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Bad 4 Us

A cute lil story about Scömíche Xx

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Little Mississippi Farm

It is another hot night in Mississippi. The wife of an old farmer has been left alone with their dog Apollo at home while he went away on a small trip. But what happens when she maybe is int all alone at night.

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Promise Me You'll Never Leave My Side (Scömìche) (Discontinued)

Scott and Mitch have been together for over 2 years and they couldn't be more happy. Nothing could go wrong in their lives. Well...that's what they thought until a tragic accident happened changing ones life forever.Warning:Violence Drug use Attempted suicide

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Pentatonix Song Book-PTX Volume 1

A Pentatonix song book containing all song lyrics of PTX Vol. 1.-Starships-The Baddest Girl-Somebody That I Used To Know-Aha!-Show You How To Love-Love You Long Time-We Are Young

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An Intro to Superfruit

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Scomiche Oneshots 3

The third book of the Grassi-Hoying family oneshots! Check out book one and book two to catch up!Scott and Mitch Grassi-Hoying are a happily married gay couple. They love to make music for their 3x Grammy winning acapella group Pentaonix and their side group Superfruit! They also love to make family vlogs and other fun videos for their Superfruit YouTube channel! They have eight rapidly growing kids! Liam Richard, Hudson Michael, Sophia Noelle, Isabella Hope, Sawyer Coby, Amelia Faith, Joel Anthony & Gabriella Marie! They also have eleven family pets! Six Cats - Wyatt Blue, Ollie, Luther, Nino, Olivier & Dahlia! Five Dogs - Daisy, Lucy, Tux, Bubba & Delilah! Two Rabbits - Winter & Snow!

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The blonde and the brunette

A young brunette (Mitch) had been abused when he was a child, and it had made him scared of everything to this day. Mitch has had mental issues when he was younger and grew up with no friends and no one to talk to. His mental issues had seemed like they slipped away for a few years when he was dating his boyfriend Travis. But Travis started abusing Mitch and it made Mitch's problems even worse. Mitch was put into a mental hospital by Travis and doesn't know what to do or where to go. Since he is scared of everything, he doesn't speak, and never makes eye contact. No one can seem to help him. No one but a tall blonde. The tall blonde has a name (Scott) but Mitch has never had the courage to speak up and ask for the blondes name. The blonde seems to be the only one that mitch will make eye contact with, and rarely talks to him. What will happen when The blonde starts falling in love with Mitch?

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Facts About Pentatonix

Putting my stalking to "good" work so here is facts about them. ;)What we need to know about them.I have no idea why it's PG13 because there is nothing weird in here. Just facts about them that you should know so yeh... :/

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Strange feelings (Scott and Mitch fanfic!)

Hey first I just wanna say thank for even reading this I am not even close to being a good writer but I hope you will bear with me and I hope you like it!!!

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The Boy Who Brought Me Back (Scömìche)(Completed)

Mitch is leading a life that is not necessarily ideal, but he is alive. He has a few friends who love him. But, when a fire rips everything away from him, it's all gone. Everything, and only one person can help him get it back. (Completed)

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In Another Life

@scotthoying: The acceptance rate for pop music at USC this coming fall was 7%. congrats @mitchgrassi :D

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Detention (Scömìche)

What happens when Mitch gets into detention with his all time crush Scott Hoying?A Scömìche fanfiction.

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For Another Time (Scomiche)

Scott loves music.Mitch loves coffee.

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A Crazy New Life(A Scott Hoying Fanfic)

When Breanna runs into the famous Scott Hoying her life is flipped upside down. She becomes best friends with the amazing band which changes her life forever!

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The Things I Love About You (Completed)

Scott and Mitch are in love, but no one knows it. All that matters is that it stays that way.

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scomiche; arranged marriage (omegaverse)

Mitch is an Omega who likes to fight for Omegas rights but his world comes crashing down when his parents force him to marry non other than Scott Hoying, an Alpha who hates him.Will they be able to put aside their differences and make their marriage work?Or will their marriage fall apart?

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The Classic Scömìche Love Story

Mitch is with Travis. Scott is in love with Mitch. Will Scott confess his love or will he let the man he loves go.

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PTX FM (Scömìche, Kavi)

Mitch Grassi is a presenter for PTX FM.Scott Hoying is an international singing success.When Mitch gets the opportunity to interview Scott and his new model girlfriend Kirstie, he starts to realise there's something unusual about this relationship...

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Just A Dare (Scömìche)

Highest rank is #614 in romance!Scott Hoying is a hot popular. Mitch Grassi is a weird nerd. What could happen when Scott's best friend dares him to date the before mentioned nerd for a few bucks? Easy, right? You would be wrong there. Scott Hoying x Mitch Grassi High school AU Scömìche Completed

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Scomiche - Secret Diary of a Fangirl

Mitch was a fan way before he got the job. Can he balance friendship with fandom? Can he remain professional without revealing his inner fangirl? Is that even possible?

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The Jock

The Jock and The Nerd. Who would've guessed?(Scomiche)*****This is book 1 from 'The Jock' series*****Book 2- The School Boy(By: Grassi-Hoying)

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Text Me... Please? | Scömìche COMPLETED

Hey.Just...Text me... please?

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Beauty I Can't See

Scott is a new kid at a small town school in Texas. He meets a group of kids in the choir, one sticks out the most. Mitch Grassi. Mitch is blind and shy, but very sure of who he is.

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