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Paid Lust (Futa RWBY Harem X Male Reader)

I don't own any art i use and the name sould tell you how this will go

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Fulfilling Desires, Earning Points

Minoru has always been a sexually active boy who has a diverse interests when it comes to carnal pleasure. One day, he taps on an advertisement and there his journey as a Seductress begins.****Tags:- Ecchi, Explicit scenes, Hardcore, R-18, Incest, Milf, Dilf, Gilf, Trap, Femboy, Gender bender, Netori, Mind control, System, Perverted MC, Whore MC, Yaoi, Yuri.***The tags are not misleading. The Mc is a pure pervert who can fuck and get fucked. He would be sleeping with both men and women while being both genders. Only some exceptions like Bulky dudes going gay won't happen here, but Trap and Femboy are included so tread carefully.There would be only femboy as Yaoi material nothing more. Well, I won't force you to read anyway.It's just pure hentai with a deeper plot. Mc would sleep in his true form with those whom he would add to his harem. And his harem member won't sleep with anyone else...well, anyone who sleeps with MC would end up leaving their partners anyway.I'm just writing to express all the fantasies. If you don't like it please don't bother commenting or reviewing based on the path of the story. If you want to criticize my grammar then you are welcome.And also, I will add tags before every sex chapter to keep people alerted. In that way, you can avoid any chapter with the elements you don't like.Have a sexy read~

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smut rp 2.0

has forms for the characters. I will also be trying to add small scenerio for them

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The Femboy Prince (Femboy!Reader x Harem)

A Boy, who's a lowly commoner, gets a chance to become a prince in a different world. He will meet Futanari's, Men, And Ruin relationships all the while going on a Journey in the new world.

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Demon's Lewd Adventure (Nezuko!Futanari!Reader x Demon Slayer)

[Y/N] "Nezuko" Kamado was a regular girl that was living with her family. Though one day, when her big brother Tanjiro is away, they are attacked by Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King. Muzan turned [Y/N] into a demon but in doing so, something grew inside [Y/N]. A desire.. A desire to breed.(Coming Soon)

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Natasha Romanoff x femboy male reader one shots

Just some one shots that I write when my imagination wants to take over. The number of Natasha Romanoff x male reader one shots are really few, so I took the matters into my own hands. I'm warning you, this shit will be kinky and weird, so if it's not your cup of tea, please don't judge.Most, if not, all of the chapters will be of femboy reader and GP (futa) Natasha unless I say so. Also, Natasha will obviously be the dominant one, but I might also write a few power bottom reader.

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Latex Futa Nuns From Hell

A horny, despondent nun is granted a second chance by a supernatural being. The world would never be the same again.

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Know It All: M-Reader X Harem

A magic being that can give you one power, but only one power, asks you what power you'd like to have. And you ask to be able to understand anything a oerson says to you, ever. Now with this ability, your brain couldn't handle it. Going back in time and learning literally everything about that they said. How many times someone has said it. The history of the word. Everything. And you die. Now give the ability to start over in a fantasy world, what will happen in Y/Ns new adventure? ⚠️WARNING!⚠️CONTAINS NSFW CONTENT, SUCH AS SEXUAL ESCAPADES, GORE AND BLOOD, FEMBOY AND OR FUTANARI CONTENT, AND A HAREM!

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18+ Content

18+ Content, Do Not Look For Your Own Sake And Mine.

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Victoria's Plaything

Louis likes to think that his life isn't too complicated. He's finishing his last year of high school, he's single, and he doesn't really have much to worry about. And then he meets Victoria. Victoria is new in town, with enough money that she could probably buy the town if she felt like it. She seems nice enough, but it doesn't take long for her to reveal her more intense interests.What plans does she have for him? What will happen if he resists? And more importantly, does he want to?

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Hyper RP

Expect the wildest, messiest, and weirdest smut you've ever seen. Get ready boys and girls, cuz its hyper time!

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Femboy Ryan Reynolds X Futa Reader

It gets spicy :3Reader is the plumber who is called for a special job, at none other than RYAN REYNOLDS HOME!!!

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smut rp 3.0

another smut book

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Fate Academy (Male Astolfo Reader x Futa Fate Harem)

Y/N is the newest student at Fate Academy (and the cutest), but what happens when he catches the attention of all the girls who just so happen to be futas.

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This story is set in the Alpha Female Universe which means the females are the dominant ones while all the males are submissive. All females are strong and tall whereas males are petite. In this universe the roles are reversed which means that females even dress and behave opposite to as they are expected to behave in the actual world. In this universe males are the ones who get pregnant. Note:I have excluded the mate concept from this story though.This story is inspired by Pride and Prejudice and you will find "A LOT" of common events in this book. I'm not plagiarizing the story, I just wanted to write a different version of it so don't comment "oh this is totally similar to pride and prejudice" unless you want to piss me off. Don't forget to vote for the chapters if you like them ☺. Thank you so much for reading 💝☺.

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Femboy Whis x Futa DBZ

I know this is the weirdest story idea I have ever made but I wanted to do something different In this story what if whis had a fetish for woman with extra parts, Follow Whis on his journey of his Futa Harem Warning ⚠️: If you don't like futa, Futa on male, then don't read this story at all

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the femboy hooters of vale

A femboy hooters opens up in vale

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male firekeeper(mostly) (18+)

Lemon book.

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The Girl I Left Behind

Hi this is my first story sorry if its not good but I will try my best.My grammar is terrible.Levi: "I love you, I didn't mean to leave you like that" he said trying to not cry." Please Y/N" a small whisper was the only thing that came out.Y/N: " I don't love you "

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nsfw rp book

title. I just decided to remake one

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oc book

Oc's for rp

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The Desire Of Two

Delaney Leclair is a young man who strives to have a comfortable life. Burdened by his difficult past, he scrapes by, working a job he doesn't enjoy to pay rent and afford the luxuries he's always wanted. Too afraid to let himself be caught up in relationships, he keeps to himself, until one day he is met with an unlikely proposition from a woman who he never expected to see again.Cassandra Terral is a young woman looking to take a break from her work as the CEO of a large company, and in doing so she takes a vacation back to the city she grew up in to relax and enjoy herself, but unbeknownst to her this little trip will provide a lot more than just relaxation.I suck at writing descriptions. Also expect somewhat slow Updates. Maybe 1 chapter a week, I'll try to work in 2 or more a week, but it depends on what ever is going on in my life. This story I'm writing is inspired by @Grimbous story, Simple Life. I am heavily enjoying it and it made me want to write my own little story with romance and, you guessed it, smut. While I definitely won't be able to write as good as @Grimbous I hope what I write can still be enjoyable. However rather than reading my story, go ahead to @Grimbous and read theirs. If you're into a cute story with good smut and other good things, it'll be perfect for you. Thanks for reading.

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Summoned as a femboy (hyperdimension neptunia futas x femboy reader)

What happens when a young man named (y/n) gets teleported into the world of Hyperdimension neptunia, but his body changes from how it starts, he goes from your every day person to a femboy, but what happens when he catches the interest of a couple females

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my velma rewrite

Includes femboy oc + returning character from mystery incorporated

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my main ocs for rp remake an update (new book)

am i going to be remaking an updating my old ocs that i want to update90 % of the photos are not mine that i found online and the 10% are my own photos that i made using apps and other stuff or people that mine and draw my own ocsyou can also rp with my ocsthis is my new book not my old book which was main ocs for roleplays

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the time my stand could copy other abilities

I got the idea for the stand ability and book from MemeDreamz

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