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FrostFire can [Probably] Draw!

(I of course do not own the cover art)Guys no don't read this.

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Twisted Wonderland

You find yourself thrown into the world of Twisted Wonderland. There you meet the boys who go to the prestigious Night Raven College, all with their own personalities and flaws. As you help and spend more time with them, you can't help but feel like you're falling for them. But not as hard as they are falling for you. Will you ever be able to make it back home? Or would you be able to leave the friends you made behind?*I've reached the max number of chapters so I made another book to continue the story

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Twisted Wonderland

You're stuck in the Island of Woe as you try to find Grim. Forced to navigate through the halls filled with blot. Will you be able to escape? Will you find a way home? Or are you going to stay in this magical world of Twisted Wonderland?

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Frostfire Sonata | Bucky Barnes X OC

She was a free spirit, until her life was ripped away from her. He was a cold, emotionless killer.20 years later she meets the one person she loathed. The man who did it all. The one who turned her into the monster she was today. But what she least expected to find was the burning desire that ignited between them.-----------------------------------------Enemies to Lovers storyMarvel Cinematic Universe AU (Thanos never came down to Earth)*I do not write smut*

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Endless Summer

Adventure and romance await in the tropical paradise of La Huerta. But you and your friends quickly realize there's more to this island than it seems. Will you be able to uncover all of its mysteries? Or will the jungle consume you before you can? *This is from a choice based game. I chose the choices that would make the best story overall.

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Afire Love

He slowly pulls away, running his fingers across my cheeks, enticingly.❝ Shh, don't cry.❞❝I bet my mascara is totally ruined❞, I reply into his chest, and he laughs a little, smiling his crooked smile at me. ❝Don't worry❞, he whispers, pulling me closer, ❝You're more beautiful now than you've ever been before. And you're more beautiful to me with every passing minute.❞(Full description inside) #5 in adventure

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Frostfire ━ The Last Airbender

When the frost kisses the flame, an untold tragedy is born. SOKKA X OC / ZUKO X OC / KATARA X OC COVER BY -starfalls / ©jackboxes 2021

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When a mysterious ghost gives Jacob powers that he can't quite understand, he tries to use them for good. But what happens when the ghost comes back for his friends?

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The Love Antidote

❝Love is poison, and so are you.❞When Joy asks Samira to help him find his soul mate, Samira couldn't help but comply. But things take an unexpected turn when Samira finds herself cocooned in her feelings for Joy.

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The Daughter of Hecate (Percy Jackson/Harry Potter)

After the war, Vitani (Fem!Harry) Potter finds out that she's the daughter of the Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic, Hecate. Hecate directs her to Camp Half-Blood where she meets other demigods like her. Join her as she makes new friends, goes on new adventures, and falls in love. Fem!Harry x Luke Castellan.

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Frostfire Legacy

Seven fight. Noble families in order to rule over a mythical land. Friction between the families leads to full-scale war. While an ancient evil awakens in the far north. And in the midst of war, a neglected military regime is all that stands between the human world and icy horrors.

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Warrior Cat Randomness: The crack!

A group of friends has stumbled upon the land of warriors. Normal warriors would be some epic prophecy journey stuff.Not that this book isn't epic.But this isn't just normal warriors. If this was just a book about cats, would it have Pokemon, Taco Bell, Starclan TV, Crazystar, OR GIANT COOKIE INVASIONS OF THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL?*Cough* No. No, it would not.Welcome to our world of random!May starclan light your path.-FrostFire*FINISHED*

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Entangled Heart

Feng Liqin was one of the most beautiful and generous young masters among any other sons and daughters of the rich. During weekdays, he teaches the children of the poor while on weekends, he helps the poor families by giving food, clothes and shelter.The emperor of Chen Dynasty was ruthless and shows no mercy towards those who go against him.What happens when Feng Liqin meets the emperor in an unexpected situation? What will he do when the emperor suddenly takes a liking towards him? Would he be able to melt the emperor's stone cold heart or get his own heart entangled by the emperor's sweet gestures towards him?It's not a long description because I don't know how to write it yet. When I do, I'll rewrite it and make it better. 😖 I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

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I do not believe black and white are opposites rather twins with different names...................................................relative meanings ... different perspectives ... wild ideologies ... different reasons ... subjective stories but the same person...................................................After a very weird dream, alex finds himself in a new which he made himself.

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Froststars Heart

Frostpaw is an apprentice when a badger attacks her and her clanmates. After this, she is literally scarred for life and the clan grows large and restless, fights breaking out. When a mysterious prophecy is delivered to her and her brother, they must figure out the meaning or the clan might be lost forever. But while all this is going on, there is a battle in her heart, she doesn't want to do what the prophecy wants but she has to, or will Sunclan be lost forever?

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Warrior Cat Randomness: TOO!

*Not related to Swiftdapple's works!*SEQUEL TO WARRIOR CAT RANDOMNESS: THE CRACK!The clans are back, bigger and better than ever in WARRIOR CAT RANDOMNESS: TOO! Cloudtail is even cookie-er. Leafpool is even spoon-ier Lionpaw is even more idiotic! And Tigerstar is... Tigerstar. Hopeclan's made it this far, but can they survive the dark forest's raging need for cupcakes, and outwit mobkit before he turns every birthday party into an annoying sing- along? We're going to need more help than ever! So please like, vote, comment, and follow, becasue we're going to need all the help (And cupcakes) we can get!*THANKS FOR 40K READS, UPDATES EVERY DAY OR TWO!*

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Boboiboy fusion(frostfire X Glacier)

The school most well know prankster is in love with the school president will the school well know prankster frostfire able to catch the school president glacier heart read this story to find outP.sI don't own boboiboy it belongs to monsta

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My Oc maker

Too much oc. so I put some in here ✌️

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Tyler is a random student from school. He lost his memory 500 years ago due to a fight and his classmates are allies from 500 years ago

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The Four Reunite

We all know what happened when Bella, Cleo and Rikki saved the world... but what happened after? Set after Graduation.

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Gohan x Videl Preteens

Stop reading this garbage please.

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The Warrior

He woke up. He knew what he had to do. He was stuck in it until he completes it. Theres only one complication-it's never been done before, and it's impossible. But he is different. His squad is different. They can do it. He can do it. And his name-you'll have to find out for yourself.

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This book is 100% written by me, not a fan fiction, all my creation COPYRIGHT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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My art world

My art since I was small 😜

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Only Slightly Unbelievable

Two boys. One girl. Three best friends. Definite otakus. Infinite dimensions. Just what will happen when these friends get transported into multiple different animes? And what will happen when they realize their own problems? One with amnesia, one that, I swear to god, is over-dramatic, and one that doesn't like fanfiction!(I thought this was crazy too when my friend told me xD) Find out in this story, where an otaku's imagination can run wild. So this is my very first story, inspired by my friends Jaxon and Austin. Basically, this is a xOC story, but I will make x Reader stories in the future. At school, I have given my friends a list of questions to fill out. They answered, and I make a story based off of their answers. Basis of story line: Me and my friends find something quite amazing. It teleports us to different dimensions, and in this case, different animes. Anime list (The list of animes that are going to be in this story for sure): Kuroko no Basuke Hetalia Bleach Sword Art Online Fairy Tail Don't panic! There will be more! I might start out with Ouran High School Host Club. Also, please add suggestions on what animes me and my friends should experience. I would love to see what all of you want in my story ^3^ Make sure (if you want a specific story) to leave a suggestion on how the story should go! (For example: If you tell me to make a story for Vampire Knight, then leave a idea that I can work with to make a FABULOUS story!) adjö!

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