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Help Me -Apex Legends BloodHound FanFic-

(In this story bloodhound is a boy so do not read if u follow canon.) These are the existing names of each legend:Wraith: ???Bangalore: Anita WilliamsPathfinder: Marvin (He's a robot for those who don't know)Octane: Octavio SilvaCaustic: Alexander KnoxGibraltar: Makoa GibraltarLifeline: Ajay CheWattson: Natalie PaquetteMirage: Elliott WittBloodhound: ???Horizon: Mary SomersRevenant: ???Rampart: Ramya ParekhLoba: Loba AndradeCrypto: Tae Joon Park

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Octane x Reader

There are a few good Octane x Readers on this site but there are also many that have terrible story telling and they obveously didnt check their Spanish, so I decided to try my best to create a story that doesnt stray too far from the actual lore, but still lets your character feel intergrated into the story. I dont know how this will turn out so if you have any suggestions or want to correct any mistakes that i have made please tell me about them so I can make this story believable and accurate as possible, so you, the reader can feel involved and enjoy this as much as possible!

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My Guardian Angel

Dr. Zieglar has been working with Overwatch for as long as she can remember. She has made many friends and basically built a new family, but little does she know three of her closest allies have been drooling over her since the beginning. sorry if there are any mistakes, plot holes or misspelled words, I also love constructive criticism! I might use some mature language at times as well All of the characters in this book are owned by Blizzard. cover made by Raichiyo33

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Quotes about friendship

Friendship is one of the blessings that we receive from god.

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La Vida Como Un Los Muerto (Overwatch Fan-Fiction)

Once an innocent little girl, giving flowers and cookies to the Police Department for their kind work, giving hugs to little kids who are upset, helping elderly people across the road..Now, an intelligent, technology expert hacker. Her quest with to achieve what she wants, and who she wants dead.This is Sombras life as a Dead One.

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The Lasts Survive

"The lasts. The people left over." Ariel Thompson, a recent -and emotionally loss - college graduate, ends up at an NFL game with old college friends. The very same college friends, who --after hundreds of peers witnessed her great humiliation -- disappeared and betrayed her. When a freaky thunderstorm shuts down the city and traps thousands of fans inside the stadium, not only does Ariel try to survive with her betrayers (including the guy who humiliated her, who she may still be in love with) the roof starts to collapse, a known season ticket holder wrecks havoc, fans vanish from their friends' sides, and the rebirth of an infamous urban legend causes panic no one was ready to deal with. Except one...Tracy Earth, a mysterious woman, appearing out of the chaos around them, seemingly knowing what's going on.*An emotional, survival-of-the-fittest, story filled with rich tension, unforgettable drama, and horrifying suspense morphed into seat-grabbing thrill, follow Ariel as she's forced to use survival skills she's never learned as both Mother Nature and foul creatures attack the stadium*

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Love at Spain's Iron Cross

Betrayal and death destroy the love of two unrelated people. Healing is needed before either could ever risk love again. It's 2010, the summer that Spain's soccer team competes in the World Cup. Makena Nielsen heads to France to escape her adulterous ex-fiance, beginning a six-week hike west to Spain's Atlantic coast. Jordan Everest starts an 800-mile journey at the Mediterranean, walking north across Spain, trying to recover from his depression over his wife's passing. Makena and Jordan follow spiritual "Caminos" (paths) toward the holy city of Santiago. Unsure of their futures, both hope to unburden some of their pain when they reach the legendary Iron Cross. Their two different treks intersect as if their two Caminos form another cross, each person unknown to the other. But both hope their quest helps them open their hearts to love once more.

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Birds Of A Feather {BloodHound FF} [Apex Legends]

The hunter that was sent by the gods is know quite well by the public but not much is said about their faithful companion, the raven that was always by their side or rather on their shoulder or arm. Her name was Angel, and she wasn't just a bird, she was very special. So special in fact that she was brought into the universe for BloodHound specifically, to protect them and serve the gods beside them. Well with such a responsibility comes a great power and Angel certainly has one.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yes i am very much aware that Bloodhounds name is not angel, just let me have this kay?

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Aesthetic Words

my favorite aesthetic words and aesthetics(lower case intended)

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Cryptage Shit-posting

Basically just random headcanon encounters between them. Hope i can make all you guys laugh. Mostly about Crypto and Mirage romantically but other occasional platonic encounters are also added.Rank 1 in #elliottwitt and #taejoonpark at the same time? uwu (11/30)Rank 2 in #horizon and #cryptage ? Wow (11/30)

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Born To Survive

It started out as a normal day for Riley. It was the summer holidays and he was on his way to Gibraltar alongside his long-time friend, Geoffrey. That is, until the left engine of Riley's plane nearly blew apart, which resulted in a slightly smaller holiday than expected - in a desolate forest in the middle of nowhere. He was, it seemed, the sole survivor of the fatal crash and was left to survive with nothing. He had read survival stories in the past, but none of them could have been further from the truth...© Copyright 2016_The_Official_MadcowAll Rights Reserved**This story should not be published by any third party, unless they have received direct consent from the author to do so.**

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The Order of the Unspoken

"When humanity falls, the only way to rebuild is from the bottom up."150 years after the human race nearly faced extinction, humanity has rebuilt the world much like its ancestors once did: nation-states ruled by monarchs who war with the flick of a wrist, pirates who plunder the seas lawlessly, murderers, religious fanatics, prostitutes, rapists, and political conspirators galore. Amid this ocean of chaos, the gentle-hearted are a rare find. This novel begins the tale of Nicolo Gretti, a peasant from southern Italy who is thrusted into the political mania of the post-Disaster world. His accidental induction into the mysterious peacekeeper secret society known as The Order of the Unspoken leads him into decisions that force him to make choices over loyalties, duties, knowledge, and power. Gretti must decide if the price of abandoning love to preserve it is truly worth the bloodshed that inevitably flows from making sense of the world. ASTRANGERXXX plans on producing chapter installments as frequently as he can and appreciates constructive criticism of his writing from those who read his works.

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Apex Legends ideas.

I will be updating every week day but not on the weekends or holidays. This book will never be finished as long as apex legends and Wattpad exist. I will give information on nerfs and buffs but I will also talk about fun theories new legends and heirloom ideas. ETC.Art is not mine.

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Zed Run Clone Script

Get ready to explore the Zed Run clone script! Zed Runs offers clone scripts and develops high-quality programs with NFT gaming technology, allowing you to access digital horse assets. Enhance your digital horse assets and join the fun with us at>> to our Experts:Email:[email protected]:+91 7358121732Telegram: @breedcoinsofficial#ZedRunCloneScript #NFTScript #BlockchainGames #NFTGaming #CryptoCollectibles #MetaverseGames #DigitalHorseRacing #DecentralizedGaming #SmartContractDevelopment #EthereumDevelopment #BlockchainScript #ZedRunAlternative #UnitedStates #UnitedKingdom #Germany #Philippines #Vietnam #Gibraltar #UnitedArabEmirates #Barbados #Korea #Canada #Japan #China #Brazil #SaudiArabia #Spain #Tuvalu #Indonesia #Russia #Mexico #Turkey #southkorea #france #pakistan #thailand #italy #spain #poland

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Not Just A Game

An Apex Legends fanfiction. It's your third day being an Apex Legend. You've become great friends with Lifeline. The main reason you joined, lies on the battleground where your father once fought.(Octane x reader)

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age of man: war for Jerusalem

it is the year 1097, most of Europe is at a stable yet chaotic state, empires and kingdoms fight over petty squabbles, the same could be said for pretty much the whole world, or at least what we could find. on the most western side of the earth is, what it seems like, just ocean apon ocean, no ships have made it back from journeys to see what is waiting for us beyond the lands of Africa and the peninsula. Europe, Africa, Scandinavia, and the middle east are at relative peace, no information about the nations of the far East besides more trade goods and raiders from the eastern steppe, soon this was all going to change... Saladin, sultan of the ayyubid dynasty and greatest Muslim sultan known to the Arabs and even to the Europeans, seeing Europe at a lazy and a ununified state hatched a plan to take the holy city of Jerusalem...war is coming...

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πƒπŽπŽπŒ πƒπ€π˜π’,    peter parker

❛ let's pick the truth that we believe in. ❜ ━ Dove la storia scritta sui libri diventa realtà tangibile e le parole non sono più parole ma fatti. Jacqueline Abraham e Peter Parker hanno tanti sbagli da espiare e ci sono sfide che diventano davvero troppo da sopportare. peter parker ━ alternative universe©softieparkers / 2020

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Perfect Shots (HanzoxReaderxMcCree)

Soap Operas and Love Triangles just weren't your style. Until Now. Caught between an Archer, a Cowboy, and saving the world has suddenly become your new reality. Welcome to the Team, Agent. Yo it's Snake! And i'm revamping my old story Perfect Shots from my previous account! Yes, it's still me, and yes I still have rights to my own story.Overwatch and all its characters are owned by Blizzard Entertainment, but this story is owned by me :P

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Ostatnia Krucjata - ŚmierΔ‡ czerwonej zarazie!

Wyjazd generaΕ‚a Sikorskiego z Gibraltaru z uwagi na usterkΔ™ samolotu zostaΕ‚ przeΕ‚oΕΌony. Podczas naprawy technik znalazΕ‚ Ε‚adunek wybuchowy. Sprawa zostaΕ‚a przez Brytyjczyków wyciszona jednak generaΕ‚ nabraΕ‚ wΔ…tpliwoΕ›ci co do naszych sojuszników. Polskie sΕ‚uΕΌby zaczΔ™Ε‚y obserwowaΔ‡ Ε›rodowisko Churchilla i jego samego. Gdy jednak w rΔ™ce polskich sΕ‚uΕΌb wpadΕ‚y dokumenty o decyzjach podjΔ™tych w Teheranie generaΕ‚ generaΕ‚ zarzΔ…dziΕ‚ wstrzymanie wszelkich akcji podziemnych aby nie wspieraΔ‡ Rosjan w zwiΔ…zku z czym Armia Czerwona straciΕ‚a o wiele wiΔ™cej ludzi. Wszystko w tajemnicy przed Brytyjczykami. Jeszcze przed konferencjΔ… w Poczdamie generaΕ‚ wydaΕ‚ desperacki wrΔ™cz rozkaz "Ostatnia Krucjata"

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(WIP!) Between The Lines - Ana Overwatch FF

This is still in progress!! Alternative AU description: This is a bit mixed up but we have young Ana, Sigma and Reinhardt in their prime state. Ana in her "captain Amari/Horus" skin before Widow shot her. Reinhardt with his "Crusader" skin after the Cinematic and has the Scar in his face. In this universe, Sigma is a bit different. Imagine him in his younger state but he was already at Talon and is in his mad state. The skin I'd say you can imagine him for this story is "Asylum/Subject Sigma". This first act plays in the Swiss Headquarters (Imagine in similar to Gibraltar). It's been a long time since I last wrote a Fanfiction so I hope you'll enjoy and have mercy upon me for errors. My first language is NOT English (please keep that in mind!)

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Perfect Shots(HanzoxReaderxMcCree)

You are a fresh off the boat, lost (but not vulnerable) puppy of a soldier who has just arrived to Overwatch! You try your best to work your way up the ranks and prove you are a great soldier, but that is hard when a certain arrow slinging man catches your eye, and it is even harder when that man is in a relationship with a cowboy. But you know what is the most difficult? When you can't help but fall for both of them...And you seem to a spark their interest too.Hey guys! This is going to be a pretty long story! WARNING: There is swearing and for sure lemons in here!! I just wanted to write this for literally no reason. If you guys have any idea for this, please tell me! I suppose I'll take a few request chapters too. Thanks! - C

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