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Diabolik loversxObey me (Lyrics prank*With M-C*)


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(Black Butler x reader)  Deceiving Revenge

She killed herself resolving in one thingShe's a reaper Not just any reaper she's a ......She enters the organisation as a manWill they find out what her secrete and if so what will they do. Will they find out what she really is.....Will they find out who he- Read to find out ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱

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"what did you have to do so he wouldn't kill me?" the young girl shivered, tears in her eyes as her father asked this question for the second time. He wouldn't understand even if she told him.cause he never hesitated to do it all for her.

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Spider Sister. (Claude's Sister)

Emotionless, cold and mistreated yet she stays there.... I wonder why? What will happen to this young woman when she meets a certain bratt? Will she stay or will she run? Read to find out!Hiya Gamers! Okay, I got this idea and wanted to try it out so hope you like!(I do not own any of the Black Butler Characters I only own my made up character Chloe Sabrina Faustus. I also do not own any of the pictures, artwork or videos I might use I take no credit.)

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Hidden Feelings //Completed

(Sebaciel)Ciel Phantomhive is a boy who just moved into his Aunts house after his parents died from a tragic fire. Since Ciel moved to a new town he has to go to a new school where he met Sebastian Michaelis

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I can't...(Black Butler X reader)

⚠️THERE WILL BE ABUSE THEMES AND DEPRESSION THEMES!CIEL IS VERY PROBLEMATIC IN THIS⚠️I do not own black butler or any of the photos or characters used in this book except for (y/n) and her background or whatever Most info is in the first chapter!!!!!!OH! Also ciel is problematic in this so don't hate me!!!153 in SebastianMichealis-Jan 10 20214 in CielPhantomhive- Jan 24 202134 in blackbutler - March 21 202155 in blackbutler- April 5 20213 in Claude Fausters- April 18 2021

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(Alois x reader) Sugar and spice

Running away from your cruel parents and Forced to live with an annoying boy and his mysterious butler. Pretty much hell. You thought the first night staying. The hell you saw in the boy and manor would fade and you would soon realize you were brought here for a reason. (I will continue to update when I can :))(I do not own black butler, alois, claude or any of the characters from the anime I include into the story. I hope you enjoy!)

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||The Music Freaks || oneshots || Completed|| ✔️

Characters belong to RosyClozy(I don't like some of these)

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My Loving Demoness (Hannah Annafeloz x Female Reader)

You are a maid in the Trancy manor. Alois is quite taken with you yet you've fallen in love with quiet sweet Hannah. Yet the question is does she love you? And what will happen between the two of you?

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Black Butler X Reader Oneshots

[NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS; SEE END NOTES]Okay, let's face it: BLACK BUTLER CHARACTERS ARE HOT AS HELL. And hey, almost none are married or otherwise engaged, so would it really be a crime to take one~? Are you a fan of one of the Devil Six? Do you perhaps prefer anime exclusive characters? Or, maybe, you like the least popular ladies or gentlemen of the series.Who do you choose?*As this is fanfiction, Black Butler naturally does not belong to me; only the scenarios used within are of my creation.**This is not intended to be discriminatory towards those who do not identify as female; the truncated version is that the more unspecific I get with descriptions, thought processes, typical personality traits, the more frustrating it is to write the detailed work I'm fond of.

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Little Kitten. (Sebastian X Neko Child)

A beautiful, gentle and shy creature but also adventurous and curious of everything. That's what this little kitten is. What happens when she meets a man named Sebastian Michaelis? Read to find out!Hiya Gamers! I hope you like this one I thought it would be cute so enjoy!(I do not own any of the Black Butler Characters I use I only own my made up character Skyler Michaelis. I also do not own any of the pictures, artwork or videos I might use I take no credit.)

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Right About Time| Black Butler x Male reader

Waking up from a sudden shift to the future, a generation of technology, from the Victorian era now has to find their way back home, upon riding the packed public transport they spot a certain male being groped from behind, coming to his aid and saving him, the man promises to help them get back to their own time, in the mean time, he offers them to stay at his homeWarning: contains 18+ scenes and smut

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Will You Ever Love Me? (Alois and Claude fanfic)

I do not own any of the characters! Alois has always trusted Claude and may have some feelings towards that special butler, until something happened but will it ever be the same? *updates take a while #1-ClaudexAlois#2-AloisxClaude#3-AloisxClaude#3-ClaudexAlois

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A  Dƹʍǿɲ's ქõყ  Only Exists After a  Dƹʍǿɲ's sυғғεяιηg

Hannah Anafeloz POV

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Seven from a different universe(Black butler x Modern!Tomboy!Reader)

Y/n comes home from a midnight walk and goes to her room to take a shower and go to bed but after taking a shower she begins to hear voices downstairs. She heads downstairs to see four characters from black butler, Grell, Sebastian, Pluto, and Ciel. They stay at her home since they don't have ID or passports. They get along well but sometimes Y/n can be rude to them. Soon enough after probably a day or two later, a blonde boy about her age, another black haired male, A gray haired male and a female with beautiful lavender hair and navy-blue eyes arrive at her house like the first time, with the others. It is none other than Alois Trancy, Claude Faustus, the Undertaker, and Hannah Anafeloz. They stay with her like the others. Grell, Sebastian, Pluto, Ciel, Alois, Claude, and Hannah starts to under stand why Y/n keeps to herself. Will they stay in this universe Y/n lives in or will they go back to there world?I do not own black butler SLOW UPDATES

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Black butler Headcanons

Just some book filled with whatever Black Butler based nonsense my brain decides to cough up.

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I'm Inlove With A Serial Killer!?

So this story i make it this will be sad i think

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Black Butler One-Shots (Various Characters x Reader)

A collection of Black Butler One-Shots ^^*All characters (except for my OC's) belong to Yana Toboso and the Black Butler franchise-discontinued-

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17 Syllables

A series of Kuroshitsuji haikus. (Ongoing)

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That boi Zander

Well....This is a Jander fanfiction. Also the first fanfiction I write, to be honest I am excited ^-^. Disclaimer!!!!!!!! These characters doesn't belong to me !!!!!!They belong to Rozy Clozy (go visit her YouTube channel now)

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What if your greatest what if is already right in front of you? What would you do?

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The Sin Of Love ( Hannah Annafellows X Oc)

Tenishi the lost sister of Ash landers who somehow became a maid at the Trancy manor. she then starts finding the other maid Hannah anafeloz quite attractive. will she comment the ultimate sin of love?

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Help me... please. Alois Trancy and Hannah Annafellows one-shot

One shot o Aloisie i Hannah'ie. (NIE SHIP)Zaczyna się mrocznie i stopniowo przeradza się w puch.~~~Ostrzeżenie:samookaleczanie, krew, anoreksja / głodzenie się, ChAD, gwałt, głosy w głowie, myśli samobójcze, próba samobójcza

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football imagines

leave requests !!!

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Keeping up with the Tesfaye's 💕

As much as Hannah and Abel struggle in life with their little girl Valerie in the middle, they fight tooth and nail to make things work out no matter how much they fight they stick together threw it all

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