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Shandra's love

Will 16 year old Lieutenant Johnathan Jefferson win the heart of the fastest aero on the base, Shandra Washington?Or will his attempt crash before it even takes off.(Warning. Jacksepticeye references)

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The Cave Ship [On Hold Until Further Notice]

1943 Germany's largest and most powerful battleship is hidden in a cave.2012 a boy falls in and rediscovers her.What will happen?

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The Supreme Flagship

Can a 16 year old Lieutenant make the supreme fog flagship Yamato fall in love with him?

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The Boy and his Porsche

A boy saves a WW2 Tiger tank from death.Read and you'll find out how they get along

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Space Between Worlds

A ship is transported from a different dimension to the Halo universe.What will happen when the UNSC find it?Will they destroy it?Or will they use it to defend earth?And what about the captain?Will he find love in the most unlikeliest of places?Or will he stay alone with nothing but: the ship, a rescued ODST and his AI, and his weapons.

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Azur Lane: The Guardian of Other's.( A USS Missouri and IJN Yamato Story.)

How the world meets the legends.

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An American With A Battleship Goes Through The Multiverse.

An adventure through the Multiverse with new friends. Note: I'm work with kuweeby2 and Dr Destiny. And no the dumbass know as Captainrex2177 is not joining.

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The New Commander (Azur Lane Fanfiction)

Yamatomo Mazuhashi had finished his officers training course at Age 25 and promoted to Admiral at Age 26. At the Age of 26 he had been doing nothing but be an assistance of the fleet Admiral which is his big sisterUntil the higher ups manage to give him a position that made Yamatomo confused. Be the commander of Azur LaneThey didn't put the deeper details on what this "organization" is but surely enough the position commander is already open to himNow he will be commanding a fleet of beautiful shipgirls"Oh, what the hell is this? This is not what I'm trained for." (This story is inspired by a book called "The Empires New Commander" by @Matsukatsu. Basically the first plot is similar to the story but I want to change a little bit. Also this inspiration is just me a little disappointed yet happy because of the ending. This story is just me waisting my vacation I have nothing better to do. My Gate Fanfic will wait)

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Yamato and musashi vs Bismarck and tirpitz

Which would win the Yamato the strongest battleship in the world or Bismarck the famous ship that sank the hood

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The brother of Yamato

The Ijn Tokyo is the brother to the Yamato class what will happen if he went to Azur lane.

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Isekai'd as a Battleship in a world of Swords and Magic

prologue: Yamato Isoroku(yes I just named her that) is a single woman in her mid 40's when suddenly whilst she was having some fun swimming get ran over by some DD which didn't see her and then she got Isekai'ed as the IJN Yamato of the Yamato-class in a world of swords and magicAuthor's note: this novel is my first novelrn I am on pause so please do be patient and read some other novels for the time being------------------------Everything in this novel is fictional so if any names, places or events match up then it's a fictional one so don't take anything too seriouslyalso the cover picture isn't mine and if it's yours please let me use it as the cover... I am a bad artist so I don't wanna show my art...(note: this is brought from Webnovel and is currently on hiatus(like every of my damn creations))

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"Ik kan prima voor mezelf zorgen, jullie zijn toch nooit thuis!" mijn ouders kijken elkaar aan "nu zeg je maar wat, we hebben al die 19 jaar voor je gezorgd en zijn er altijd voor je geweest!" mijn moeder is alleen nog maar bozer nu. "Weetje, we wonen dan misschien wel in hetzelfde huis, maar ik heb niet het gevoel dat dit 'thuis' is, ik slaap al als jullie thuis komen en als ik wakker word, zijn jullie alweer weg, de laatste keer dat we met z'n allen hebben gegeten, was toen ik vijf was ofzo. Dit is gewoon een huis, geen thuis." al mijn frustratie komt eruit en daarna ren ik de trap op, de tranen lopen over mijn wangen.

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Death of a Titan: The Sinking of the IJN Yamato

Ships of war are nothing new but what happened to the greatest warship ever built? WARNING: MIGHT BE BORING!! Title picture from Wikipedia

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Three Battleships in Azur Lane

This story follows USS Texas as he Wisconsin and IJN Yamato embark on one of the greatest adventures of their lives.

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Water and Shadows (Darkling x OC) (Shadow and Bone fanfic)

Sequel to 'Fire and Shadows'After she is reunited with her lover, Anya helps the Darkling find Alina, so they can continue their plan to control the Fold. But what happens when he starts getting a bit too close with Alina?How will Anya react? But most importantly, what will she do to stop it?Enjoy :)Based on the show and the books.I don't own Shadow and Bone or anything from the Grishaverse, I only own my OC's and original plotlines.

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Ik ga helpen, met alles wat ik heb.

Heeeyy! Dit is mijn tweede boek. Al hoewel ik hoop dat ik dit beter onder controle heb. Nou goed, dit boek gaat over Claire . Claire is een meisje uit Utrecht, ze leeft in een toxische wereld met haar vriend, Sam. Ze hebben altijd ruzie, Claire kan het niet, ze kan niet zeggen dat het niet werkt, want hij verwoest haar. Sam is bevriend met de bankzitters, Claire heeft niet veel met hun. Sam vraagt haar mee, uiteten. Met de bankzitters, misschien krijgt ze een klik met iemand veel beters..

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Yamato's dimension hopping

(Ok, I'm gonna be honest here, this story is a request from someone so this isn't going to be updated as frequently or as much as MJTM, UAM , or even MJL; just had to put it out there)IJN Yamato, the right ship for the wrong era. He barely did anything in WW2 other than being the equivalent a massive floating hotel. But after he is sunk he is resurrected with all of his siblings. Now he must adjust to a new enemy and a new political minefield, will he and his siblings join Crimson Axis and fight alongside old allies? Or will a miracle happen and they join Azur Lane? Let's find out, shall we?

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Jego Żona

Co zrobisz gdy nagle stanie przed Tobą miłość Twojego życia ? Będziesz musiała dokonać wyboru. Jednak czy w mafijnym świecie kobieta ma jakiś wybór ? Życie Adrianny Kings pięknej żony Natana Kingsa wywraca się do góry nogami gdy na jej drodze staje nie kto inny jak najbardziej mroczny, wpływowy i pożądany mężczyzna świata Teo Mancinni.

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The new kid in town. (A Rinney story🤭)

no smut, but there will be making out scenes😭Finney Blake is the new boy in town, that's when he meets the 'second toughest kid in school', he isn't all that much to be honest, but he was good looking, he won't deny that. They get more closer, they soon enough become best friends.

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Death Match (Clato)

When Cato's sister dies, he wants to end his life. Clove is the reason he is still alive. When they go into the games, they explain their feelings to each other. Will they survive? This story has a different ending than the book does!(I wrote this when I was like 10 and English isn't my first language, so the grammar is probably not the best (understatement))

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Without you // bankzitters

Matthyas, een over het algemeen rustige, aardige jongen. Zijn moeder is toen hij zeven was gestorven. Veel kan hij zich daardoor niet meer herinneren van zijn moeder. Zodra zijn vader een nieuwe vriendin krijgt, voelt het voor Matthyas niet goed. Hoe kan zijn vader zijn moeder opeens vervangen? Dat is oneerlijk.Door alle veranderingen, kropt Matthyas veel angst en woede op. Hij rookt en krijgt steeds meer last van zijn agressie problemen, wat zorgt voor impulsieve acties. ---Geschreven: januari 2024---

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(Yami x Reader) Bullied by your dorm buddy (COMPLETE)

Your name is y/n, a school has taken interest in you. Sadly, you must say goodbye to your parents for the school is dormitory. When you arrive after a painfully long trip, you realize that this isn't an ordinary public school, it's an all boys school taking you in. You make it to your dorm where you meet your rival/bully/and love life.I'll have you know that none of the art placed above is mine. I do not own Yugioh whatsoever. Have fun!🥳

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Donkere nachten, helder licht //ft bankzitters

Dit verhaal volgt Maan, een jong meisje dat thuis mishandeld wordt en een eetstoornis ontwikkelt. Haar leven verandert wanneer ze steun vindt bij haar neef Matthy, een bekende online content creator, en zijn vrienden, de Bankzitters. Samen doorstaan ze Maan's diepste dalen en vieren ze haar overwinningen.Het vertelt over de kracht van vriendschap, liefde en zelfacceptatie. Het laat zien hoe een steunend netwerk het verschil kan maken en inspireert om te geloven in eigen veerkracht, zelfs in de moeilijkste tijden.Dit is het verhaal van Maan, Matthy en de Bankzitters. Hun reis van pijn naar genezing is een bron van inspiratie.- Geschreven door xxRobin

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On - facet z półświatka, gangster, który wychodzi z więzienia. Mimo dużych wpływów, nie przewidział, że znajdzie się tam przez swoją kobietę. Teraz wychodzi na wolność i niczego nie pragnie bardziej niż zemsty.Ona - bez względu na wszystko pełna uczuć do niego. Zdaje sobie sprawę, jak działa jego świat. Wie, że jej nie odpuści. Czy obudzi w nim uczucie sprzed lat? Jak on zareaguje na skrywane sekrety.

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