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Only you (Demi lovato gxg)

Kenzie isn't a a big fan if Demi see actually couldn't care less about her what happens when meet at one if Demi's concerts will Demi fall for her will Kenzie fall for the pop starCompleted July 27 2014

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have you ever felt like something was watching you? frank was never one to be paranoid, until a mysterious figure visited him in his dream and suddenly he was always looking over his shoulder.pinterest board for the vibes:

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Fix You

"And I will try to fix you"

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fix you - solangelo

set after Blood of Olympus. nico's being oblivious, will's being obvious, and percy's just trying to help.i'm bad at writing descriptions and this is definitely not as artsy as the cover (which isn't saying much).thanks for taking the time to read this awkward story (also lowercase is intended and just for the description).

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Fix You (A Kendall Schmidt Love Story)

When Maria's boyfriend dies, it leaves a huge hole in her heart. Who can fix it? None other than Kendall Schmidt. He asked her to give him a chance to help her, to fix her. Can he do it or will he just make things worse. Read and find out.

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Heart of a saint, Life of a sinner.

When it comes to collecting strays, no one does it quite as well as Dutch Van Der Linde; he saved those who needed saving and Belle Fisher was beyond grateful for his help seeing both him and Hosea as father figures. She grew up in the gang with Arthur Morgan and they had a unshakeable bond. Can their bond survive the break down of the gang? Or will they find themselves on opposite sides of the fight?

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I Will Try To Fix You(Denis Stoff)

When Denis meets Taylor, the new photographer, and realizes how broken she is and vows to fix her what will happen? What will happen when she finds out how just broken he is as well? Can they show each other how to love again or will hearts be torn apart?

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All I Want - Sequel to Fix You - (Jai Waetford)

'We thought she was dead' He explained as the interviewer listened to my unexplainable story. 'I mean her heart actually stopped. I left the hospital and...' Celia Vidgen. She was in a coma for six months, from a horrible car crash, and the doctors decided she's never going to wake up.... They were wrong... Jai was devastated. He didn't want to live without Celia. They were in love, after all. When Jai exited the hospital, he didn't know what was crashing towards him. Yes, Celia wakes up, but after her past comes back to haunt her after her audition on The X Factor... She wishes she didn't wake up. She has to run away and re-build her life, without Jai. Will Jai move on from Celia or stay in love with her? Loss, devastation, love, drama and unexplainable events all in one book — All I Want (Jai Waetford fan fiction) - book two in the Fix You series -

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Fix You.//El Diablo x reader

You knew working at Arkham wasn't going to be easy. Add an attractive pyrotechnic guy, and you get the perfect storm. He was broken. And you were going to fix him.((I don't own El Diablo or any other characters mentioned. Cover by Dipperx.))

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Fix You //N.H

Her laugh rings through the house, our house, as I walk inside, making me smile. I follow the sound into the kitchen, and stand by the doorframe, not wanting to interrupt her. I watch the girl in front of me carefully, taking in every feature. Olivia. Feeling empty: when you feel sad & feel like you lost emotion that isn't a great feeling. it's the opposite of happy and "life is good"

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Chrissy Hastings, she's your average girl. She comes from a happy family and has an amazing best friend. She's a Straight A student. She has nothing to complain about..Except the fact why she had to have a crush on him?!Blake Bloomingdale, the typical playboy.He disappoints his parents everyday by the way he lives. He has 2 friends who make sure he doesn't do a dumb thing. He doesn't care about school. His life is falling apart and doesn't care.Until she came along;;;"I love him But I'm in love with you" ;;;🚨WARNING🚨1. There will be cursing in this book2. There will be sexual scenes 3. I am not an expert in anything so if anything is weird (for example; healing time after in injury) please report in a nice way.

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Fix You (Chandler Riggs X Reader)

You have been friends with Chandler ever since you were six. Your mom, dies and your dad becomes depressed. He drinks, and when he comes home he abuses you. He doesn't care about you anymore. You get bullied at school. You cut, and you are broken. Will Chandler fix you?~completed~

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Shattered (FNaF X Animatronic Reader)

You're shattered, broken... 'unfixable'Your whole life you had to perform on stage dancing and singing only to be scooped and broken, left to rot in a dark room... What would happen if you met the 'monsters' that roamed the halls at night. What would happen if you fell in love?"There's something important I have learned to do over the years... How to... pretend..."

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They say fixing someone is difficult, when you're broken yourself, fixing someone as broken as you are, filling someone with the love that you lack in yourself, loving someone with a broken heart....Kim Taehyung was trying to do something like that with Kang y/n. He was trying to complete Kang y/n's puzzle with his own broken pieces, filling her empty glass with his own half-filled glass...Read on to find out will he succeed in this task?Can he love someone with a broken heart?Or will he end up breaking his own heart again, but this time with more intensity?.....Hello loveliess, this is my first story and English is not my 1st language, so there will be grammatical errors..I hope y'all find it interesting🤞Happy reading💜Love you all🤌💖"DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY IS BASED ON THEMES LIKE DEPRESSION, ANXIETY AND SUICIDAL THOUGHTS WHICH MAY NOT CORRELATE WITH THE EXACT DISORDER AS I'M NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST. THIS WORK IS PURELY FICTIONAL AND IS NO WHERE RELATED TO THE ACTUAL DISEASE."Started: 3rd April 2021Ended: 28th July 2021

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Warrior ⎸ Katsuki Bakugou x fem!reader ⎸ Mulan AU

Your father, Shota Aizawa is about to be enlisted for the war against his will, along with the most able-bodied oldest man in every home in your village. Given his disability though, letting him fight in the war only means death- so you do what any other loving daughter would do- you disguise yourself as a man and fight in his stead. But what do you do when you find yourself falling for the commander of your troop? - especially when he's taken such an interest in you after you beat him at a sparring match.Series is available on Tumblr 🤍

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Let Me Hold You.

Rachel and Sebastian are broken and lonely. Can they fix each other?

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NormanixYou G!P You

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From Camp Half-Blood to Gotham (Nico x Batfam)

**All characters belong to the writers of DC and Rick Riordan.**Nico is careless, he's always known that. But he never expected himself to wind up in the LITERAL worst place in all of America. China would have honestly been better than this. But luck was not on his side, it never was, and probably will never be.But this was cruel, even for the fates, or the gods, or really anyone. Because everyone seemed to wish Nico nothing more than a rather sucky life. The only problem was Nico himself. Gods, did he need to get a grip on his life. Especially as he stared up at the rust Iron sign that read 'Welcome to Gotham!'

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Fix You (Fushiguro Megumi X Reader)

Y/N used to be a bright girl with bright traits in her personality. But bad things happened that changed her drastically. It is the lost of the people she cares for in the hand of someone she love. This turns her into a broken-hearted who hides behind a cold facade. Driven by revenge, she wants to be a strong Jujutsu Sorcerer so she can avenge the death of her deceased family. This leads her to attending Jujutsu Tech. She decided not to get involved too much with her fellow student. But a certain black spikey haired boy took an interest in Y/N. Despite the cold face, he somehow be able to see through her. He's able to see the pain reflecting in her eyes every now and then. What will happen to them? Will Y/N be able to open up and break down the wall she had built? Read and find out in...Fix YouDisclaimer: I do not own Jujutsu Kaisen. Any image or media used that are not mind belongs to their rightful owners. Storyline that isn't in the anime belongs to me. DO NOT COPY OR TRANSLATE WITHOUT PROVEN PERMISSION!

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Fix You

You can't be fixed by the person who broke you.

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Stay With Me ▷ Liam Dunbar

❝ we've gone through too much to end it like this. please Stella all I ask is that you stay with me. ❞ Losing your memoryLosing your loveLosing your mindAfter the incident with her sister at Eichen, Stella has lost someone that was once the most important thing in her life.Liam may have almost fixed her but now he must also manage to figure out how to make her stay with him. [ season 5 ]{ book 2 }

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Let me hold you

Ally is a sweet and shy girl to most. But dig a little deeper and you'll see the true colours of her endless personality. Driven by sports and the thrill of risk taking the golden girl might not be as golden as everyone thinks. As for Max he's the guy who loves to get in trouble and is too stubborn to know better. With a tough life and rough time at home he's often a little out of it and making even worse decisions then usual. But when they start to get closer with each other they might start to understand that things aren't always what they seem.

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Our Melody myg. x you

You're a college student studying music, more specifically, piano. But when a rude businessman waltzes into your life, everything changes.

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Devil Dancer Next Door || 엑소 카이

"I'm yours, baby." ⌨ Started Posting on: March 27, 2016 ⌨ Story Ended on: June 2, 2017

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Fix you (Dylan Wang) season 3 of fix me

3 months left to live is a short time. Will your relationship cope?

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