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Htf boyfriend scenarios

I never really seen boyfriend scenarios with them so I wanted to make one I do not own happy tree friendI own the plot and if it seem it look like someone else I'm sorry

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HTF Incorrect Quotes

Incorrect quotes, but htf.

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HTF Ship Review

⚠️Disclaimer: These are my opinions on the ships⚠️

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My Flippy with Ptsd

This is a htf Flippy x Reader x Flipqy so cringe! Yay.

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HTF: Shifty and the mad maze.

Lifty and Shifty were trying to rob Flippys house again. But Fliqpy had other plans so he set up a little game just for Shifty and this one ain't a good one it's a living nightmare filled with madness. What happened to Lifty? What is Fliqpy planning? Will Shifty get out of there alive?

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HTF Oneshots

Yes, this is a Happy Tree Friends series. This is gonna be veeeery interesting... Especially since the only characters I know a lot about are Flippy, Nutty, and Cuddles.... Oh well.

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A Young Happy Tree Friend named Y/n moves into Happy Tree Town and discovers a new point of view. She only thinks that friends will be made, but she ends up meeting a Fun-Loving, Reckless, and Energetic Rabbit named Cuddles that she could barely keep up with, but ends up falling in Love with him, and he isn't a ordinary crush she'd forget, but remain by his side for the rest of time. Are They Unity?Book Requested By: @Pinkrain65Encouraged By: ImWhiteeBook Cover made by: TheVibeCookie (The Author)

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The One Who Blind

(This is a flippy x flaky story from HTF)-this story contain, flash back, masters, and abuse lemon-*features: cubbles giggles flippy flaky handy lammy petunia and sniffles*Summary:Cuddles her old master but he die sadly but now flaky has a new master!!!!! How does she keep getting herself into this...

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Happy Tree Friends x Reader Oneshots (REQUEST CLOSED)

A Book of the Happy Tree Friends Being Shipped in many different ways!Hey Guys! I wanted to make so many HTF x Reader stories, I was just gonna make full Stories of each HTF Character, but I was like "If I do them all separately, it'll take me longer, so why not just do Oneshots!!" Besides, I love writing stories, especially of others will see it and like it too! ^w^ I hope you all enjoy!!

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DiscoPop: A HTF Disco Bear x Pop FanFic

DiscoPop Fanfic. Been sooooo obsessed with the dynamic of a struggling single dad and a disco artist trying to keep relevancy in a town that doesn't like him. It's kinda cute.The story opens up following Disco Bear's point of view. He's characterized to be a creepy arrogant bear who's built himself a terrible reputation. Pop is a single father trying to raise his son but is having a hard time doing it. Although Disco Bear doesn't like children, he and Pop eventually fall in love, of course, and Disco Bear effectively fills in the role of the second parent. They're both not great at being parents, but they're trying.Also, this story is kinda celebrity x fan adjacent, since Disco Bear is a musician that Pop enjoyed when he was younger. It is important to the story, especially for Disco Bear's side. (Dead dove do not eat)**TRIGGER WARNING**Disco Bear has an eating disorder that relates to his insecurity with his body, specifically being born a bear (who naturally are bulkier) and trying to stay appearing young. I myself struggle with body insecurity so I feel comfortable writing it, but please leave constructive criticism if it's handled incorrectly or insensitively.Also, because it is Happy Tree Friends, there are parts where the characters die brutal deaths. This is written not only to explain how the world works, but also to keep the integrity of the show. Writing this warning just in case someone not familiar with Happy Tree Friends wants to read.

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Nutty x Sniffles: Rebel

Sniffles was the class president, the hard worker, and the school's genius. His life turned upside down upon the arrival of a sugar addicted, gym ditching, hyper active guy named Nutty. They become close and a beautiful friendship blossoms, maybe love will too?

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Test Subject 009 (Flippy x Flaky)

Flaky has always wanted to help others, but due to her shy nature she never tried. That changes when her friends offer her a job as a psychiatrist for a mental facility. She takes it immediately and thus starts her strange and twisted relationship with Patient 009.

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Danganronpa: Joy of Ferocity (HTF x Danganronpa)

Do you like Danganronpa? Do you like Happy Tree Friends? Or do you just want to see cute animals kill each other in a mystery solving Killing Game? Then this series is perfect for you! Join Cuddles and many other colorful characters in this nightmare of a Killing Game, full of betrayal! Warning: This contains pink blood and dark topics, but no swearing! Wanna discuss with other readers? Here's the Discord Server!

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The New Town: HTF x Reader

The New Town is a story where (Y/n) moves out of their childhood town to live with their best friend in Happy Tree Town. Their best friend has lived in Happy Tree Town for three years, and knows of the dangers of the so called beautiful town. She wants (Y/n) to stay safe, but she knows that with (Y/n) now in the town, things won't really be the same for the two friends. Especially since (Y/n)'s first few days and encounters haven't taken pity on the new resident of the town.

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I've always wanted to make a Mime x Female Reader, I don't see many Stories on him, so why not! ❀😊 I love Mime! I hope you guys enjoy! (Happy Tree Friends)

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Will you still love me? (Flippy/Fliqpy x Splendid)

Since coming back from war, Flippy, the town's veteran suffers from PTSD. His evil alter has made his life a living nightmare. But after meeting the town's hero for the first time, both their lives took a sudden turn for better and for worse.

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Happy Tree Friends x reader [I Was High When I Made This Give Me A Break]

Ya this has Ooc written all over itHighest Rank Achieved~ 1st Place in htfHighest Rank Achieved~ 2nd Place in Happytreefriends

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HTF:Without A Hitch (Alternate Ending)

Happy Tree FriendsAn alternate ending for the episode "Without a Hitch."Starring:Flaky and Flippy.Of course I own nothing of this all characters belong to Mondo Media.

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This book contains Zodiacs but Happy Tree Friends edition! Nothing here is not meant to be accurate and is just meant for entertainment purposes only! I do not own Happy Tree Friends and that all credit goes to Mondo Media!Anyways have fun! πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

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Flippy/Fliqpy x military reader

this is for all my Flippy simps the fanart is not mine!!!

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On Night's Wing (Toothless X Blind Reader)

(Y/N) is a female Nightfury and thought to be the last of her kind. (Y/N) is a special Nightfury and the reason why is because she's blind but that doesn't slow her down. One day while in the safety of the nest in the protection of the Bewilderbeast, Valka came back but with a one legged viking and a male Nightfury. Will these two Nightfurys fall in love? (This is takes place from HTTYD 2 and I do not own any of the charters, they belong to their rightful owners but I do own the reader charter)

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Riveting (FNF x Neutral!reader)

°•*β€βž· [FNF X Reader] ━FINISHED━━━━━━ β—¦ ❖ β—¦ ━━━━━━In which (Y/n) followed the two along to see what the fuss and hype was all about.━━━━━━ β—¦ ❖ β—¦ ━━━━━━TOP 1 IN AGOTI TAG 18/01/2022 TOP 1 IN WHITTY TAG 20/01/2022TOP 1 IN FNFXREADER TAG 22/01/2022Top 1 in midfightmqsses tag 12/02/2022Top 3 in both FNF and fridaynightfunkin tag! :DTop 2 in fridaynightfunkin tag!! :D 28/11/2021Top 3 in variousxreader 15/01/2022TOP 1 in FNFXREADER 28/01/2023FNF nor any mods are mine, they all belong to their respective owners.

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The Tyrant's Reward

On the youngest princess's anniversary, an army of relentless soldiers had infiltrated the castle walls alongside their king, Flippy, the ruler of Sequoia. Madness, chaos and turmoil filled the kingdom with fear and despair. Luckily, the king had made the great and selfless act of offering his youngest daughter to the tyrant in exchange for the kingdom's safety and protection. Will this workout in the king's favor or will king Flippy refuse this offer and put end to the royal bloodline? You'll have to read to find out

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Dragon's Heart (Toothlessxreader)

You look up and make eye contact with beautiful green eyes that seem to shine in the bright sun. He kept my gaze and I saw him form a smile and say " You are a nightfury!" He starts to get closer to me and at that moment my brothers get in front of me forming a shield and growling at the other nightfury.

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(HTF Story) Pop's Suffer

What if instead of Flippy there was another bear who has a different person in him. instead Flippy/Fliqpy. is Pop and it's evil versionHTF characters belongs to MondoMedia

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HTF: where are you

Fliqpy is add it again but this time he is determined to kill by torturing, raping, and kidnapping one of the notorious Raccoon brothers...but little does Fliqpy know he has made...a grave mistake...

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