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Plasmasonic: Deadtides

The proof of any good friendship is the acknowledgment of laurels. To̅mi Andrei visits an old friend who's being honored by a local museum for donating her family heirloom the Xesyn Sapphire. However, To̅mi's arrival seemingly couldn't have occurred at a better time as strange occurrences have happened in El Gouna. Undead pirates alongside monsters roam the city, local officials are acting shady, and an unforeseen enemy hunts for To̅mi and Jaaden. Join To̅mi and Jaaden as they seek to uncover the mysteries of the Xesyn Sapphire and why everyone wants to get their hands on it.*All art is illustrated by Cirenk.

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VOYAGE I: Onwards To Utopia

In a world of sky pirates, floating islands, and flying ships, Hongjoong the Captain of Desire, accepts to have a curse befall on him in order to have a magical compass. Now he and his crew plan to journey and find the place where the compass originated in hopes of breaking it's curse and restoring order into the sky.A fanfiction involving the pirate crews of ateez and a.c.edisclaimer:photo used as cover is not mine.© Pinterest

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Embracing love

This is about a boy who hated love . He doesn't want any type of relationship in his life, he just like living and surviving alone. That was his life until he found a puppy one night on his way home without knowing that picking up the puppy will lead him into meeting his mates. His vampire and wolf-shifter soulmates. But what will he do? Would he accept his fate? Or will he reject it? Who will he choose? Who will be rejected? A vampire or A wolf-shifter ? Or he will still be choosing the usual lonely life he have?If you want to find out then proceeded to the prologue of the story.hope you'll like it

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A Mischievous Tale of Magical Mayhem

In a world of magic and mayhem, where ferrets fly and trees talk, three unlikely heroes find their fates entangled with a deadly mystery.*****Tallon is a scoundrel-an elf/human hybrid ranger who leaves a trail of chaos in his wake. With only his wingerret as his companion, Tallon travels the realms at his leisure while living life on a whim with no concept of consequences.Ben is a natural-born thief with more magical talent than the typical human. He lives and works in a rundown inn owned by the man who raised him and dreams of adventure while doing his best to avoid serious trouble.When Lord Colbert of Sagehand sends his wayward son to Ballsdeep on a trade and reconnaissance mission, Tallon is miserable. The backwater town is located in a remote section of the world in the seediest of bad locales, and no one wants him there. But when a dangerous, illegal crate falls into the bay and interrupts a heist, a deadly and wide-ranging conspiracy is uncovered. As Tallon and Ben cross paths, they are forced to work together if they wish to safely escape Ballsdeep while investigating the clandestine operations behind the evil Coconut Conglomerate. During their travels, they gain allies and enemies while fighting their initial attraction and learning to trust one another in this epic fantasy adventure.

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Some Short Tales

This is going to be a collection of varied short stories. There's no fixed genre - you will be seeing a whole lot of everything - mystery, thriller, romance, sci-fi, paranormal, angst, fantasy. And unlike my other stories, these may or may not have our typical happy endings!So, short story connoisseurs , do dive into this interesting abyss of SOME SHORT TALES!!

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The Garden Witch

Tabitha is a Green Witch. She likes things cozy and quiet. But she is also a supplier of magical herbs for the local Werewolf pack. When an injured wolf appears on her doorstep, she's dragged into a world of vampires, fae, and warlocks that will test her every ability and push her to her limit.

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500 Fantasy Writing Prompts || Author : Erica Blumenthal

500 Fantasy Writing Prompts: Fantasy Story Ideas and Writing Prompts for Fiction WritersBook by Erica BlumenthalPlease read the first three chapters!This short-but-jam-packed writing promt book by Erica Blumenthal is just the firework you need to get you through the frustrating and deliberating obstacle of writer's block.500 Fantasy writing prompts inspiration for all fantasy writers. These prompts will catapult your ideas for fairies, witches, goblins and more to fantastical realms you've never journeyed to before.If you love fun and inspiring writing prompts then you'll love Erica Blumenthal's motivational fantasy writing prompts. ____________________________________I do not own anything from this book. If you use these prompts, please give credit to the author if you want.I also use these prompts and ideas and thought this book might also be useful to you guys as well it is...All credits to : Erica BlumenthalThank you to the author for this book.

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Peter Pan

The land of Neverland is not what you expect. The mermaids are black soulless creatures, the lost boys huh they aren't scared little kids. Their teenagers with the force of a army and the training of the marines. They are assassins, thieves, murders, and the bravest. The pirates? Their the ones that got me out of neverland. Their not like in the story trying to kill Peter Pan, they what to. To end the war of neverland. Finally Peter pan, Yes he is sexy, hot, every girl's dream, but the lost dangerous. He's just like the lost boys, more dangerous, more powerful, that's how he like it. But there's something that makes him more different than them. His secrets. Once your in neverland.You must be brave enough to get out.+THIS ISN'T A NORMAL PETER PAN FIC+(complete)

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Tales from the Drift: Old Lessons, Hard Futures

The Drift: a colorful metaphor for the empty space between stars and planets, more closely describing the ever-expanding nature of galaxies and the universe itself. As a colloquialism, it is typically used to reference the gravitational currents and eddies running through the bleak, black nothing.Tales from the Drift is a science-fantasy serial telling the story of an evolving galaxy that is fraught with as many dangers as it is wonders.In Old Lessons, Hard Futures a guardian soldier, an indolent boy-pirate, an old warhorse, and a wayward hotshot find themselves caught in a tangle of plots set to unbalance the already teetering scales of power within the galaxy.------Final chapter published: 05MAY2023.------Cover Art and Headers created using Canva.

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Angel of Mine

After a drug addicted mother and her daughter is separated from an alley raid, six year old Zahara learns to fend for herself. From eating out of trash cans to bathing in gas station bathrooms, a bonnie and clyde couple finds Sahara in the alley. Will they leave her? Or will they change and take her in?Read to find out

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FantasyPH Guidebook

Ito ang opisyal na Guidebook ng FantasyPH. Naglalaman ito ng mga impormasyon tungkol sa Wattpad, mga tips at how to's, at sa mga dapat pa ninyong malaman tungkol sa profile. Halina't sabay-sabay tayong matuto!

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Peas In a Pod (sparrabeth)

Elizabeth Swann is on her way to marry William Turner, but she feels as if her marriage with him is the wrong decision since she met a pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow. After receiving a gift from a special someone, Elizabeth abandons her wedding in search of what her heart truly wants! (My own version of potc 2)DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, Disney does.(NOT COMPLETED BUT IM DONE WITH WRITING IT)

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High school. The place where you have your typical social groups: the jocks, the nerds, the drama geeks, the cheerleaders, the vampires, the werewolves.Wait what?Okay. That's just Lisa's high school. When she moved from Thailand to Wolf's Point, Korea, she expected the typical boring high school experience. What she did not expect was to be mated to one of the most powerful Alpha's in the area. The Alpha who is also the world's biggest dork, Jennie Kim.© Captaindinah

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150 Things Portgas D.  Ace is NOT allowed to do

The division subordinates are getting mighty fed up with Ace's antics. What better way to deal with him? Make a rule list of course! Only Ace has some thoughts about the rules. Part 1 of 150 Things - One Piece Edition Reposted from Ao3 & FF.netNOW WITH A SEQUEL - 150 Things Thatch is NOT allowed to do

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ADDENDUM // Phantasm AU Extras

PHANTASM SERIES BOOK SIX---Addendum (noun); an item of additional material, typically omissions, added at the end of a book or other publication---A collection of pieces puzzle pieces that didn't quite fit into the rest of the story - oneshots and timelines and little asides about the universe from the point of someone who's thought way too much about it.

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One Piece: Chaos Kong

Meet Jason, soon to be a widely known infamous pirate called Diddy D. Kong, but before we get that far, let's rewind time a few hours.Jason was just your everyday man, maybe not every day, as he was a large man covered in muscles, infatuated with the concept of strength; however, before he could achieve his dream of becoming the strongest, he died of a heart attack in his sleep, though, luckily for him, that wasn't the end as he was reborn in a world where chaos runs rampant in the form of pirates. Now born in a world where his dream of becoming the strongest is achievable, watch as he slowly carves his way to the top in the body of a powerful race, along with help from some friends that'll accompany him on his journey.

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Shadows & Lace (Spellbound Prequel)

BRAITHE is leading a double life. The dutiful princess during the day, at night the masked vigilante fighting back against her parents' abuse of the kingdom's citizens. Disguised as a man to protect her identity, things get even more complicated when a handsome outsider catches her attention.AURELIAN is not your typical damsel in distress. First of all, he's a man. Secondly, he's... actually exceedingly good at getting himself into sticky situations. A visitor in the kingdom, he finds himself embroiled in the ongoing struggles, though perhaps not in the sense he would have liked, getting kidnapped and all.Now Braithe may need to save him from the very people she's been trying to help.- Open Novella Contest 2020 Longlister- 1st Place Fantasy, Phoenix Queen Awards- 2nd Place Fantasy, The Dream Awards- 2nd Place Fantasy, Focus On Me Awards- 3rd Place Fantasy, Mono Awards- Winner Sangria Award - Best Title (Fantasy)

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Boy Who Never Grew Up

Neverland Drarry story!!"There was a prophecy, that someone brought here before birth, with the purest of hearts, hair and skin, will rid Neverland of its darkness, so it remains the utopia it once was." Tom told him, elegantly reaching for a book with a dark green covering. "I, myself, know a different story."Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy fled the Jolly Roger when they knew Narcissa was with child to look for Harry Potter, for him to take them from Neverland to the Muggle World. Sixteen years later, Harry comes back for their son, Draco Malfoy, unexpectedly growing, but not in the physical sense.Rights to JK.Rowling and to Disney for obvious reasons

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Virushka - some hearts are made for each other ✔

[ Completed ]" A love story "Fighting all odds 💨Just a fantasy and not based on real life ✨I love virushka, and that's the reason I am writting this fan fiction hope you all enjoy!

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✔ Undesired Mate (EXO ft. GOT7)

Have you ever felt so worthless?"How much have you felt that you are undesired? You were sure they hated you, but what can they do if you are their unexpected mate. And they can't live without you, what will you do?"Lee Hae Hee, an OVERWEIGHT girl that others have no desire to be with. She has no friends, family, or even someone that love her. As typical as it be, she is born an orphan, and stayed in an orphanage till this age. But one day, she was chased out. She told herself that she is going to live a better life after she leaves the orphanage. But what if it became something unexpected? Will she still live a better life? Or will her life get miserable?Overweight series #2Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Vampire, Werewolves ---✔On-going & full of errors (Not edited)✔ #66 in EXO (14th Oct 2018)✔ #182 (22th May 2018) & #417 in Fantasy (20th May 2018)✔#2 in Immortals (Tags) 11th May 2018 // #80 in Mystery & Thriller on 11 April 2018// #74 in Mystery & Thriller ♡ On valentine's day 2018✔#276 in Fantasy ♡ on 6 March 2018STORY COVER: _galaxystarzStart: 03/Dec/2017End:-06/June/2020✨This is purely my own idea, any similarities with other stories will all purely be coincidence! Plagiarism is a crime, please don't do it! Instead, give support to this book.

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Silakbo ng Damdamin

Isang malaking pagdiriwang ng mga Pilipinong Wattpadder ang hatid sa inyo ng AmbassadorsPH, WattpadRomancePH, WattpadFanFicPH, at WattpadFantasyPH!Subukan ang husay sa pagsusulat ng kuwento base sa mga prompt na aming ibinigay. Handa ka na bang maging bahagi ng patimpalak na ito?I-add na ang akdang ito sa inyong library, at sabay-sabay nating damhin ang Siklabo ng Ating Damdamin!

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Another One (One Piece Fanfiction)

The escaped Lunarians joined in the Straw Hat Pirate to set sailed on the sea, hope to find the survivors like her kind.The story is start from Skypiea Arc

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more than a fan | billie eilish

after all the sneaking, heartbreaks, and triangles, will billie be able to face everyone and admit she fell in love with a fan?- intentional lowercase typing.

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Ain't an Ordinary Girl

Vrylle, a seventeen-year-old girl is your typical anti-social. With no trusted friends to speak of, she finds solace in the pages of books, immersing herself in captivating stories. But her mundane existence is about to take an extraordinary turn.One fateful day, while seeking refuge in her school's greenhouse, a powerful earthquake shatters her reality. Soon after, Vrylle awakens in a mysterious realm, clad in unfamiliar attire and burdened with memories that aren't her own.Unbeknownst to Vrylle, this is just the beginning of her journey across uncharted territories. That transmigrating into a parallel world will push her to the limits.(Image not mine. Credit to the Artist.)

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Not Another Typical Fantasy-Romance Isekai

"for whatever the morrow may bring on the seas, I can only hope that you will still be next to me."At the age of twelve, Y/N Merriweather regains memories of her past life and realizes she is the first antagonist of the Otome game "Seaside Love Song". Who, despite being loved by her step father, the governor of Trefolk Island, will not only be relentlessly tormented by her step brothers for the next ten years, but will also be driven out of her home and forced to marry an abusive navy admiral when the heroine of the game returns. Knowing full well that any isekaied villainess's attempts to avoid her fate only leads to further drama, and an arguably more difficult life that the original, Y/N decides to leave it all behind. Disguised as a boy, she runs away and joins a pirate crew determined to never return to Trefolk Island or her life as a woman. She spends the next ten years fighting and pillaging on the ocean, free as a bird without a single scripted plot event to weigh on her heart. But when fate and tides contrive to carry her back to her home port of Trefolk Island, will the decade of living as a man be enough to avoid her destiny?

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Masters of the Sky

Celia de Visher worked her whole life for her high position in the biggest criminal cartel in the Raised Cities Confederation. But she knows that if she wants to survive in the slowly degrading world where industrialisation led to the flood that wiped most of the known land cities, she needs to aim higher. To the skies. She steals one of the few remaining skyships and heads toward the Thundering Massive - a mountain range that walls off the known territory from uncharted lands of the New World. Unfortunately, the enraged cartel boss will not let her slip away so easily. The only chance for success and achieving her explorer dreams might be siding with the current government. But why would they aid a notorious pirate?Amazing cover made by @-DeeIsDead-

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