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One Lie at a Time

What would happen if the broken girl crossed paths with the school's star athlete?Lillian Andrews has grown up in a happy world. Two parents who loved each other dearly, and an older brother who was her closest friend. Then, things went downhill. Fast. When her mother cheated on her dad, her father snapped, losing all sanity he had.After weeks of pain and suffering, she reconnects with Tyler Brady, the heart-melting Greek god of their high school. Will he be able to save her from her past and present, or will he be too late?** Start Date: November 27, 2020 ****End Date: August 1, 2021 **

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A love story of KAREENA but in a different style. Haseena who loves Karishma from her college time but Karishma is unknown about Haseena's feelings. A tale of love so strong 💗IN COLLABORATION @muskmelon_157 @sofi__132

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❤️ My Mentor ❤️ 1st Season ❤️

Ranked no 1 in #rajeevpriyankaRanked no 1 in #teacherstudentlovestoryRanked no 1 in #cadetnainasinghahluwaliyaRanked no 1 in #cadetaalekhsharmaRanked no 1 in #cadetamardeephudaRanked no 1 in #cadetalibaigRanked no 2 in #sonysabRanked no 5 in #captainrajveersinghshekhawatRanked no 5 in #rnRanked no 6 in #priyankabassiRanked no 6 in #rajveernainaRanked no 7 in #rajeevkhandelwalRanked no 9 in #kmaAfter visiting Point 1857 with her Rajveer Sir, ever since Naina has returned from that magical place, few questions are continuously bothering her & she is desparate to know the answers so she tries to seek help of her friends but unfortunately doesn't get & is said to ask her Mentor.Being frustrated she finally decides to ask her Rajveer Sir only."Like always, will Naina's mentor be able to help her this time too by finding the answers of her questions?Let's see.....

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Rajveer's pride.... His Naina....Rajveer's Naina (LRL season 1)

my version of Raina's journey after Rajveer's jeep blast...All the pictures and videos used are from Google and you tube so credit goes to its makers, google and YouTube...

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EKA: Tale of a Wounded Heart

BEING EDITED: READ AT YOUR OWN RISKSEQUEL : Part 4 : Werewolf SeriesWill Eka's old wounds heal? Will Ilyes find his Alpha? Will Jeev give himself to Clement?

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My Jee Journal

Hi I am sharing my jee journey here, which is technically yet to start. My jee exam is in around six months and I have to cover the entire syllabus in these six months as I wasted my 11th without even realising.This is almost like a self motivating journal where I will share my progress. Hope this can help other students too.

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Rajveer Naina Shorts

Tiny miny One Shots onRajveer NainaFrom Left Right Left (2006)

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Best friend's Sister (Completed)

To know Peep In😉

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Reporters Shots

A few shots on the serial 'Reporters'

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iron souls | gajeel redfox x reader [OLD]

[highest ranking: #1 in gajeel redfox]You've been a Fairy Tail wizard ever since your dragon, Stelliacona, left you at the ripe age of 7. You're a Steel dragon slayer, which means you have the power to manipulate steel, and make living beasts out of steel. One day a certain black haired Mage known as Gajeel Redfox joins the guild. You and Gajeel have been good friends for a long time. What happens when Gajeel starts to notice more things that he's never noticed before in you?

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(C) LEO & ARIES 2 (Mera Pyaar, Mera Jeevan)

Season 2LEO & ARIES adalah cerita sambungan tentang Dizhwar Veera. Di wajibkan baca season 1 CHEF DI HATI LEFTENAN. Supaya pembaca faham jalan cerita."Kau nak sabar? Bermakna kau perlu tempuh derita." Leo "Tak ada orang akan dapat menyakiti aku tanpa izin aku." AriesDisclaimer: All right reserved. Dilarang keras untuk menciplak karya ini. Idea 100% daripada author yunakarim. Warning :⚠️ Aksi⚠️Cinta ⚠️Mature⚠️18+

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You are scored on my heart💕💕

Prologue:This story starts from everybody's believing about Rajveer's death. Let's see how the story takes new turns.P.S: I'm a new writer and I desperately need your love & support. Take care guys love ya..

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Fairy Tail x Reader

A safe place to be yourself and fall in love with your favorite characters!!! I will not judge, you will not judge, they will not judge!!! It's a beautiful environment that spreads love and happiness!! Sure, read my stories, but join the family! I spread my love to you - deadpoolxxlux#479 in Fanfiction on 8/4/17

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Rajveer Naina Some Love Stories Never End...

This is a very simple story with no twists and turns, no missions, no vamps, no secrets, a simple love story. Love between friends, Love between teacher and his students, Love between girl and boy. "SOME LOVE STORIES NEVER END... "This story is based on my all time favourite television saga Left Right Left, on my lovely couple Rajveer-Naina, on sparkling friendship of our cadets.

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Rishabala One Shot Story Collections II

My Collection of Rishabala One ShotsCover Courtesy : taranawriting

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PREETA ♡ KARANIN MY WORLD OF PREERAN (OS/TS)I am going to write OS and TS on preeran on shows track or if want it on any other concept you are free to tell me....• Tell me a track on which you Wants to me to write....•Tell me how you want that track it in the chapter....•Tell me about sad ending or happy ending also I will give it as per readers choice.....•I will take all people responses and their concepts but as per numerical order so be be ready guysss to witness our preeran in different style with different story background (with my tadka)❤️😉Give your all the love and support to it also....~Shreya❤️

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Rowdy's love story! Book2

Rowdy's love story. journey! 💜💜

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Ignorance Hurts ✔️

A Raina OS. Formerly known as "Will Naina Be Able To See Rajveer Ignoring Her?"What would have happened if Naina couldn't see Rajveer ignoring her. What tjhe makers couldn't do I have done. To know more peep in!! And do support me

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Falling for a Dragon (Complete)

Levy and Gajeel have been in love since Gajeel joined Fairy Tail, but since Gajeel is a dickhead and Levy has overprotective friends, they don't know there own feelings. That is until IT happened, and Gajeel and Levy start becoming closer. Soon Gajeel has to go away for the Grand Magic Games on Fairy Tail's B Team. Levy comes with him to cheer Gajeel- the guild on, but something is off. There is a darkness lurking in Crocus, and it feels dangerous. Which is normal for the pair, except when dangers younger sister comes in. Torment. This is my first story so it has to be bad, but it also has to be Fairy Tail. The Fairy Tail characters, settings, occasions, etc are owned by Hiro Mashima sama, NOT BY ME.

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Fairy Tail X Reader Oneshots

For many centuries, stories have connected people from all over the world. That remains true even today, because here, we're all connected by our love of Fairy Tail. So, to contribute to our wonderful community, I have decided to write a collection of short stories featuring you and your favourite Fairy Tail characters. But of course, I do not own Fairy Tail and all characters belong to Hiro Mashima. [ Requests Closed ]

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Meher really didn't have marriage in mind when she went home to meet her family after a year of not seeing them. But the expectations weighing her down didn't leave her any way to refuse, and that's how she finds herself married to Asad Ahmad Khan. Is she going to experience the dreamy, blissful married life girls dream of-Or is the marriage going to become what she always viewed it as ZANJEER

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The wait....

Romantic story on Rajveer- Naina.

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RAJVEER NAINA : Someone I Respect (SIR)

Rajveer & Naina..... for me, these two names hold my world together. Raina a world full of love, trust n romance! These two characters are the reason for me to believe in love stories...n fairy tales as well... I wish we all could witness a beautiful end of this love story, but we were quite unlucky as fans because after Rajeev's exit we hardly saw Raina moments.This ff is based on LEFT RIGHT LEFT, a youth based show.I ll start my ff keeping in view the scene where Naina got to know that Rajveer killed her brother or according to Rajveer, he freed him from all the torture n pain he ws going through!

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Tere Sang (MeeraSim AU fan fiction)

"Ya main jeet jayunga ya woh haar jayegi."Murtasim Khan, a feudal lord and business tycoon, is investigated for criminal activity when his business accounts are flagged for suspicious transactions. In the pursuit of clearing his name, Murtasim vehemently decides that Meerab Ahmed, the city's most illustrious lawyer, will guide him out of the mess. Superfluous wealth and delicate trust intertwine at the most elegant soiree between two people from two different worlds. Bloody inherited land and the majestic seven seas merge into the battleground for justice ... and for love.

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Rikara One Shot Story Collections II

sh_aarohi had asked me to post all of my Rikara stories that I had posted in indiaforums (which were originally written for Rishabala & Michi)Hope you guys will enjoy it :)Cover Courtesy :purani_riddhima

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