance, and a large mushroom cloud rises into the blood red sky. (No copyright intended for Godzilla or Monster Hunter, GATE, NHS, or whatever franchise I put here lmao. This story will contain an EXTREMELY unhealthy amount of memes. Also it is partly inspired by both GATE and NHS. Recommended to have the guidebook out while reading this, in case you're confused with weapons, maps, etc.) I might even include GATE here later if I feel like it

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Xeno the Dark Light Dragon

A new species discovered in the depths of the Elder's Recess. Its relationship to the other elder dragons is unclear, as is its ecology as it lands on a island far away from the new world.(There will be no safi'jiiva in the story mine only using xeno'jiiva and he's an adult I know safi'jiiva is the adult version of xeno'jiiva but in this story he's not but xeno'jiiva can choose if he wants to evolve into safi'jiiva)Xeno really hates humans and nothing will ever change that and when I mean nothing I mean not even fatilas(adoptive father) can stop him from hating humans.

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The Son of Ddraig

(Monster Hunter x DxD)In this world, something strange happened that never occurred in the proper timeline. Ddraig, the Red Dragon Emperor, comes across a baby dragon(Xeno'jivva), and for some reason, takes him under his wing. Dxd was never the same.Disclaimer: I do not own DxD or Monster Hunter. All pictures belong to there respective owners.

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RWBY's Monstrous Education

A story I'm bringing over from Fanfiction.Inspired by CMBasher07's "RWBY Learns About Monster Hunter". Katana decides to show her guests a whole new world of fantastic creatures and have them learn all about the monsters humans have learned to coexist with over time... Even if those monsters constantly threaten to turn make humans non-existant.

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Defying The Rules

Thalos, a fifteen year old boy, has lived on Berk his whole life. Raids are common, as well as blood shed from both dragon and Viking. However, when he stumbles across the cavern of an undiscovered species, a Xeno'jiiva, his life, as well as Berk, is changed forever. [[[[[This takes place during the first HtTYD movie, and is a small crossover between the How to Train Your Dragon franchise and the Monster Hunter World video game.]]]]][[[[[Kiezer is an extremely big part in the making of this book, so I do not get all the credit]]]]][[[[[Neither of us own the pictures, or claim the original characters or dragons.]]]]] (and with orginal characters she means the characters we didn't make, now with that Keizer and {co author} out.){by the way, this story was co authored by me and a good friend, she did most of the writing, I simply helped with bits of the plot and what she needed to know about the creature In question.}

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DAYLIGHT | Yuji Itadori.

"I don't wanna look at anything else now that I saw you."In which - both Y/n and Yuji has been best friends together since childhood, but as the time passes, the female teenager seems to be developing feelings for him.(inspired by Taylor Swift's song "Daylight" from the album "Lover")@-4m3thyst#6 - kentonanami 07/13/24.#1 - itadoriyuujixreader 07/23/24.#8 - yuujiitadorixreader 06/08/24.#7 - jjkfanfiction 06/24/24.#7 - yuujiitadori 06/18/24.#7- yujiitadorixreader 06/24/24.#3 - yujiitadori 06/21/24.#4 - jjkfanfic 07/23/24.#9 - satorugojo 07/04/24.#1 - makizenin 07/13/24.

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monster hunter girl encyclopedia

multiple generations after an event known as the "Crossing event" multiple new monster girls appeared. these monster girls eventually grew in numbers becoming a normal race. these are the newly added entries in the monster girl encyclopedia for them.

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-=+ +=- The Second Universe Guidebook -=+ +=-

Info for The Second Universe, no copyright intended for either Godzilla or Monster Hunter. Probably will update if people suggest stuff. *EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE* art isn't mine (except for the flag and the company flags) i just got it from a google search lol also credits to Duskie-06 on pinterest for like 90% of the art and also uh credits to everyone else who made the art i used here, you are very cool not trying to copy the art, am just using it as a visual aid to help the reader understand what the piece of hardware looks like, and sometimes i use it as inspiration for hardware also upon legit real request i will remove the images (INFO) The Second Universe is basically a sequel to my two other books. It's also my first attempt at a decent story (lol) also TSU will contain subtle memes and references

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Monstrous Turf Wars

Monster Hunter's ferocious beasts battle for supremacy.

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antics - souichi x reader

"He has unusual antics.." you sighed while walking home with your headphones on feeling that familiar eerie vibe again..mention of strong language, blood and gore etc!1# in ito1# in junjiitocollectionTHANK YOUUU

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The Island Goddess.

In which two strangers on an island collide and find themselves infatuated with one another.

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TRANS SERIES ll: Ikaw at Ikaw [TransxMan]

HR: #1pag-ibigHR: #5pinoystoriesMeet Clyde 'Klay' Lopez, kasalukuyang nasa 4th year college sa kursong Bachelor of Science Administration Major in Marketing Management. Si Klay ay parte ng ikatlong lahi na kung saan siya ay Transgender tanggap siya ng ina nito at ng isa niyang kapatid.Meet Ivan Chua, Isang binata na Half Chinese at Half Pinoy. Noong siya ay na sa edad na 10 sila ay nanirahan sa Pinas ng higit dalawang taon, bagamat lumipat na sila ng China nung ang ama nito ay nag pasya ng manirahan doon. Gwapo, Singkit ang mata, at Maputi tila ba nasa kanya na ang lahat. Mag tatagpo ulit ang landas nila Klay at Ivan dahil sa parehas sila ng university na papasukan. Mauuwi ba kaya ito sa love story na hindi inaasahan? o hindi kaya naman e mauuwi nalang sa wala?.Ating tunghayan sina Klay at Ivan sa kwentong ito.

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story ideas

ideas that are in my head

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Roommates ♡ Itafushi ♡

AU. Megumi has nowhere to go and Yuji offers him a place to stay. Will love blossom between them? (Complete)

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What Waits For Me [Goyuu Gojo X Yuuji ]

Teen Gojo messes with Time and realizes how lonely he is

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in which, sukuna once had someone who he felt real human emotion for. jujutsu kaisen - completed.

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𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐔𝐄𝐃 ⋮ ᵍᵍ ᵃᵖᵖˡʸᶠⁱᶜ

- - - - - - ASTREA CONTINUED ( in which 8 girls go through their newly found careers after the success of their survival show debut )closed - on going !!© hwajiin_ 2023.11.04

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Monster Hunter: The Return

After centuries of hibernation, the Red Dragon of Life has reawakened, what will happen to the world with its return?

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