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Behind the Paper Walls

This "it was all a dream" story is about a girl struggling to cope with a breakup she endured a few years ago.I wrote this for a college English assignment, but I thought maybe Wattpad would like it. Hope you enjoy.

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Inspired by a video from CrankThatFrank, CrankThatBrendon tells us about the beautiful relationship that had blossomed between one forehead king and another.

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Hitochi instagram

Bonjour et bienvenue sur mon instar!

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The Rainbow Fic

You asked, you got.Yes, this is from that CrankThatFrank video.You're Welcome.

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"Hi, can I request a story?" "Hi there! Sure, any details you want for the story?" "My love, it's your fault for doing such wrongdoings and when we make mistakes, we have to be responsible for it.""I didn't know you have such humour, y/n kamei. You starting to amuse my life.""Fuck, y/n. I bet you don't wanna feel all these tortures don't you?"×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××Y/n Kamei, who fell into her own trap which leads to a rather amusing routine. Dark, empty, maniacs. These three words are enough to describe the so-called new mafia life. She didn't even want to be in this messy chaos, but she did it herself and now she wanna left this worst life. Not until they told her about the risks, left her in a dilemma. Who are they? What are the risks? Nobody knows. Even Y/N herself doesn't know. ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××WARNING!! This story contained lots of swearing, adult scenes and lots more that could trigger any of the readers. So please be careful and if you're afraid to read it then please don't, thank you.

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Message classroom

Watsapp quoi

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boys just wanna love | nct dream

the boys are back at it again, but this time with teachers at their throats and ding dongs killing off their mitochondrias.[sequel to ; boys just wanna have fun][slow updates]

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oxytocin | tokyorev oneshots

oxy·​to·​cin | \ ˌäk-si-ˈtō-sᵊn Oxytocin has the power to regulate our emotional responses and pro-social behaviors, including trust, empathy, gazing, positive memories, processing of bonding cues, and positive communication.fluff | angst (with happy ending)various!tokyo revengers x fem!reader oneshots and headcannons <3

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Senran Kagura Smash or Pass

You know, I completely forgot about this in its entirety which is weird cuz I can remember a time when I used to read Senran Kagura stories on this site. How strange.Anyways, I own nothing but the idea

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Incorrect quotes villanous(Discontinued)

Cover by me :3 also may be inspired by other incorrect quote books

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Night Tripping

You were night-tripping terror on I-40.

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✨Naruto Group Chat✨

Found some funny ass naruto chats and decided to post it on Wattpad 😂😂honestly it made my day lol

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Damn Shawty  (Naruto various x reader)

When a weeb girl Gets hit by truck Kun and Is reincarnated in Naruto universe. Find out how she simps for the characters and make her own harem without knowing it , as she is stupid and dense , so she does not know how the people around look at her with love In their eyes ."Bro Itachi soo hot"" Shut up he is my brother and the village traitor " " Like I care 💅" " Y/n he is a red flag " " Red is my favourite color bestie💗"

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azure lemons 2

yeah another lemon book

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Book Of Arts || 3rd Art Book ✔

Now there's a triplet//shot

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One Stop Yaoi, The First Stop (Editing)

Hey guys! Just like what the title says, this is a one stop list of yaoi.. be it anime, manga, live action, or bl games. I also added android app games.The mangas in this list are highly recommended, I already read them and I really enjoyed them and hoping that someday it will turn into anime.There are also animes that I enjoyed and most of them are my personal favorites, they are on the top list.So I hope you'll check them out and enjoyed them as much as I do.Thank you for visiting.Love lots, Rainbhel.

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BNHA One-Shots UWU (Book 2)

Henlo! Book Two of My one-shots of the boi's of BNHA. I hope you enjoy. ^-^All of the one-shots will be X Female!Reader , I apologize.Credit to the artists for making amazing artwork!

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Death. I expected it but it came when I I least expected.Reincarnation. I don't know what to expect from it. But I've learnt that one must always expect the unexpected.

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Rayito de Luz

¿Jamás te sentiste como las flores? Unas veces marchita, otras reluciente y llena de vida. Quizás todos tenemos algo de semejanza con ellas. A todos nos toca crecer y vernos en plena tormenta. A todos nos toca encontrar la luz.

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Senator and Soldier

Senator Riyo Chuchi is beginning to lose her faith in the Republic. After being the target of several assassination attempts, she finds herself placed under the protection of Commander Fox and the Coruscant Guard. Riyo has many suspicions about the leadership of the Republic and decides to take matters into her own hands. With the help of Commander Fox, she begins to unravel the many mysteries of the Senate, and of her own mind as well. Commander Fox never took interest in politics until Riyo Chuchi entered his life. He had only ever seen the war as black and white. However, as the two of them began to work together to uncover several plots and mysteries within the Republic and the war, he finds himself lost in a pool of gray. War is not all it had seemed at first. Fox is swept away in a whirl of plots and plans, and the only thing there to anchor him is a senator whom he'd had no interest in. The more Fox is with Riyo, though, the more he realizes that there is more to life than following orders. The war is nearing its end and no one knows what waits beyond it. Senators and soldiers alike must reach for the truth and take hold in time, or else be caught in the wave of ruin threatening to sweep over the galaxy. WarningThis book contains themes that may trigger some and deals with the subject of war. There will be chapters that deal with death, suicide, slight gore, etc.(Canon characters as well as planets within the Star Wars universe are not created by me. I only take credit for my original characters and this story. I do NOT own the characters of Fox and Riyo. I tried to stick true to their portrayal within The Clone Wars series, while also tying in my own thoughts and takes on their personalities and behaviors.)Completed December 9, 2020My Star Wars Fanfiction Timeline Order1) Jedi and Clone2) Senator and Soldier3) Broken Codes4) Trooper5) Daughter of Mortis6) Child of Balance*SPAM VOTERS AND UNSOLICITED CRITICS MAY BE MUTED* see bio

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du bist und bleibst für immer ein teil von mir.

17.Dezember 2016. Der Zug fährt ein. Unsicherheit macht sich in ihr breit. "Soll ich das wirklich tun?" Nach ewigem Warten auf diesen Tag ist es endlich soweit: Melodie kann ihren Plan umsetzen. Der Zug wird sie nach Stuttgart bringen und ihr Leben für immer ändern. Sie wird ihr altes Leben hinter sich lassen. Carlo treffen und für immer bei ihm bleiben. Für immer ein Teil von ihm sein.Zumindest ist das ihre Vorstellung. Ist sie wirklich bereit, alles aufzugeben und komplett ohne jegliche Absicherung abzuhauen? Was, wenn sie es alleine nicht schafft? Was, wenn sie Carlo nie trifft? Und was, wenn Carlo anders ist, als gedacht?•Sexuelle Szenen können vorkommen.•amy - das alles gebührt nur dir.♡

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DC and Marvel x Reader One-Shots

DC and Marvel.Depression invoking comic book franchises.Not new information.Have a nice day.-Updates when convenient-

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My Hero Academia Oneshots + Matchups

Here you can read countless variations or the exact same characters Kohei Horikoshi has created. Maybe you're curious to who your perfect MHA match is? I'll pair you up to the best of my capabilities! Currently requests are closed; Both Matchups and Oneshots! Highest ranked in Fanfiction- #112

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Bizcochitos Salados

Este cuento breve relata la historia de una pequeña que ansía el regreso de su padre, preso por la crueldad de la última dictadura militar argentina. Mientras transita su espera, el amor de su abuela se expresa en unos riquísimos bizcochitos salados. Acompaña este relato la ilustración de Marcelo Corona. HISTORIA HOMENAJE A ABUELAS, MADRES E HIJOS DE DESAPARECIDOS DURANTE LA ÚLTIMA DICTADURA MILITAR EN ARGENTINA. Nos encuentran en Instagram como: @sol.bianchi4 y @otro_corona_mas

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Uchiha Kusuo hằng ngày

tác giả:Đồ chín tuổiĐây là một cái siêu năng lực giả ở ninja thế giới chuyện xưa.Uchiha Kusuo: [ cầu các ngươi làm ta làm người thường đi. ]Uchiha Kusuo: [ ta chỉ là muốn một cái bình tĩnh sinh hoạt mà thôi. ]Uchiha Itachi: "?"Uchiha Sasuke: "?"Uchiha Shisui: "?"Uchiha Fugaku: "?"Uchiha Obito: "?"Uchiha Madara: "?"--Chú:1, vô nữ chủ, chủ yếu đi cốt truyện, khôi hài phun tào cũng làm đại sự.2, tổng mạn, chủ hỏa ảnh, không đổi bản đồ, đàn xuyên, thận nhập.3, nguyên danh kêu 《 Uchiha Kusuo tai nạn 》, sau lại bởi vì không phù hợp trang web yêu cầu đổi thành 《 Uchiha Kusuo hằng ngày 》, nhưng là, kỳ thật một chút đều ít ngày nữa thường, tất cả đều là tai nạn......

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My weird art book cause I have no life

Random art and I suck at drawingBtw most of my drawings suck.

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