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Lloyd And Harumi | New Beginnings

This is set after Crystalized again. and in this story it is Lloyd and Harumi getting used to each other again and the other ninja learning to except her. Garmadon is back and evil again. This is a sweet funny story, with romance, mayhem, and life lessons. This is not a lemon\smut, I DO NOT WRITE lemons or smut.

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Lloyd and Harumi after Crystalized

This is what i kinda want for what is called united and whatever i know abt it true or not i will try to put scenes other than llorumi but i am focusing on llorumi prob more than the show fyi and i will try my best to keep it like the show :)

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Lego Ninjago (Lloyd & Harumi)

Harumi Valeri is Lloyd's best friend when they were in boarding school,one time they both escape the school but both went to different sides and they never see each other again.Will they both meet again? Will Lloyd be able to save Harumi from Lord Garmadon? Will Lloyd be able to turn his father back to normal?

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Ninjago The twisting Harumi

Harumi want Lloyd back

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Harumi Haruno

Harumi Haruno she is the twin sister of Sakura also a ANBU but only her and other ninjas now this her sister thinks she goes to a different school not for learning to be a ninja what happens if the hokage sends her to the academy and puts her on a team of genins to make friends her age? how does she react? how about her ANBU team? How would her sister react? READ TO FIND OUT! I don't own Naruto or any of the pictures! this is also my first story ever!!

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Harumi, through life and death.

episode 92 spoilers. harumi died. now its time for her to go to the departed realm. who will she meet, and how will she react?

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You are Y/N L/N, a Saiyan who fell on Ninjago city, after a while u were found by Lloyd and his friends, Wu adopted you making you his sonWant to know more?Well read it to find out!

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Ninjago I'm still here(Lloyd x Harumi)

(Warning) Battles and injuries included in this story(Warning)Garmadon along with the sons of Garmadon have been locked up, Harumi fell from the building but survived, she has recovered but has been locked up with her crew, Lloyd can't let go his feelings, is there chance this bad girl can go good? Let's find out. (I don't really ship this but I'm trying my best to keep a great story.)

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Vigilante TommyInnit  au

pretty much just what the title say but with a twist!There might be some Cursing and other thing's that some of you might not like, but i will put Tw's in chapter if there is any! Hope you will enjoy this story!The book is inspired by many other Vigilante Tommy themed books! So if u want to give me / you have a idea as to what i can add to new chapters you can either write a comment or dm me!

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Ninjago: Lloyd  and Harumi have a family

This is going to be a story about Lloyd and Harumi Starting a family.

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Suffer II Morro x Harumi

Few know his identity.💚Few despise him.💚Few know his truth.💚Even fewer share it.💚They both have their reasons, and once you hear them. . .💚Your beloved Green Ninja won't be so beloved anymore.☆*: .。. 👻💚 🌸.。.:*☆Morro Haruto is depressed, poor, unloved, and a ghost. It's all the Green Ninja's fault.Harumi Jade is depressed, an orphan, hurt, and has millions of duties. And the Green Ninja's the reason.When these two corrupted souls meet, thousands of destinies unfold. A little love can heal the broken heart. And they both want to see a certain Ninja suffer.

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Chole and Lucas garmadon daughter and son to Lloyd and harumi

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Combined Chaos | Llorumi

So basically the ninja just use Lloyd as a weapon and actually hate him . Lloyd knows about this and one day while walking down the streets he meets harumi . harumi and Lloyd team up and are both the quiet ones . they plan for a year and grow very close .#1 lloyd - 29/12/22#1 llorumi - 29/12/22

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So this happend after they defeated the crystal king a.k.a overlord.There are other ships here(can't think of a title😃)I have just realised that harumi did not go to jail sorry for my misunderstood but I will still continue the story

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Weeks after the reacurring events with Lord Garmadon, Lloyd Garmadon - the green ninja - gets a call from the hospital of Ignacia, letting him know that Harumi Jade is alive and well. Desperate to see her, he sets off to Ignacia on his motorcycle despite his friends telling him not to. Although excited, he is also nervous to see her again. it's been some time tho. And he's considering giving her a nother chance. However, when he gets there he is met with a not so plesent surprise that might just so ruin his plans and hurt him. WARNING: -Lots of Taylor Swift songs so if you don't like Taylor you have been warned. -A whole heck of a lot of Llorumi. - I always keep things pg 13 so if you don't like that, I'm sorry xD -There may be some kissing scenes but there will 100% be some Swiftie moments lmao. (I love Taylor so now Lloyd and Harumi are Swifties as well. Fight me)

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Prison Blankets | A Llorumi Short Story

You've read the oneshot now see the rest of the story! The journey isn't over yet. With a new baby in the monastery, it doesn't only change the lives of Lloyd and Harumi, but also the ninja. With the occasional crying and fighting, would these two be able to push through? A short story to cure your Baby Lumi fever!!Disclaimer: I do not own LEGO or Ninjago. Just the plot of this story.

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Only Then  ✔

cast - min yoongi, park jimin x oc

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Autumn Leaves (A Llorumi Fanfiction)

✿✿✿✿✿SPOILERS FOR CRYSTALIZED✿✿✿✿✿✿NOTE: In the process of being rewrittenAfter the events of crystalized, Harumi is sent to live with the ninja after Lloyd defended her in court. Much to the dismay of the other Ninja. They now have to learn to adjust with their once enemy and try to form a bond. Although its not as easy as it seems •••••••••• I DO NOT OWN NINJAGO •••• JUST THE PLOT•••••

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Fallen | Ninjago Harumi Fanfic

The Ninja... if they're the almighty saviours, then how come they inflict so much damage on the city? How come Ninjago has fallen under their watch? How come innocent people DIE?And why are WE the ones who suffer and get labelled as the VILLAINS in this story when we were born innocent, simple led astray by the consequences?It's never fair.So, if you were given the opportunity to hear events from the perspective of a villain-the villain who always gets away-would you listen? Would you stay to hear what I have to say?**STATS + ACHIEVEMENTS:Star: june.13.2022End: tbdHighest rankings:#13 in Realm (july.12.2022)#4 in Crystalized (aug.16.2022)

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Seasons of Heaven

In the futuristic world of Aseria, Lute Aska Violets, an innocent Eevee student lives a comfortable routine and dreams of becoming a hero. A fated encounter with Sophitia, a mysterious amnesiac Sylveon with fantastic powers, leads him to join the Agents of King's Shield: his dream group of agents who protect the Aseria. As Aseria's weather dwindles and the threat of a prophesized disaster rises, the world's leaders fight for dominance of a legend with Lute and his team of ordinary Pokémon caught in the middle. Lute must learn the hard way that being a hero is not as bright as it's made out to be.

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Defying Destiny

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Harumi realized that she was just a pawn to Lord Garmadon during his reign on Ninjago City?Harumi, who just faced a near death experience at the hands of the man she brought back, was forced to see the reality behind her actions. Desprate to get out of there, she seeks help from the ninja. But at what cost?Lloyd, who just found a slight bit of hope that his friends are alive, was now the leader of a resistance they had formed with the other elemental masters. Everything was going to plan, but what was the girl who broke his heart doing here?Llorumi is a complex dynamic that I really love watching and reading about. So this is my version of the events from hunted - seabound if things had gone differently.PS. I will work on the cover.Disclaimer: I do not own LEGO or Ninjago. Just the plot of this story.

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Together Forever (Yuzu X Mei) Citrus[COMPLETED]

What will become of Mei and yuzu's relationship after mei's dad comes home and catches them in a make out session. And freaks out on them will there relationship be able to be fixed this time or will this have to be the end. Btw I don't own these characters ; )......................................................Warning lemons may accur!!

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Hi guys!This is my first time actually writing a book and publishing it!So this story takes place after crystalized.The ninja have still not yet found their powers, Harumi is struggling to fit in with her new self--as a normal person in Ninjago . Lloyd and the others embark on a quest they have never encountered...or have they? what you do need to ask yourself is:Is Ninjago truly safe from danger?

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A chance interaction on Airport lobby and a night to remember.

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(ninjago harumi and lloyd ) learn to love again

Lloyd and Harumi have been far for a long time. what if they fix there broken relationship and be lovers again. will Lloyd fall in love with harumi again ? will harumi feel the same?

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Quiet | Harumi Fanfic (LAST UPDATE WAS JAN 9th)

"And it is quiet...And I am warm...Like I've sailedInto the eye of the storm..."~ Matilda The Musical 🌸🌸🌸Things are quiet in Ninjago. Some may view it as boring or uneventful but Lloyd finds himself enjoying the calmness the peace brings him. He's finally able to think about things that he didn't have the time to mull over before and finally take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Of course the moments when you're most happy are the ones that life throws away for something chaotic and new... Or maybe something all too familiar. 🌸🌸🌸All he could focus on was three words. Harumi is alive.Harumi is alive. Harumi is alive. *****Thank you @Nya_ninjago_fangirl for the beautiful cover! Title from Matilda the MusicalOfficially Released: June 14th 2021SLOW UPDATES

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