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Spider-Man: no way home

This is an Andrew Garfield fanfic but takes place from the recent spider-man no way home.

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Inside Control

This is a Fnaf TheFamousFilms Book there will be more if you just readCover by me

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The Inky Owner[Adopted]

AdoptedWhat If Bryan Films was actually Henry Stein from BATIM...?Cover Belongs to MeTheFamousFilms Fnaf7 Series Belongs to TheFamousFilmsFnaf belongs to Scott Cawthon BATIM(Bendy and the Ink Machine) Belongs to ???(meaning I don't know)Inspired By NovaWolf64055 with their(I don't wanna assume gender) Book Business Behind A Inky MaskI'll update this when I can

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Dreaming of Insanity

Everything was perfect. Jon was gone, Springtrap was on the run, and Molten was finally being nice! So what could go wrong? Aparently alot.

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FNaFVerse Platonicshots - Slzzp

Thefamousfilms, pluless, prettydepressedproductions, etc. Same as my other romance shots except platonic3K READS📖100 VOTES ❣️record ranks:#1 in minecraftrp#1 in pluless#6 in bryan#7 in invisibledavis#12 thefamousfilms

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SCP 404 and The Scientists (Discontinue)

Autor notes Hey guys long time no see its been a while I know you probably think that I will abandoned this after I post two chapters but I want to go back to creating stories. This is going to be somewhat of a rewrite of my other scp thefamousfilms book but its going ti be a little different as the ship for this one will be brydev and not brakey. Now for the description.Description: A new scp has been added to the foundation but it seems to be hostal to all that go near it except for one. When the security breach happens and everything goes into chaos can Bryan and his group plus two others escape the foundation or will they die before ven getting to have the chance.I do not own any of the these characters I only own the story it self and some ocs to keep the story going Happy reading. SLOW UPDATESStarted: 2/9/2022Finished:Rankings:#6 for Kayla: 2/12/2022# 3 for thefamousfilms 2/15/2022# 1 for thefamousfilms 2/20/2022# 6 for bryan 2/26/2022#1 for bryan 3/6/2022# 1 for thefamousfilms 4/1/2022#1 for jonjon 6/14/2022

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secrets                                        (famousfilms fanfiction)

what if Bryan did not tell the animatronics about what happened at the old pizzaria and was keeping many secrets from the others what if the others find out All art is mine unless stated otherwise by me*WARNING *.cutting and depression.harsh lauguge.abuse.cringe.bad spelling and story tellingFINISHEDIts very old and cringy as well as inaccurate to real life but try and enjoy this shit anyway

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TheFamousFilms Stories

[]COMPLETE[]Oneshots and stories of characters from TheFamousFilms FNaF6.

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Infamous: Night of Vampires

Prye Night was a celebrated night in New Marais, it was supposed to be a night of fun, relaxation and exploring the history of Prye Night, But Once again Cole MacGrath and Cassandra MacGrath are thrust into another night of survival as The Legend herself appears, Bloody Mary appears and turned Cole into a Vampire. The two Conduits with the help of their friend Zeke, but fight to save Cole's life before the night is out

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!TheFamousFilms Ship Art book!(COMPLETED)

today I'll be drawing ships but the people who love TheFamousFilms! you can request any ship you want that you like, love, or hate.. I'll try to be fast but I need more time! artists always need time to make what they doing for themselves and their Enjoy my TheFamousFilms ship art book!

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SCP-Bryan 《Complete》

This is partly based on thefamousfilms video but its its mostly my version.Also don't now many names of SCP'S so sorry if they are wrong.

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The owners child

What would happen if Bryan had a kid?, what would happen if he didn't tell his friends about him?, what if molten found out?, to find out more read!

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Dragon Slayers Life [Thefamousfilms] *completed*

Life hasnt always been easy for the young dragon slayer here are you guys getting too see how life was for bryan :3(Ofc stuff that i made up its not officially in the series this my fantasy timeline this has mostly nothing to do with the real FTO series) OH AND MY COVER PICTURE WAS MADE BY MY BEST FRIEND :3

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Son of a dead man

This is AU about Thefamousfilms. But it's not what you would think it is. The timeline is a little bit different. I kinda changed Bryan's date of birth. So yeah. ENJOY!This cover was made by me!#26 Chris 26.7. 2021#2 deadman 26.7. 2021#2 Mikeafton 26.7. 2021#62 thefamousfilms 26.7. 2021

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scplockdown oneshots

here one shots for scp lockdown by thefamousfilms,mariomaina,kayk,xylophoney

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The Fire Dragon's Vessel (Fairytale Origins TheFamousFilms)

Bryan apart of the Protecters Guild has Dragon Slayer Magic. He was given this magic by a mysterious dragon that he has never seen in years. He hopes to one day find this dragon again and learn more about the war between Dragons and Humans. The only problem is he has no idea where to start....Maybe what he is looking for is starting right at him.

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The Strongest Owner! [Thefamousfilms] *completed*

bryan bought a pizzaria & themepark but what he didnt know were all the secrets and dangers that were coming his way ill take you into my domain :3ALSO STORY PIC MADE BY MY FRIEND WULFY SHE ALSO MAKES AMAZING STORIES DONT FOGET TO CHECK HER OUT!

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Thefamousfilms oneshots (discontinued)

Give me request for some thefamousfilms ships :3I do not own thefamousfilms or anything related to thefamousfilms except this book.This is discontinued I literally have no idea what to do with this story and I don't watch TFF at all anymore so yeaaaa... it's more of a sh!Trost book honestly

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Bryan X Dr.Vendi Scenarios

Just Vendi X Bryan storys 🙂👍🏻

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Ghosts | A T.F.F. Fan Story | Act I Of The

Brian has been able to see ghosts since that accident when he was five... he heard their calls for revenge, but kept ignoring them. One day, the boy couldn't ignore them anymore, he couldn't ignore their cries for help talking about the man in purple, it got worst when he got the job of business owner at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and the small bear there seemed to have noticed his troubles and self-talks---------------------Cover Art made by meNone of the characters belong to me! All fnaf characters belong to Scott Cawthon and Thefamousfilms is his own person! This version of Thefamousfilms along with this AU was created by me!Enjoy the story

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Love you, Pervert || Sanji x Femalereader (discontinued)

‣•(Y/n) was found in the streets by the red foot, Zeff.He made her work in the restaurant with Sanji in order to get shelter and food.‣•‣•Sanji and (Y/n) always get into a fight and always argue no matter what. but as they grew older, their feelings for each other was growing but non-showing it.‣•(I won't be continuing this, sorry.)

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Accidents | TheFamousFilms AU

based off a FNAF role play made by TheFamousFilmsmade a preview kind of video on my yt channel

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Thefamousfilms is Chris Afton

Chris Afton died back in 1987, also know as the bite of 87. He had his frontal lobe bit out by a animatronic named Fredbear and was put into a coma, later on he passed away due to the tragic accident caused by his older brother Michael, and a malfunction in fredbear's jaw.

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Nagsimula ang lahat sa pagpapanggap would it ends in a good way? Or will it ends the way it supposed to be?Let's see the end of the way.....Tagalog and English story@12Meamor03

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