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Love And Guns-Jelena ✔

[COMPLETED]Shots were fired. Revenge was her clear aim. Until he came along and blurred out her perfect aim.Her fingers firmly on the trigger. Who knew being forced to protect him would cause so much trouble? She certainly didn't.

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Guns n Roses Seven Minutes in Heaven

One minute you're at a guns n roses concert. The next you find yourself at a hotel playing seven minutes in heaven with the band. The rest of your night is filled with fun 😉. Fluff warning.I have a quiz for this if you guys want to check it out, its like an interactive choose your own adventure type thing: results for the quiz are the same as the chapters in this book)

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Perfect Scars

When a case of mistaken identity leads to an innocent girl being kidnapped by a gangster, will one man bent on revenge push them together or destroy them? *****Hayden King and Violet Smith couldn't be more different. While he was a feared gangster, she was a simple college student, a delicate flower whose petals had been crushed by a stranger a long time ago. But what they didn't realize is that they had more in common than they initially thought. Their lives were interlinked in a complicated way because of some sick twist of fate. So how will the big revelation affect their life? Will he able to save Violet from the demon of her dreams? Let's find out.[[word count: 60,000-70,000 words]]

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Curly Haired Dream

17 year old Michelle gets adopted by Izzy Stradlin of Guns n' Roses but Slash falls for her. Will this cause a new relationship or stress between the band?

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Love and guns-Pharah x Named reader

Whan Jack becomes the friend of a new student he could never have expected that she would be a member of Overwatch much less the love of his life.

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Little Toy Guns- l.h-

~I wish they didn't cut like a knifeI wish they didn't break you insideI wish they didn't bang, bangMake you wanna run...They make me wanna run to you.~

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Guns N Roses Group Chats

A series of absolutely chaotic group chats between the boys :DIf you're new here please don't read this, I started it in 2021 and it's kinda embarrassing to me now 😞

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once upon a time

lower case intended

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Little Toy Guns-Rainbow Dash and Parents one-shot

Rainbow Dash's parents were arguing and Rainbow couldnt handle it as she was hiding from them. Carrie Underwood owns the song and Hasbro owns Rainbow Dash.

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Our Light Won't Dim


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feelings on a piece of paper: a nobody's amateur poetry

you've come across some kid's nowhere-near-great poetry! don't except anything good, this is just a poetry dump from some nobody. but read it if you want to.(hEY even if the pictures here are edited, like the cover picture, NONE OF THEM ARE BY ME ok bye)~cinna

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Spas and Pizza and Guns, Oh, my! (Gardens to Guns #2) (Academy fanfic)

This is an Academy fanfic that takes place between F&P and P&S. This is a continuation of the Gardens to Guns series, which began with Sang, How Does Your Garden Grow ( The garden is in, and it's time for the GB guys and Sang to relax. After some time at Maree, they meet the Scarab Beetle gang at Ci-Ci's... who knows what might happen!I don't own The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle. The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle and their characters are the property of CL Stone, and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.

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Normandy 1944

This work is an extended review of The Guns of Normandy by George Blackburn in honour all Canadian soldiers who died in Normandy 75 year ago and those who gave their lives more than 100 years ago in the first world war. It describes the brutal battles with the elite infantry and tank divisions of the German Wehrmacht (arguable the best trained and equipped army in the world) after the Normandy D-Day landings. The British, Canadian and American tanks were totally outclassed by the German Panther and Tiger tanks. The British Sten gun was very unreliable compared to the German MP 40 (Schmeisser) but the speed and response of the British and Canadian artillery was far superior to the German's.The campaign was ultimately decided by Hitler's (the German dictator) strategic errors, the overwhelming allied air superiority and the tactical ingenuity and courageous determination of the allied aircrews, gunners, tankers and infantry.I do not claim copyright to any part of this work in the hope that others may publicize George Blackburn's superlative books: - Where the Hell are the Guns, The Guns of Normandy and The Guns of Victory. They are available from:- may also find all three books at your local library. The cover shows a 25 pounder field gun being hooked up to its limber which is attached to the quad (four wheel drive truck).

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High School Drama •Sander Sides AU•

Sander sides high school AU.Most likely ships are Prinxiety, Logicality, and Remile.⚠All characters belong to Thomas Sanders⚠

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Tranquility ❤

Imma a hopeless romantic🌚who likes yet sometimes feels gross abt clichés..Hence,A collection of short love stories for you all to enjoy.😉..#1 in Funtoread category (28th Jan 2022)#7 in Funnymoments category (28th Jan 2022)

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skz oneshots : bxb

simply one shots between the members,a lot of them will be jisung centric! lots of angst i take requests

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♔ princess | eddie munson

♔ Sloane Harrington was the princess of Hawkins High, reigning just under her brother and recent graduate, Steve. Perfect hair, perfect body, perfect grades, perfect record, and a perfect older brother who ruled the school himself ensured that Sloane's got a one-way ticket to the throne of Hawkins. And Sloane was perfectly happy sitting on that throne filing her fingernails, but '86 brings disaster and Farrah Fawcett can only hide so many secrets, so what happens when Sloane finds a friendship - or more - in the one supposedly responsible for the demise of Hawkins?♔ stranger things 4 AU♔ eddie munson love story ♔ steve harringtons prissy lil sister (eddie munson x female!oc) ♔ started writing august 1st, 2022♔ tw: drug use, some sexual content, language, gore, other mature themes

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More or Less {A.C.M}

Being the leader of The UK Queens- the world's third most renowned gang- means two things. One; You'll always have enemies. Two; You have to do whatever it takes to handle your crew. So, when Piper runs into a snag in her plans she has but only one option. She has to turn to an old "friend" for help getting back what is rightfully hers. But, when that old "friend" happens to be renowned asshole, Carter, will anything really go according to plan? Will Carter keep his word, and help Piper get her belongings back? Will Piper keep up her end of the deal by restoring Carter and his crew's freedom from Dave? Everything should work out in the end... More or Less...

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My Hero Academia Puns- Guns- and Everything In-between [ON HOLD]

These story's contain tinny sad, funny, and angering jokes and conversations with all of the My Hero Academia universe, (I forgot to add Mineta- There's still more updates to come though.) Most of these jokes are funny, and have a wide range of characters in them. Some of them reference death, so read at you own risk.I also haven't reread some of these, so tell me if I need to fix anything.DISCLAIMER: I do not own My Hero Academia, that title belongs to Kohei Horikoshi. Thank you,Provided to you by Kumo-Chan.

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BakuKiri/KiriBaku (One Shots)

TopBakuBottomKiri⚠️Warning⚠️-contains-- Swearing(Bakugou)-Kiri being a cinnamon roll- Sad stuff (Not all the time)- Cute stuff- Heated moments~~THIS HOLE STORY IS BASICALLY KIRI BEING A INOCENTE CINNAMON ROLL!! AND BAKUGOU BEIING AN ABSOLUTE BITCH!

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