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Janja's Story

This is my first story so I hope you like it! Janja gets somehow trapped in a cave with Kiara. Kiara wants to know Janja's backstory on why he is the way he is. They also have other problems like food and being rescued from their cave prison. I may make a sequel to this if you like me to.

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Risk (Janja X Jasiri Fanfic)

When Jasiri offers Janja a place into her Clan, Janja refuses to join. But unexpectedly, he starts falling for her and no matter how many times he denies it, the feelings for Jasiri just get stronger and they start meeting up secretly at night.But as he starts falling for Jasiri, Janja starts to realize that he is risking his clan's safety with Scar around and is risking his own life as well. Will Janja continue to risk his life for Jasiri? Or will he turn his back on Jasiri?

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Travel with me ~ Vk ꪜ

كوڕه‌ شاراوه‌كه‌ی سه‌رۆكی مافیاكان ناسنامه‌كه‌ی ئاشكرا ده‌كرێ وه‌به‌مشێوه‌یه‌ به‌ ناچاری ده‌گه‌رێندرێته‌وه‌ كۆریا ..٠٠چیرۆكی شیپه‌ گه‌ر حه‌زی پێ ناكه‌ی تكایه‌ مه‌یخوێنه‌وه‌ 3>Start 30/5/23End 30/9/23

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RiViK ~ vk ꪜ

چی روو ده‌دات كاتێك جۆنگكووك وتایهیۆنگ له‌به‌ر كۆمپانیا هاوسه‌رگیری له‌گه‌ڵ یه‌كدا ده‌كه‌ن به‌ڵام جۆنگكووك ئه‌م هاوسه‌ر گیریه‌ی ناوێ !ڕیڤیك ~~له‌سه‌ر تایكووكه‌ گه‌ر حه‌زی پێناكه‌ی تكایه‌ مه‌یخوێنه‌وه‌

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Janja and Jasiri don't get along. But after spending time with the hyena Janja comes to care for her and feels he is in love with Jasiri and tries to impress her. Jasiri thinks she likes Janja but doesn't want to accept it because of their rivalry and different point of views in the circle of life. Will Janja make Jasiri fall for him and will Jasiri follow her heart or her beleives?I do not own the Lion Guard characters they belong to Disney. Other made up characters belong to me.

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What if Simba rises Janja

So After Lion King

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Jasiri x janja

What happens when Jasiri chases janja to a cave after he attacked tuna wema and madoa they were hurt jasiri was angry so she chased him away into a cave and he growled the rocks fell and they were trapped now they have to work together to escape will they get to know each other more and possibly fall in love. 🐺❤️🐺 and the guard kinda interferes with it oh and kion and fuli might be together or fuli Janja and jasiri might be a trio and kill kion well not kill him break his heart

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The Lion and The Hyena (Janja x Kion)

a gay love story from the show lion guard between a male Hyena named Janja and a male Lion named Kion

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Karma Akabane X Shy Reader - Discontinued

"P-please don't talk to me.... I'll just hurt you...."I know, I know.....lame summery but please go on and read my first story, thank you! ~janjan055

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JanjaXReader (Oneshots)

Hello fellow readers! These are a collection of moments between you( yes you the readers) and the famous cunning Janja! I am all open for requests or ideas, until then, chow!

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Circle of Love

Kion and Janja realize they're not so different after all...Fun fact: The story uses Janja's and Kion's names the same amount of times.

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Megatron's Son

Okay. I have had this idea in my head for a long time so I guess I better share it. Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I wish, but I don't.Starscream is the eldest son of Megatron. He has an adopted younger brother, Soundwave. And has a miserable life. But will things change when his Uncle ( Optimus Prime) and his team kidnaps him? And will Starscream get the love and attention he so very much desires? Find out!

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Scar is gone but his spirit burns with unfinished business, but he was found another to carry on his task. Kion, the former leader of the Lion Guard, turns Outlander and has a new family, the hyena clan. Embracing the words of Scar, he has a new way of life and new name. He has now taken on the destiny of freeing the hyenas even if it means taking on the Pride Lands. But can he really be the one to liberate the hyenas? Can he overcome anything that stands in his way, even those he used to call friends and family?

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Love in Hell  ~ Vk

له‌ سه‌ربازیدا هه‌موو سه‌رپێچیه‌ك سزای خۆی هه‌یه‌ جا ده‌بێ سزای خۆشه‌ویستیه‌كی قه‌ده‌غه‌كراو له‌ سه‌ربازیدا چی بێت ؟چیرۆکی شیپە تکایە گەر حەزی پێناکەی مەیخوێنەوە Start ~28/12/2023End ~ soon

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A Hyenas Love Confessions

Ever since Jasiri saved him from the steam vent he started developing feelings for the female hyena but now that they are firm friends Janja tries to give subtle hints to Jasiri. Once Janja works up the courage to ask her on a date and she says yes, but during the date Janja says something that might ruin his friendship with Jasiri forever.

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Darkness Rising

Sequel to Megatron's Son

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Janja One Shots

All in the title.I'd like to clarify this was made for others but mainly for my friend Coco (Online name)

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The Light of Day

The third book of my series. (Megatron's Son and Darkness Rising) During the time of Transformers Robots in Disguise, the first episode.

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Lion Guard Ships

All Lion Guard ships that I know of.

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I Need You ~ Janja x Jasiri

Once in childhood Janja and Jasiri were best friends and then they got separated, they met again but this time they were rivals then Jasiri befriended JANJA'S Rival Kion! Janja started to hate her more and more each day until Jasiri and Janja are taken from Leopards! They are forced to work together but maybe they will remember there past and there true feelings about each other."You don't need me.""Yes I do. I need you."

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Kion ,Janja and Jasiri- Enemies to friends

Jasiri realizes that Janja is sorry for trying to kill her. Jasiri soon lerns to trust Janja. When Kion came in the Outlands to see Jasiri, he sees Janja with Jasiri. What will Kion do? Read to find out!

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We Aren't Really Strangers

It's kind of hard to love someone when they are gone. When she met him halfway, that's when he left her. Love has its ups, downs, twists, and turns and he put her through all that. No matter what she wants or can do, it doesn't change that he is still gone...Touya is gone. The betrayal of love that will never be answered, or will it. Their love was definitely not love at first sight, no one would even go as far as to call their relationship love. But love works in its magical & mysterious ways leading to the two scared and disgraces against society to one day meet again. DABI X OC (Karma)TW: mentions of death and blood(MATURE LANGUAGE) [she/her pronouns used for OC] cover art by: @BlTTERHONEY

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Sibling Battles

Four Transformers are elder siblings to the most DANGEROUS and COOL Transformers ever!! These four have back stories that you must know. And you will meet the four most dangerous yet cool Transformers that I mentioned earlier. Be warned these eight Transformers are not to be messed with. Comment to add to the story!!!! Always adding suggestions! 😎😎😎😎Disclaimer I do not own Transformers just the siblings.

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Transformers Shipping!

Type in a ship in any of these story lines, Megatron's Son/Darkness Rising/The Light of Day, and get a quick story on an event that happened!

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jasiri x janja love story

A short heartbreaking story kion, the leader of the lion guard finds out that jasiri found another love called janja>

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I'll Come When You Roar KionxReader

EDITEDYou were abandoned by your mother when you were a cub and was taken in by Janja, and the other hyenas. They never treated you like family, and all you wanted was to escape. One day, Kion and the Lion Guard finds you weak and starving while you were hunting. Kion brings you back to his pride, where you are welcomed warmly, and nurtured back to health. The hyenas find out, and Janja is not a fan of this news. They find and take you away from Kion, but you hear his desparate roar from afar. It gives you hope, and you escape the clutches of Janja's clan once again. You and Kion become such good friends, when one day, you start to question your feelings for him....

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