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Hinata harem One shots & Drabbles 『日向受け』

Hinata harem Oneshots & drabbles

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◁Changing Schools▷

Hinata shouyou ball of sunshine one day he left his school not giving his team any reason..What will happen?Where will he go?Will his team find him?Read to find out~✗the story have more things than the discription but I didn't know what to write..✗⚠️❗WARNING ❗ ⚠️this story contains:- SELF HARM- ABUSING- R*PE- BAD LANGUAGE- bxb- BAD GRAMMARYOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ❗❗None of the pics that I use belongs to me! All credits goes to the right owners of the pics!! ❗

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My Hana

Hana (花) means "flower"My Hana (flower): The doctor's say I have one month left to live before my body fills with petals. I, Hinata Shoyo, has fallen in love with not just one man, but multiple. The fact that they all don't love me back consumes me, and now I'm drowning. Hinata x Harem Hinata x EveryoneStarted: Dec 8th 2020End: Dec 28th 2020

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Hinata Harem one-shot

This is basically a book which will contain the harem being crack heads or just some short one shot stories

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My Only Sunshine (Noyahina)

Shōyō Hinata was diagnosed with Hanahaki disease when he started High School and met Tobio Kageyama. He knew that Kageyama wouldn't feel the same and refused to get the surgery.Day after day his illness became worse and caused him even more pain. His feelings for Kageyama began only 2 weeks after they started with their Summer Training Camp. His friend Koshi Sugawara notices that he seemed to be in pain but brushed it off until he figured out the truth as to why Hinata was acting this way.Will Kageyama realize Hinata's feelings too late or will he save the tiny spiker's life?Or will someone else come along and save him from all the pain?

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Hopeless -Komahina-

After learning of Hajime's crush at a sleep over at Kazuichi's, all Komaeda feels is pain. His chest ached. His heart burned. His lungs felt heavier. It would only be a few hours until he realized what was going on with him...-Hanahaki Disease AU-I do not own Danganronpa or any of these characters.I also do not own the cover art, and if you are the artist and want me to take it down I gladly will respect your wishes.Happy Reading!!

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The Sun is Shining Quite Beautifully(Discontinued)❌

(First Book!) This is an AU were Shoyo is a female and a 2nd year úwù....This is a hinata harem fanfic Bᴏᴏᴋ ᴄᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ ʙʏ ᴍᴇʜ | This is crappy as frick considering this is my first book- So prepare for the cringe! |I do not own Haikyuu, credits to Haruichi Furudate.(Just so y'all know, English ain't my first language so sorry if my grammar is incorrect únù)

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tanahina/rare ships

!This story IS discontinued! For the time beingOLD BOOK#1 in tanahina 1/1/23#7 in nishihina 1/1/23#7 in noyahina 1/1/23

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Best friend's Sister (Completed)

To know Peep In😉

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PETALS (Hanahaki!Nishinoya X Reader)

• No spoilers • Read to find out!!• Kind of sad :)• Female Y/n

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Haikyuu(Animatronic AU)

The only person who is gonna be an Animatronic is Hinata. Hinata is apart of the Afton Family. Cause why not.

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Flower Breath

Hinata has never felt as though he had a reason to be scared of the Hanahaki disease. While everyone around him did their best to make sure they didn't catch the disease, rejecting their feelings, gaining the love of the other person, or just by stopping themselves from falling in love. Hinata? He never felt as if he's fallen in love with anyone. But when his admiration for the Karasuno Volleyball teams Ace turned into something deeper. Hinata, would never breath fresh air again, his breath, filled with flowers.

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Watashi no ai

Watashi no ai 私の愛 (My love) Sequel to my novel "My Hana" After the tragic death of their beloved Hinata Shoyo, the boys must live their lives and all. One day, the news came, "He had one month to live." Despite being told those words, he continues down the same fate that was meant to happen in My Hana. Fortunately, the boys wake up, with 2 letters each on their bedside tables. Can what the contents hold to be true? Was their sunshine going to die? Was fate going to be twisted enough to let him follow down the same path, or will he finally be able to live happily ever after?

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How Hinata's Harem Holds Hands [FINISHED]

Fluff oneshots of how different people hold hands with HinataBook 1 of How Hinata's Harem . . .

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It All Started With Texting //𝗧𝗼𝗸𝘆𝗼𝗥𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗙𝗮𝗻𝗳𝗶𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻

BOOK COVER IS MINE❦︎ꨄ︎❦︎ꨄ︎❦︎ꨄ︎❦︎~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~❦︎ꨄ︎❦︎ꨄ︎❦︎❦︎ How wierd it was.. ❦︎❦︎ ❦︎❦︎The app I've been using to text him wasn't ❦︎ ❦︎ even a dating app. It was a very funny, ❦︎❦︎absurd way to find love but still. ❦︎❦︎ ❦︎❦︎ Here we are ❦︎ ❦︎ ❦︎❦︎ ❦︎❦︎ ❦︎❦︎ ❦︎❦︎From friends of the internet to being ❦︎❦︎wedded. ❦︎❦︎ ❦︎❦︎ ❦︎❦︎ꨄ︎❦︎ꨄ︎❦︎ꨄ︎❦︎ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♡︎❤︎♡︎❤︎♡︎⚠️Some characters that didn't appear on the anime will appear on this fanfic so if you only watch the anime and you hate spoilers you may take your leave. ⚠️Started: 10/ 28/ 2021Ended: 12/31/2022#1 Animefanfiction (Nov 13)#1 Keisukebaji (Oct. 30)#1 Sanoshinichiro (Nov. 6)#1 Matsunochifuyu (Nov. 10)#1 kisakitetta (Nov. 10)#1 Haitaniran (Nov 23)#1 Takemichihanagaki (Nov 19)#1 Kawatasouya (Nov. 26)#1 Haitanibrothers (Nov 18)#1 Tokyorevengersxreader (Nov. 19)#1 Shujihanma (Nov. 23)# 1 Tachibanahinata (Nov. 25)# 1Kurokawaizana (Dec.10)# 1 KokonoiHajime (Dec.10)# 1 Mikey x Reader # 1 Tach

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Haikyuu! Precious Crow Hinata[Finished]

Basically Hinata x His harem.some are one-shots and other chapters.(main are chapters)

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Confused (A Brother's Conflict x OHSHC Fanfiction)

Miyuki is a normal, 15 year old girl. Well as normal as you can get when you are friends with the seven most popular males (or six and one female) in school. If that's not all, she has 13 adopted brothers that, unknown to her, are all falling head over heals for her and would kill to go out with her. She had everything going for her. Her looks, grades, friends, family life...until the rest of her family meet the Ouran Highschool Host Club. Conflicts arise, threats made, allies formed, and all for the heart of their princess. Watch what happens when overprotective brothers meet jealous friends. All hell will break loose. But still, Miyuki can only choose one prince. Who will it be?

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so, this is ganna be a story or au where some things may have changed between takemichis relationship with hinata and senju but mainly takemichis relationship with hinata really changed. also, this follows the plot a bit. but not that much. and draken here wouldnt die because the way he died there didn't seem to make sense reallyALSOI made this before the release of the new chapterssoyou may see that things may be different(the Grammer is kinda bad btw)

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little yaoi things (haikyuu!!)

Liltle chapters and a lot of haikyu!! Ships (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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Avoiding me?

Baji can't handle treating a sick person, some events happen and Chifuyu used it to his advantage to get Baji to avoid him. DO NOT DO THIS!!Boy x BoySlight Kazufuyu Chifuyu receiving platonic love and care from his friends.

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Everything Happens For A Reason

Sujal had to leave his house because of Kashish. He couldn't take more insult and blame on himself. He decided to move on. He met a beautiful and fierce girl, Naina. How his fate changed completely was astonishing even for him.Now after years of that incidence, he finds himself in a fix. He has to choose what's best for two lives..will he be able to make the right decision after being married to Naina? Or will he completely destroy two lives?

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Komahina-Spooky Oneshots For Each Day In October

Prompt list by miyukisweetboi on tumblr spookyscaryspookyscaryspooky-

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Yandere Simulator's Pictures

The titles say it all.

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