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(Httyd x Shara reader) Feel The Pressure

A angry dragon just getting on with their life is suddenly thrust into action as they were discovered by Hiccup and his Friendsdont own Mhw or Httyd

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Trollhunters: The Written Future

After the events of the Shattered King, the Trollhunter team finds themselves in a mysterious room surrounded by classmates, teachers, family, trolls, and even enemies. What would happen when Jim Lake's secret is revealed and everyone's life changes. Watching Their Show/Reveal Fanfic. ALL RIGHTS GO TO DREAMWORKS!RATING: K+ - We can get pretty inappropriate, whoopsie!

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Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (Jim x OC)

Sadie Domzalski is a normal girl in a totally normal town until her best friend Jim Lake finds the Amulet of the Trollhunter. After being recruited by Jim to help protect their town and Trollmarket alongside her brother Toby and their new troll allies, they can't help but think that their biggest threat is yet to come.*All credits go to Dreamworks except for Sadie and my weapons/plot addition*

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Bittersweet Memories- A Stray Kids Short Story Collection

Memories are moments in time. They last from mere seconds, to decades, but their stories are eternal.Welcome to a collection of Stray Kids Short Stories, all capturing stories that may not last long, but I hope stay in your minds and hearts all the same. Hope you enjoy!Thank you to @HEARTOFASUN for designing the cover :))

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You'll Become Part of Us (Human AU)

(Sort of a sequel of "How Octonaughty Became Octonaughty")This story is based on the episode The Team Factor but more dramatic. A fellow numberhuman decided to ask the What Iffer what this whole thing is was a game of Team Factor Game but decided to leave some clues of theirself behind.

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Monstrous Turf Wars

Pitting two of Monster Hunter's legendary beasts against each other.

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What Hurts the Most

After the divorce, Reyhan is forced to return to the mansion when Hikmet takes a turn for the worst. He gets better, but when she gets a mysterious note about him still being in danger, she decides to stay to protect him and to investigate. She gets help from an unexpected source and during the course of their investigation, more secrets get uncovered than she anticipates. How does she protect her uncle while still protecting Emir from Cemre's threats? Yemin post episode 121 fic.

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Cursed | Werewolf By Night

The Bloodstone Temple is where hunters gather round to see what lurks behind the shadows and what evil has done to those less fortunate than others. With the passing of Ulysses Bloodstone, the red gem is up for grabs. On a dark and somber night, the secret group of hunters assembles at the Temple to compete for the stone as red as blood. And while most of the hunters want the power for themselves, one hunter, in particular, seems disinterested, and another believes it should be given to its heir-- Elsa Bloodstone. As the unique hunter Jack Russell tries to keep his curse a secret, a fellow hunter by the name of Jasmine Kane can't help but wonder what his secret could be, given she has a cursed secret of her own.

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hxh oneshots •>•

pls realise that these oneshots were made ALL THE WAY IN MARCH AND APRIL 2021 and i'm pretty sure i'm a whole new person now. Please enjoy these weird oneshots taht were made in early 2021 and have a great day!!! :DDDthis is so cheesy omg-

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Dragon Academy

When 15 year old Synna Rhukin enters her mother's off-limit basement, she stumbles upon a curious crystal. With the slightest touch, the green stone instantly encases her entire body. The last thing she sees before the crystal seals her eyes, is her mother desperately running down the staircase.When Synna opens her eyes, she finds herself in a world that's nothing like her own. The crystal seems to have transported her to the land of Fulmin, where people comfortably fly the sky on the backs of their Dragon companions.

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Child Of Infinity (Malereader X HunterHunter) [COMPLETED]

One day, When Your father, Satoru Gojo was killed by a sadistic man with pink hair, You dedicate your life to finding him and killing him in cold blood. When you learn that these "hunters" have an easier time traveling around, You decided to take the hunter exam, but when you meet a green-haired boy...Everything Changed.SHIZUKU X MALE READERI dont Jujutsu Kaisen or Hunter x Hunter.I dont own any of the gifs or Images used in this story.

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The Thunder Wolf Rises: RWBY Harem x Zinogre Faunus Male Reader

This is a story requested by @JordanHannaEvans ask shout outs, and Zinogre is one if my favorite monsters in the Monster Hunter series. So, here is the story.For years every remembers the story of the legendary creature called Zinogre, now years later an unknown surge of lightning has been happening in one area where a team is sent to investigate and on their arrival they meet a boy who is a Faunus Species related to the legendary creature itself getting everyone's attention, he gets invited to Beacon Academy as he won the hearts of a lot girls as they fell in love with him as well.Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY and Monster Hunter. RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth and Monster Hunter belongs to Capcom.

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Flesh and Stone {Draal x Reader (Jim Lake's sister)}

Jim Lake's sister, Y/n Lake, is the family fighter and protector. Them and their friend, Toby Domzalski, discover that their is a world living beneath their feet. It is Jim's job to protect troll and mankind from the GummGumms. But, there are TWO Trollhunters?! What will happen in this little adventure of theirs? Will a certain troll take a liking to her?(Disclaimer) The cover is not mine, I found it on Google, and I don't own Trollhunters.

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Darkness Flame and Light

Feyre is still recovering from the war, the loss of her mate had impacted her in more ways that she realised and now she was alone in a place she didn't know. Aelin is celebrating the rebuilding of Orynth with her friends when a sobbing female interrupted their reunion. Bryce is enjoying her somewhat normal life with Hunt, until a portal opens in her living room.

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𝙃𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙓𝙃𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧 [𝙈𝙀𝙈𝙀𝙎]

Just some Hunter x Hunter memes!MIGHT BE SPOILERS!I don't own hunter x hunter now do I own these memesThis book is meant for the readers to laugh and save the memes! This took a long time so love youuu!✰ Hope you enjoy! ✰

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Because they fell in love...

It was love at first sight for both of them. Though they never accepted this, but it was there. They felt that spark when the very first time their eyes met.This is my take on the story of Reyhan and Emir.Hope you guys like this.😊

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The Gore Magala Girl {A Monster Hunter Story}

Not knowing much of her past Rika a Gore Magala half-breed Hunter travels the land finding her long lost brother Takeo slowly discovering her powers of the Gore Magala and protecting a 9 year old girl named Touka as her friends help her with quests

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Hunting for love (Liz LeRue x  reader)

It all starts with a misunderstanding, Y/n L/n is a freak with a heart of gold. but meets Liz off on the wrong hand. Y/n L/n must keep hiding while finding her lost friend, as well as making Allies with the babysitter's and maybe find love?

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HxH head cannons book!

head cannons, bf situations, random thoughts :) dude im like a little busy right now might discontinue the series 😳😳

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Izuku, The Wyvern of All

Will add a description another day, just know that this is a My Hero Academia crossover with Monster Hunter.*MHA is owned by Kohei Horikoshi**Monster Hunter is owned by Capcom**Credit to artists for any artwork used*

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The Magi Hunter (Editing)

Werewolves exist. Vampires, warlocks, faeries and every other creature you've heard about under the night sky along with them. Along with these creatures, in the shadows, the hunters lurk in the edges, where light meets dark, hunting down anything and anyone who dares to cross the line. The Magi Hunter is only one of these hunters, and would never have told you her story herself. That is why I'm telling it to you for her. Because even hunters need to know not everything you see through the dark needs to be killed, and not all hunters stay only at the edges of the darkness beyond. A/N: An old story of mine, as they say: Old, but gold. Or maybe this one is more of a silver... ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! Copyright ©2014 @HanneIBMThe picture does not belong to me, all rights to the original owner.Status: in editing

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After three long months, Team VAKAD is finally back together, and Violet finally knows the secret behind all the strange occurrences happening to her. But she isn't the only one who knows... Redrum's well aware and they have their own plans.Join Violet in the final installment of the Defenders Trilogy. It all ends here.

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The hunter who protected a dragon

The admiral: "A new world, new dangers"Yang: "DAD!!"The admiral: "And a new family"

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Miraculous Ladybug x Monster Hunter Crossover

On this chapter is about Marinette Dupain Cheng and Adrien Agreste was fighting a akuma name Dimensional but little they did know that Dimensional use a portal to go to the another dimension and they need to track it down. After they ran into the portal they realize they not at Paris anymore and they in a very unknown world know Monster Hunter dimension with there have human who wear very different clothing than their's clothing.Will they able go back to their to their 's own dimension or stuck at this dimension.The character I didn't own them all is copyright to the righteous owner.

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Untangling the Web

After their terrible split over the summer following the cheating scandal, Reyhan and Emir have finally gotten their relationship back on track. But a series of unfortunate events leads Reyhan to believe someone means them harm. How can she untangle the web Cemre has spun and protect her family members, especially the most vulnerable one of all?

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Night of the blood moon hunt ( Yandere RWBY X Male Reader)

Y/N was no ordinary Huntsman, his semblance allows himself to use Blood like abilities to use other semblances like superhuman speed, strength, teleportation and accelerated healing. Things were looking good for him until the school became full of vampires, and he needs to find a way to escape or fight to find a way to end the nightmare.... will he succeed, will he escape... or will he be left to a bloody fate. It's one bloody hell of a ride.All references to said things are owned by their respective companies and RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth.

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