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Happily Forever After (Book 4 in Nemi Forever Series)

Part 4 of Forever Series: Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato are finally married. Now comes the hard part: making it work. They have to remember their vows & their promises as they face obstacles, career decisions, temptations & even tragedy. With every up there is a down, so can these two keep their marriage from crumbling when the down has no up in sight?Read how it all started.. beginning with Maybe Forever, then You for Me, Forever & followed by Heart & Soul Forever... Enjoy!!!

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Remember Forever (Book 9 in Nemi Forever Series)

"The course of true love never did run smooth." This is the 9th book in the Forever Series... In this one.... Nick and Demi will have to work hard at remembering what forever meant. "The magic isn't in getting married... it's in staying married."

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Family Forever (Book 5 in Nemi Forever series)

PART FIVE IN FOREVER SERIES: Nick Jonas & his wife Demi Lovato Jonas are now the proud parents of twins. Parenthood comes with blessings as well as new obstacles. Will their love get them through everything they will face now in their personal life as well as their careers? Can Hollywood's hottest couple handle parenthood as well as they handle their careers? They have two new responsibilities so follow Nemi on their greatest adventure yet!

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Forever in my Heart (Book 8 in Nemi Forever Series)

This is the 8th book in the forever series.... Is it really Nemi forever? How will a tragedy affect Nemi? What will become of them?

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Trust In Forever (Book 12 in the Forever Series)

Book 12 in the Forever SeriesMore love, more laughs & more drama for your favorite Nemi family. Can they trust in forever to get through anything? Or is Forever just a fantasy?

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Forever Strong (Book 7 in Nemi Forever Series)

They met in Maybe Forever. They fell in love in You, For Me, Forever. They went their separate ways, only to find their way back to each other in Heart & Soul Forever. Their first few years of marriage weren't easy in Happily Forever After. They started a family in Family Forever. They endured heartache & loss in We are Forever. Now, in the 7th book of this series, they will have to be strong. Not only for themselves, but they will have to teach their children about being Forever Strong.

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We are Forever (Book 6 in Nemi Forever Series)

Sixth book in the Nemi Forever series. Demi & Nick are still married with twin toddlers. Go on their journey as they deal with not only the terrible twos but their careers too. What kind of drama will find them in this chapter of their life together?

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You for me Forever (Book 2 in Nemi Forever Series)

PART 2 OF FOREVER SERIES: After five years of being the best of friends, Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato finally admit their feelings & decide to risk their friendship for love. Both are making new albums, as well as embarking on new career paths. Demi still struggles with internal feelings from her past. They try to keep their love from the media, but that is easier said than done. Is this the right time for them? Will the relationship withstand the distance, the media rumors, the tragedies & the demons that haunt Demi daily? Is Nick's love enough to keep Demi with him? Will Demi crack under the stress & push Nick away for good? Can these two really make it to forever?Find out where their story goes from here... read Heart & Soul Forever.

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Today, Tomorrow & Forever (Book 11 in the Forever Series)

This is book 11 in the Forever Series, so if you haven't read the previous ten books, you may want to do so! Today, Tomorrow & Forever will follow Nick & Demi as they head into their 40's. Their kids are getting older, & they are, too. As they hit mid life, will they have a crisis & if they do, can they remember what they promised each other, on their wedding day? Even the deepest love, that comes from the soul, the body & the mind, can have trouble getting to the top again.

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Maybe Forever (Book 1 in Nemi Forever Series)

PART 1 OF FOREVER SERIES: Nick & Demi became best friends shortly after meeting. They grew up together, shared their dreams with each other, worked together & went through heartache & turmoil together. They have a bond like no other & struggle individually with secret feelings for each other. Will they simply stay best friends? Will they admit how they feel & live happily ever after? Or will feelings of true love eventually destroy the best friendship anyone could ever ask for?Their story doesn't end here... read You for Me, Forever.

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Family Forever

With Mason as a dark tribrid under the spell of his great-aunt Arabella Petrova. Alexa is going to do whatever it takes to defeat Arabella. Damon, Stefan, Alexa and their kids and their friends must find a way to break the spell Mason and the others are under and stop Arabella before she can trap anyone else. Katherine will come face to face with her sister Arabella after 500 years, how will it be for them.BOOK THREE OF FOREVER SERIES

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His Possession In Discretion | ✓ - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #1

Brielle NewmanA 21-year-old girl who was struggling to make life comfortable for herself and her niece, Delilah. Her sister left the baby the minute she could get up and leave the hospital. Brielle hasn't seen her since. She also hasn't seen her parents who walked out on her at 17 or her brother who went to the army and hasn't contacted her for 9 months in counting. Being all by herself she's desperately trying to give Delilah a life she never got to experience. Killian RussellA 24-year-old ruthless CEO who doesn't tolerate negligence or stupidity. He wouldn't blink an eye before firing someone who worked for him for years. Make one mistake and you're done. His parents were extremely proud of his success. He never had a stable relationship. He was once a hit it and quit it guy but now he just lays low as most women throw themselves at him just for his money. Being the richest man in the northeast and second richest in the country he has no time for love.When he finds little Delilah in a Starbucks ordering a coffee, he follows her out. She takes him to Brielle, who instantly made something click in Killian, changing their lives forever.Disclaimer: This book is more so about fluff, comedy, and drama (I wrote it as a literal teenager). If you are looking for a bit more ✨spice✨, check out the other books within the Discretion Series. WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT AND EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF CONTROLLING MEN AND A SEMI-SUBMISSIVE FEMALE LEAD, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOU! I REPEAT, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THIS BOOK WITH THE INTENTION OF ALREADY NOT LIKING IT AND LEAVING HATE COMMENTS.#2 in Romance - 04/17/18

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Always Forever

It's been six months since everyone went their separate ways with their own lives as husbands/wives, parents, with their careers and going to college. With the return of their parents the kids couldn't be happier also with new family members. Everything is going so great for everyone until new enemies come. BOOK TWO OF FOREVER SERIES

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Forever Mine

BOOK 1 OF THE FOREVER SERIESAt the age of sixteen, Roxy Thorn never expected to find her soulmate while attending her first White Moon Ball. She didn't expect to get rejected either.Two years later, rogue wolves are stalking her pack, Saltwater Woods, almost weekly. They're after something but no one knows what. It's decided that the youngest and less experienced pack members are to be evacuated, sent to hide out in other packs, only to return until it's safe. Roxy is sent to lie low at Moonlight Ridge pack, one of the most powerful packs of the werewolf community. There's a reason why they're so powerful, and it's thanks to its notoriously tough Alpha - Isaac Winters.Who Roxy is horrified to discover was the werewolf to reject her two years earlier.After being crowned as the Alpha of Moonlight Ridge pack at the young age of sixteen, Isaac Winters has worked hard to continue the legacy of one of the most rivalled packs of the werewolf community. On the outside he's tough, ruthless; but inside carries heartache of the brutal memories of his parents' deaths. His decision to reject Roxy was to keep her safe, but her arrival is beginning to make him wonder if he'd done the right thing.Can he let go of his past to allow a future with Roxy?With life-changing secrets being held and a new threat to the werewolf community, can Roxy and Isaac ever be together? Or will the secrets surrounding them pull them apart, forever?

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Young Forever

A year after after saving Mystic Falls from hell fire still heartbroken and grieving over the death of their parents, they soon are able to move on. Five years later they decide to become vampires as life continues being peacefully until enemies come threatening that peace. Along with the Mikaelsons the Salvatores face a few challenges in their life, but willing to do whatever it takes to get though it.SPIN-OFF OF I'M ALEXANDRA SERIES BOOK ONE OF FOREVER SERIES

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Deals with the Devil (PA #1)

{Complete} What happens when your parents make a deal with the Devil that you have no say in? What happens when the Devil decides to take you as payment?Willow is not your average human. Ripped from the mortal plane and transported to Hell as a baby, she grows up with demons for best friends and angels for enemies. Raised alongside Lucifer's children, physical embodiments of the Seven Deadly Sins, she'll have to fight hard to make it past her eighteenth birthday. Author's note: Deals with the Devil is the first book in the Purgatory Academy series. This book will be multi-pov and focus on Willow's time in Hell as she ages from a baby to a legal adult. Themes include: SLOOOOWW burn, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-enemies-to-lovers, and friends-to-lovers REVERSE HAREM

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(Un) Fortunately the Yandere Isn't After me (Endings)

After a crazy year thanks to the blackmail of Erina. Arata has himself a ton of girls who have fallen head over heels for him. Now it's time to finally make a decision. After many chapters and comments from the first book, I've made the decision to have multiple endings to my book "(Un) Fortunately the Yandere Isn't After me". Some will be longer than others, and I don't foresee any going beyond six chapters. So I hope for fans of the series, I can do justice for everyone. Image source: you wish to support me:

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𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑 ―  b. allen ²  ✓

I'll be summer sun for you forever.[ barry allen x original character ][ book two in the red series ][ the flash season two ]STATUS: COMPLETED[ STARTED: february 2nd, 2023 ][ FINISHED: june 14th, 2024 ]cover by @-CELESTIALAPHRODITE.© -JASONSGRACE 2023

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Living with the Player

*previously called Living SituationsJennie has always been on her own. She stays out of drama, keeps to herself, and hates trouble. Specifically, she hates soft-haired, annoyingly charming, gray-eyed Italian trouble named Nico Accardi. Since the end of their childhood friendship, Jennie has had little to nothing to do with him but after a series of unfortunate events resulting in him getting kicked out of the house and breaking into hers, Nico offers her a deal she can't refuse: a revenge makeover in exchange for a place to stay. Suddenly, the boy she thought was out of her life forever is sleeping in her bedroom, unraveling memories she thought she kept locked and hidden away. And maybe, the mischievous boy next door has his fair share of secrets too. But as they spend more time together, Jennie can't help but notice how this living situation is starting to feel like a home.

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[COMPLETED]Lyra is a human living among wolf-shifters. Without being blessed with a beast, she tries her best to fit in the pack. Just when she thought her life could not get any worse, the next alpha of her pack, Ethan returns with Harper, his chosen female. One glance tells Lyra and Ethan that they are true mates. But Ethan rejects her for the female he had chosen. Driven by jealousy of the mateship, Harper orders Lyra to be banished. But Lyra never expects the banishment to be sweet. Especially when it introduces her to him. To Aries. On the journey of finding herself, she gets entangled with the Royals, the Moon's gifted and with the Warriors of Moon, who she thinks are nothing but a myth. And for all she knows, she could rise more powerful than the Alpha who left her bleeding, than the pack who abandoned her.[BOOK 1 OF WARRIOR OF MOON SERIES]Lovely cover made by @Wizard-Hunter

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Forever Yours - Damon Salvatore

"The day you died, it was as if my heart was made of glass. It shattered into pieces, and no one was able to glue it back together." "Why didn't you just move on? Why didn't you save yourself all of the pain, the grief, the misery and forget about me?" "A lot of people said the same. Move on, forget about him, be happy. But I couldn't. Without you by my side, I could never be happy. Because I am Forever Yours." The Vampire Diaries Season 4 - 6 All credit goes to @the1andonlytifftiff, for the idea, cover and story line Book 1 of 2Cover by @BonitaRogueVoted Best Plot set within TVD in the TVD Fanfic Awards 2017 Voted Best Damon Salvatore Fanfic in the TVD Fanfic Awards 2017Voted Best Damon Salvatore Fanfic in the What a Feeling! Awards Show!

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Forever And Ever {First book in the series of Eternal Love}

"Mine. Mine forever and ever." Ryan's minty breath fanned over her neck softly, making a shiver run down her spine."Yours. Yours forever and ever." Dove's confession made him smile against her neck.____________________________Dove Alice McKenzie, a 24 years old single girl, trying to escape from her dark past. She is self-conscious. She is not ready to love again but it all changes when Ryan Tyler Kent enters into the picture.Ryan Tyler Kent, a 27 years old bachelor, CEO of Kent Publishing House. A cold-hearted and arrogant man pretending to be strong. Love seems a foreign word to him due to his past. But it changes when he meets Dove.Warning: This book contains curse words and it is unedited.This is the first book in the series of Eternal Love. There will be three more books.___________________________Now don't you dare to steal my work or even translate it. All Rights Reserved. All the characters, places and incidents used in this story are imaginary. @lei_il_diavoloCheck out my Instagram for quotations and poems.

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(Book 2 of 3 in the Weakness Series )In one year she fell to pieces. Two were spent in therapy. Three to learn self defense. Four getting a degree for her passion. It took five years for Kira to rebuilt herself after being yanked away from the life she knew.With a desperate call for help from a close friend that brings her back home, she was hoping her stay would be temporary. But when everything goes to hell it's not going to be that simple. Not when some people have a score to settle.

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Half Magic | Book 2

Book 2 of the Wylde SeriesThank you @AWFrasier for the amazing cover!Wren has come out of the Wyldes with more questions than answers as to who she is. After escaping DuVarick's clutches, Wren puts as much distance as she can between her and the Winter lands. Now with part of her triquetram found and her magic somewhat under control, her sights are set on finding the witches, the elves, and maybe even an ancient being who keeps beckoning her toward it.Find me...

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a sheep in wolf's clothing// remus

"remus, i think you are self righteous and full of yourself, but i would never call you a monster"in which Adeline Wilson has hated Remus Lupin since the third year, but with a war on the horizon and prejudice all around her, she'll learn that he may be a waste of her hatred.enemies/rivals - friends - loverssome canon divergenceall characters besides my oc belong to j.k.r. i do not support the author's political views- trans women are WOMENwould be rated r for language but not for smut ( i actually do cuss a little ;)

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Forever With You  (ForthBeam)

Have you ever felt like you know more about certain things which are not your specialty? Have you ever had any phobia which you couldn't overcome no matter what?Have you ever felt a hollow in yourself and never know the reason?Felt like you need to know more or more like you need to find someone?*Hey, I'm back with another story. If you're into rebirth, reincarnation, and universe kinds of stuff, then buckle up your seat belt. It's because I'm going to bring you for a ride.#Photos are not mine, but the story is. The characters are from 2Moons in the series.All character credits to the 2Moons series author, and I didn't plagiarism anybody's work. I hope people won't plagiarise mine as well.impressive Ranking: -1 in #m-preg (13/01/2023)8 in #phobias (11/01/2023)9 in #engineering (11/01/2023)1 in #pastlife (5/04/2023)

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