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GaMzEe♑️ x Karkat♋️

HeLlO mOtHeR fUcKeRs. YeS iM mAkInG aNoThEr FaNfIcTiOn. ThIs TiMe ItS a YaOi FaNfIc.

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Sober gamzee x human reader.

Karkats being karkat making sure you know how to take in sober Gamzee when the time comes. But does that time come to soon?

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PB And J (Gamzee X Tavros)

Hey guys! So I figured I'd start a new story to expand my reaches on wattpad instead of just one dull story, so I'm making a Gamzee X Tavros story! I hope you all enjoy, I won't do the texts with their quirks, so please forgive me, it's already enough work to bring this to you as it is, so I'm hope you won't mind. Enjoy! Nuggie! }:)HoNk :0)

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Little Bitty Miracles {Gamzee x Tavros}

BOOK DOES CONTAIN ADULT LANGUAGE!!!!!~Lemon Free~It was getting harder and harder to take a single breath. She would've stopped by now, but Vriska's nails just dug deeper into my grey skin. I tried to pull her hands away as she lifted me farther off the ground, but nothing was working.So this is how I go? I asked myself. Chocked to death by my school bully in my school halls while nobody gives a single damn about me. . . .There was a grey figure on my left behind Vriska, but since my vision was becoming blurry, I had no clue who or what it was. They were probably just gonna watch anyways.

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Lost and Found (Gamzee x reader x Eridan)

Chapter 18

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Cry Baby- Gamzee x Nepeta

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE FEELS OF THIS SHIPALSO THE WORLD I PUT THE CHARACTERS IN IS A HUMAN AND TROLL WORLD JUST SO YOU GUYS KNOW. (I might put some anime characters in a few chapters)8/27/18 - #1 in Feferi tag!9-/6/18 - #7 in Gamzee tag!

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Love and Sopor Slime | Gamzee X Reader

(y/n) has always had a bit of a crush on the troll boy that lived next door. One night, he came over with a desperate request regarding his house, which had burnt down while he was cooking slime pies, So the boy now lives with you. Now was (y/n)'s chance. Will a budding romance form? or will (y/n) get friend zoned?

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Sober Gamzee (Book 1)

My name is Gamzee MOTHERFUCKING Makara....and it's nice to meet you,Gamzee Makara goes around the states to hide from the police, form escaping the hospital meeting many people along the way...

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Servant (Gamzee x Reader)

Okay this is my first so dont laugh. Unless theres a funny part. But still. I wrote this because i was just bored really. And after reading a few others i got some ideas.Warning you now. There is:Crude HumourViolenceSwearingSexual contentSexual references. (Glob i feel like a tv piece of-)HonkingAdult themesAnd i highly recommend that u are the ages 14+ to read. But if ur a twelvie with no self respect or just doesn't care. Be my guest. But here's a summary:(Y/N) is a girl related to the servants of the Makara's, but your mother kept you secret. until one fatal day when you were discovered. you were forced to serve Gamzee. the worst of the sons.

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gamzee x reader (smut)

some smut ya know it's 2019 and the homestucks are still here with some motherfucking x readers ;o) [ALSO IF YOU KNOW ME IRL *coUGH R E Y COUGH* plEASE DO N O T READ THIS!!]cover photo: rialexian on instagram

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Seagoat Drawings -Gamzee x Reader-

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Save Yourself (Gamzee x Karkat [human])

Karkat and Gam have had some wonderful times, but not all the time is so great. Gamzee plays his music at a coffee shop at night, while going to school every other day. Karkat is a full time college student and stays at home most of the time he has off. The story is alive and well with pain, sex, drama and everything else. So far only 3 characters have shown. Sollux, Gamzee and Karkat. Sooner or later more people will begin to show up! Enjoy! Please favorite, comment and whatevers :D

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Your Heart Stealer(Gamzee X Troll Abused! Reader Lemon)

You always had family problems your dad is abusive your mom never care and your having a perverted troll like you who lets you live in his house....

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Gamzee x Reader

Hey, so this is my first story so pls don't judge :T it has some inappropriate things and a lot of cussing. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK :0)

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humanstuck! gamzee x reader [FINISHED!]

a new guy at work. seems legit. little did you know that this one person at this one moment could take you on the most important journey of your young and stressful life

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The Shy Girl and The Juggalo (Gamzee x Reader)

Here's my shot at a Gamzee x Reader. Your name is (Y/N) (L/N). You're tall and lanky, and are painfully shy. Then you meet Gamzee. He's goofy, and a huge dork. You two become good friends, but what happens if you have feelings for each other?

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Masky X Reader LeMoN

Send I promised of it got over 65 reads on my last story I guess I gotta do it so here it is a masky x reader lemon ao hope you enjoy :)

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Kurloz x human slave reader x Gamzee |slavestuck |

Being a slave since you've been born you have been chosen to be a slave to the markara family.This story has been moved over to a new account, all updates are there. @Mustang34501

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MiRaClEs (Gamzee x reader)

When you were walking around comic con, enjoying the scenery and fellow nerds, you see an extremely good Karkat cosplayer. He introduces you to his friends... and you find some things you didn't think were possible.

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Gamzee x Karkat

yes this is a Gamzee x Karkat hope you enjoy :P

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Falling for Gamzee Makara?

Alex Samuels is a 17 year old in high school going through a tough time,she faces hard ships of friends and family but most of all gamzee makara her best friend also her crush.alex tries telling her feeling towards gamzee but Terezi buts in trying to split the two.what awaits Alex and gamzee?

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Gamzee X Karkat ~The Pocky~(My Edition Finished)

"Karkat what are..." *Silence Broke*Note: There's no bucket instead human contact (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

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Rough starts Gamzee x Reader

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(H!TavrosxH!Gamzee) Loss for Words

When Tavros (19) wakes up from a coma, after an accident that ended with him losing his legs, he has forgotten everything that led up to this. The only person by his bedside is a sleeping Gamzee.*This story was cut short.. If someone would like to take it over I will gladly give permission to someone I believe would do it justice.

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Humanstuck-- Gamzee's Miracle.. (In love with Gamzee Makara)

Samantha is just your average sophomore in highschool. She is best friends with Gamzee Makara. All of the homestuck characters exist in this story and are all human of course. Sam has a problem though. Her parents have left her alone, but leave living money for her. And she's in love with her best friend. Sadly gamzee doesn't notice and Eridan keeps aggravating her for it. She hopes that Gamzee will eventually love her back and everything will work out at school and with her parents

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