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My giant boyfriend //BL

Attihiko is a 19 year old giant with a talent for music and a odd interest in humans.Akira is a secluded 21 year old who lives in the middle of nowhere next to a forest away from everyone else. One day, Akira is doing a daily walk in the forest, when he hears a melody he recognizes. Seeing as no one lives anywhere near him, he decides to check it out. Unintentionally, he runs in to Attihiko, who doesn't seem too keen on letting him go.TW: mentions of abuse

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Boarding School for Giants (G/T)

A troubled teenager gets kicked out of her high school and is forced to enroll in a boarding school for giants. As a tiny human, she struggles to navigate a giant world not made for her.

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GT one shots

A collection of short GT stories|• Highest rank: 4th in adventure •|

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The Curse Of The Abyss (GT Genshin)

Diluc, a man everyone adores, but his seriousness makes people think badly of himNo one has ever seen him smile, not even his adoptive brother, KaeyaOne night, as Diluc hears that the Abyss Order was planning an attack in Mondstadt, he leaves the tavern to solve the problem himself, but it seems the Abyss had a trick for the Darknight HeroThey had tricked him, and changed his life forever, only to find that to break the curse, he must do the one thing he'd do lastSeek his brother's help

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The giant human hater [G/T] (short)

How does a giant battle his feelings when the person he is in love with is 'part' of the species he hates the most. HumansHighest rankings #1 tiny#2 gt#2 giants

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Your Unstable Dose of G/t (fluff?)

The (mostly) gentler and fluffier side of gt. Irregular updating schedule and shitty quality though so consider yeself warned Xd

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Falling Under Your Spell-Dragon Ball GT X Male Saiyan Reader

I actually enjoy GT a little bit. So I was bit surprised-Well not surprised but more taken aback by how there was little to no GT fanfics. So I want to fill that void a little bit.Btw I don't own GT, Dragon Ball is a franchise created by original Author Akira Toriyama. GT was a project created by TOEI Animation. With a dub made by Funimation. And released on a network called Fuji TV.But anyway, enjoy. :)Story created by Memey45 Under Editing by MikaelaBunny

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@Chomuwidgomu and @Sarian68 Retelling Dragon Ball GT, Which is the most Hated series in the Dragon Ball Community. Our Goal is to take the Same Concepts from the 1996 TV Series and write it in a Way by Not Disappointing the Benevolent Community of Dragon Ball. GT is a Good Series and it deserves a Remake. We decided to do it at 2020 but took two years prior due to our Personal Stuffs and The Community not being ready to Accept. We started seeing GT fans here and there and we would like to Aim for more Dragon Ball fans to enjoy GT. This is a Non Profit work and Only done for Entertainment. All Credits goes to Toei, Shueisha, Bird Studio and Akira Toriyama, Creator of The Franchise itself. Hope you may enjoy as much as we Enjoy Making DBZ fans Happy 👍💖

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G/T Stories

Bunch of oneshots (and not only) about folks various sizes and shapes.

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Warning! Story contains: Soft Vore,Abuse, and blood! Art is not mine. Character Lewis does not belong to me! Lewis belongs to my favorite author @natsahathepasta

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Gt Kitabııı✨✨

Gt yapanları yazıyorum (karşılıklı)

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A Strange Disease <TK> +18

وانشوت لتايكوك ⁦}⁠:⁠‑⁠)⁩مكتملة ⁦:⁠-⁠P⁩

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Don't Be Afraid GT

it's a story that I adore but it's not mine all rights go to the writer

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The giant's sacrifice [G/T]

How does a girl deal with being sacrificed to a someone she views as a monster when She is the size of one of his fingers1)gianttiny

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In the darkness, I could use a little company.

g/t the long dark fanfiction. Story SUMMARY:A skilled bush pilot from Canada, Mackenzie, and his ex-wife Astrid crash in the cold winter wilderness. They are separated in the crash and Mackenzie's goal is to find her and get them back to safety. Along the way, as he struggles to survive, he finds a tiny soul in need of help. Together they struggle to survive in the long dark.

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Dragon Ball GT: Tournament of Power

A DBZ what if story. "What would happen if the GT universe was in the Tournament of Power?". Note: They will just be major events in the tournament, and not the full thing.

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G/T Short Stories 1 [ COMPLETED ]

Everyone has one of these, right?~~(Cover made by me. I did trace a hand because I suck at drawing hands-)

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Gt one shots

Come and join me on a Giant (or tiny) adventure! Some will cuddle and coo while others will fight and kick. Some will hug and kiss while others hide and cower. So come and find out where each ends up, and what they decide to do about it.

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The Sugar Thief (G/T) (Completed)

My first ever g/t work. Inspired by Arrietty, although different plot. Contains sfw interactions only (minus some angst) (43,000~ words).Everything takes place in modern day, but in a fictional reality where little beings (borrowers) live in the walls and take things that humans don't need. They're incredibly timid creatures, but excellent survivors and very agile. They'd look 100% human if not for their ears, tails, and feet.Carter is the youngest in a family of four, resilient with a daredevil spirit. After a tragic turn of events he's left to fend for his own, and manages alright, until the unimaginable happens.But.. things may not be as bad as they seem.(Check out my other works for more GT content!)

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Flute Notes


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GT One-Shots

Just a bunch of GTcredits to their rightful owners.

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[G/T] His love

My first GT storyFalling in love with your childhood best friend is kinda hard, especially when she's a couple of inches tall. Follow these two awkward teens in their love story in this very strange fantasy worldMy highest rankings s10# giant1# sizedifference

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G/t I Guess

Tons of random short stories with giants and tinies in them because this is how I cope with lifeHope to add more parts as I go I guess; it'll be super inconsistent but I'll do my best 👍(Also the chapters are emojis because I'm too lazy to think of decent titles)(Highest rank: #1 gianttiny)

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mikayuu GT

mika makes a deal with a demon and has yu shrunk so he can protect him from both the human raise and the vampires. but having a guardian vampire has its troubles

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The Dragon 2

WILL YOU SURVIVE?!?!?A chose your own adventure book! You get to choose what happens! When a choice is available go to the page of the choice you chose! A sequel to my other story, hope you like!

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G/T Oneshots

G/T short stories! I'm open to suggestions.

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