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The Princess and The Devil - Karma Akabane x OC

Blackmails, threats and contracts from the prince (Gakushuu Asano) are the thing that's getting in the way of the princess (Hime Sakuragi) and the devil (Karma Akabane) from being together. Watch as their relationship grow and how they win a war against the forces that are against them from being together. After all, all's fair in love and I do not own any of this except for Hime Sakuragi and the story.

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i'm glad we met

tessah and abigail are small time youtubers, just trying to live out their young lives, in venice, california. one video in particular catches the eyes of youtubers cody ko and noel miller. how do you think it'll turn out for tessah and abigail ??(noel and cody are single in this fanfic, but i do indeed love aleena and kelsey so much) mature content mild cussing1K READS ??? HOLY HONK GUYS2K reads ?! i- embarrassment

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Letting her go was the hardest thing I've ever had to do....

An insight into just what Noah may have missed in letting Elle go. Set during and after KB3.NoahxElleAll character rights and existing plot lines belong to Beth Reekles and Netflix.

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Schattenfeuer           Gamma

Von Sophia 😊

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Vanitas and Noé

Because there ain't enough stories on this app about them I'm gonna write my own. I'm gonna do One Shots and maybe sometimes they also gonna have more parts but everything will be posted in this one layer so I wish everyone who loves this Anime and ship fun reading this ❤️

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Of Space and Time (A Kissing Booth fanfic)

[Elle/Noah, post-KB3] This story starts off right after the carnival scene at the end of the Kissing Booth 3 movie, before the motorcycle ride. It's a gap-filler and post-canon continuation and will hopefully provide a bit more closure if you, like me, found the way KB3 ended a bit unfinished. This story is Elle/Noah-centric and will enter "mature" territory at some point. I'm basing the story off of the movies, as I have not read the books by Beth Reekles. All characters as well as all referenced plot lines and dialogue belong to their creator Beth Reekles and to Netflix.

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Virgin Shaming

After the "That's Cringe" video Cody reveals that he too is a virgin and Noel offers to show him how sex works or whatever. don't fucking show this to Cody and Noel.

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❝I'm not perfect, but I will cherish you forever.❞ ────in which i write one-shots thati don't have time to turn into storiesONE-SHOTSNYCTOPHILE © FAERIEDREAMS 2019

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Vanitas no carte (Future?)

This is basically me going all fangirl over the story that I made about their future...(And their future family)How would Vanitas be like as a father? But Noé?ANYWAYNote: No hate to any ships from the showI just prefer:Vanitas&Jeanne and Noe&Dominique Started:11.04.2022Finished: -(Don't know why it says completed cuz it's not :'D)

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🧡💙Sophie Walten x Jenny Letterson [Walten Files AU]

(Cover art not mine) This is a simple Jophie fanfiction because there's too few of them in my opinion. Enjoy! By the way, you can request some fanfictions if you want, I'll try to be very active ;)

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The Missing Years -  a kissing booth fan fiction

So what happened in the six year gap between Noah and Elle's breakup and their reunion at the carnival? I loved the way the ending of TKB3 showed them potentially getting together again, but couldn't stop wondering how those years played out. Since I couldn't get it out of my head, I decided to write the story of what I think happened.

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The Frozen Hero

Hello my name people just call me Ice because a very simple reason. I'm a walking snowman in every way if I walk in the sun for to long I sweat water I can die very easily. My quirk is a mutant quirk, Ice being I let out a cold mist from my mouth so I can walk around in the sun. I if people aren't careful will freeze like a block of ice in seconds, I if I remain cold can't be hurt not like feel pain anyway I am a walking ice cube that is indestructible if I stay cold. My mist changes color depending on what I eat but it has to be cold I eat metal, stone, iron, ice of course and the one that titles me a villain. Buuuuuut all the more reason to be a hero right.........right.

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middle school imagine


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Cupcake Kisses

Add one cupcake store. CheckTwo people on the road to discovery. CheckThree friends who almost get arrested by cops. CheckAnd four unforgettable words that changed one life forever. Check This was one recipe for disaster or was it the stores best recipe yet? Asher Whitmore, eighteen, blind and just lost his scholarship to go pro, but then A.J Bradshaw comes into his life, the girl who has always lived next door to him but neither one of them had spoken much words to one another until New Years Eve. For someone who he thought was quiet and sweet, she was hell bent on him pursing his dreams again.

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The New Girl In Town


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two boys fall in love.. does it end well ?... no one knows.#choen #chasehudson #noeneubanks #noenandchase #chaseandnoen

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you and noen

you and noen are friends but then you both feel you should be more than friends and it gets serious and turns into a relationship. Comment if there's anything spelt wrong or somethings off so I can fix it. thanks 😘😘

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Kayla & Noel

Its about to get serious

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A collection of 5sos preferences:-)ALL CREDIT TO ORIGINAL OWNERS.

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More Than an Accident

When Cody notices cracks in his relationship with his girlfriend, Kelsey, he starts to realize where is priorities are really at. While recording the podcast with Noel something happens that changes their whole relationship.

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Adopted By One Direction?!


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random Nickelback shit

the title explains it all

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